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Customer Reviews

Apollo Twin X

Overall Rating

541-560 of 933 Results

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e. wi

January 3, 2021

Need more DSP

It is good for mac. I like it but I need more DSP. Apollo twin x duo has little dsp to use plugins during mixing. If you consider to buy apollo product, i recommand more than quad.

L. Changwoo

January 2, 2021

Very Good

good match with mac(big sur)

s. fagunwa

January 1, 2021


Best Choice

J. Linares

December 31, 2020

Apollo twin x duo

By far the best investment I’ve done as a growing producer.

S. El Hammami

December 31, 2020

Feelings rebirth

1st : it works on my 2015 asus motherboard card with an asus thunderbold3 pcie card and windows 10 up to date.
2nd : I've never thought I could reach this quality of mix thanks to details of the sound and high quality plugins ! My Focal speakers are now used at their expected level of quality.
I was limited to premixing ... now I can definitely mix and master my music !
Sounds so amazing fully deserved 5 stars
Ps : Great tech support and great end years offers on plugins

H. Nguyen

December 31, 2020


Very good quality

v. iue

December 30, 2020

“The” Apollo Twin X

A. M. A. Z. I. N. G. !!!!!!!!!!
That’s it!

e. joyce

December 30, 2020

Excellent (Windows User)

I bought the Twin X as a replacement for an Aarow. The difference is night and day. I use a Kemper for recording and could never get the same sound through the Arrow as what I was hearing through the Kemper headphone jack. I now use Spdif in from Kemper into an adapter and into the optical input of the Twin X, bypassing any further a/d conversion. The sound is perfect. The X converters are also amazing on the Twin X. For vocals the warmth and clarity of tone before any processing is top notch. I'm using Windows and just like the Arrow it works flawlessly on my system. I have 2 octo satellites with usb inputs and the twin X runs on Thunderbolt obviously and it all works together great when mixing in Pro Tools. As usual with Universal Audio, the Twin X is worth the money. If you are in the market for a professional quality interface, you really won't go wrong with the Twin X. Cant recommend it enough. An easy 5 stars from me!


December 29, 2020


very good device!

N. jayawardana

December 29, 2020

about windows

I'm windows user and my device is apollo twin x and it work well with windows , indeed , i love my twin x : Nalin Jayawardana

L. Huber

December 29, 2020

Great Workflow!

The first time I used this product, I immediately felt that I really like the workflow. I think the combination of Software/Hardware to control my Device is awesome (I really like to click and turn knobs, but nevertheless the software is great and offers superior control of the device)

T. Furlong

December 28, 2020

Great sounding interface. LUNA is awesome

I moved to the UA universe after having many successful years of Pro Tools. I must admit, I was limping along with Pro Tools 8. What can I say, I’m cheap. The improvement in sonic quality was stunning. After a couple of hours getting LUNA and Apollo Twin X to get happy with my three year old iMac, everything is good now. I don’t need to have plug ins and I’m kind of afraid I might love them. I mostly do internet sessions for artists and songwriters. BTW, I figured out almost everything about LUNA without watching any videos nor cracking a book. I play pedal steel and my steel sounds GREAT ! Thanks UA for a great product. I use it almost everyday.

z. tatar

December 28, 2020



N. Rang

December 28, 2020

Just save your self the hassle of deciding and get the Quad

UAD plugins are the pinnacle. Once you use them, there's no going back only forward. Buy as much DSP as possible upfront.

D. Robinson

December 27, 2020

Great in every way

Title says it all really. Sounds fabulous. Very good tactile interface. Rock solid performance. Very reasonably price for what you get!

S. Coffey

December 26, 2020

Best plugins I've ever used

This really helped me get back into writing music again when I found myself in a creative rut. I use these plugins on EVERYTHING.

Really wish this would support big sur so I could get the most out of my macbook.

R. Boyd

December 26, 2020

Flawless Clarity!! Round and warm where I need it!

I had to setup another little room to run multiple projects and this Twin Quad X is not letting me down! And LUNA is pretty nice too!

J. Tar

December 26, 2020

Not for Windows

If you are a Windows user, like me - don't buy it. The fact that a firm, any firm, relies on plug-ins (from a dead man - ASIO) to make their product work is shameful. Somehow, UA has not found the motivation or innovation to make their PRO gear work within the Windows operating environment, using their own software. Yes, that's the sad truth. Shameful. And if you don't use the (deadman's) unsupported ASIO driver, you get crackled crap audio.

AND apparently, this issue has existed FOR YEARS.. and shame on me for not finding out about it until I spent $1300 on my Quad X.

Of course, this review will never see the public eye, but I'll be sure to post it elsewhere to help prompt motivation and innovation to fix this matter.

J. Zwiebel

December 23, 2020

Single Most Useful Tool

I was lucky enough to win the Quad incl. Plugin Bundle. For Tracking and Live, this has enhanced the fun and efficiency of making music by factor X.

g. Normandin

December 21, 2020

Tout simplement WOW

C’est le Mac des cartes de sons, rien de moins!

541-560 of 933 Results