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Apollo Twin X

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Apollo Twin X

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c. hensley

August 12, 2020

certainly a higher class device than any audio interfaces i have previously owned,

i will revise my review once ive learned more about it and can be more specific, i just cant, thus far, imagine a scenario where this badboy doesnt receive a 5 star rating from me based on its performance since arrival, but we will see...

J. Murugesu

August 12, 2020

Extraordinary Processing & Output

Such an outstanding processing and I am truly proud to own one. Looking forward to expand the DSP power with an additional of Satellite

c. taylor

August 9, 2020

horrible set up software

purchased NEW Apollo X and new 16 MacBook Pro fully loaded and spent a whole weekend installing and uninstalling to get the unit to register. interfaces that cost a 100 dollars register and work. a product this expensive should work no issue for the cost. plus customer support responded 2 days after submitting a ticket. plus they send me a note saying it looks like its registered after I hassled with it all weekend. no ship ticket support man. not even an apology for the software not working or anything. so this units prob gonna back and ill get a apogee and il stick with waves.

R. Whitfield

August 9, 2020

Best Decision ever!

I’ve waited a long time to put my project studio together. I grew up in analog studios, so the gear and designs for UA’s engineers were appealing. Bought the Apollo X Twin thunderbolt 3 - best decision I could have made. I’ve now added the Satellite 2 Octo and have it all! 10 DSP cores - just need more plugins.

D. Bonet

August 8, 2020


Just buy it, its amazing, the sound quality it is for professional álbum recording and mixing. Go pro

B. Baptiste

August 8, 2020

Apollo x duo

Since purchasing this product it’s made a lot of difference to my production with the plugs ins that come with the product and plug ins that’s can be purchased a must have in anyone studio set up.

B. Sareen

August 7, 2020


Its a bang For Buck , In this price Range , Simply blow out others , Very Clear and Amazing quality , No Compromise .

J. Barton

August 5, 2020


I love the device and I love this company! Everything sounds better! Plugins are expensive, but worth it! So glad I discovered the value of Universal Audio! Better thermodynamics than the Arrow with the Honeycomb heat exchanger. I never run out of DSP power with the Twin but I don't use many plugins. Unbelievable how awesome this shit is!

R. Gillies

August 5, 2020

Huge disappointment

I experienced nothing but problems with the Apollo Twin X.
It is not windows compatible. I spent more than a week changing settings on the computer to the point where my computer froze.
I have returned the unit and have reverted back to my Steinberg interface

R. de Faria

August 4, 2020

Great unison preamps

I couldn’t be happier with the sonic quality of this interface. I love its integration with Luna as well.

T. Motz

August 2, 2020


Thrilled with the Twin X. Studio quality audio from this thing. I’m a freelance bassist and this thing has almost paid for itself in remote recording revenue already. Plus it came bundled with a slew of UA’s legendary plug-ins. DAW integration is totally seamless. The Console app, while at first intimidating, is a thing of beauty when you’ve got the hang of it. I’m an analog tape guy at heart, and as those familiar with it know, analog recording rewards up front commitment to sounds. With the ability to track through the UA plug-ins in real time, I can work exactly that way. Printing final sounds on the way in lets me focus on balance and light tweaks come mix time. Very very happy.

M. Khan

August 1, 2020

A more expensive Arrow

For those of us who can’t afford 4X 6X or more inputs this is just a souped up arrow with more DSP. If you have an arrow, don’t bother getting this as you can’t combine them to increase inputs or DSP. Really not clear in UAD’s aggressive marketing so I wasn’t happy to have a redundant arrow lying around. Don’t get sucked in to the UAD hype, there are cheaper and equally as good interfaces out there for budding bedroom producers you just have to Focus on the Rite thing.

A. Fazil

August 1, 2020

Apollo Duo X is a beast of machine

No introduction needed, this machine is simply one of the best sell cars out there today. You can see quality of the build as soon as it comes out of the box. Plug it into your audio setup and sound immediately out of the speakers it’s just pure high-quality. I had a Steinburg soundcard, And at the same setting Your audio production will just sound much better with the Apollo.

j. malih

August 1, 2020



E. Zambrano

July 29, 2020


Love it’s sound , it translate perfectly the emotion of anything that goes thru it

T. Scales

July 28, 2020

2nd to none!


UAD User

July 27, 2020

Talk back

Alongside of the extra horsepower for my IS plugs, It is the native talkback solution for the UA line8

J. Douglas

July 27, 2020


I have heard about Universal Audio interfaces and plugins for years, but I always thought that they are like most other manufactures where if you buy the high end products, they are fantastic, but the entry level and just above entry level are just overpriced because of the name. Well let me tell you that I should have changed over to UA years ago!! The sound quality of the Twin X is outstanding and they just plain work!!!! Their studio plug ins are so beautiful and so warm and most of all, they are true to the real units that they emulate. The guitar amp models are beyond good!!! I typically don't like modeled guitar tones, but the Diesel VH4 and Fuchs amp models are spectacular. Way to go UA!!

J. Ramos

July 26, 2020

A True Workhorse Interface

Whether you're just getting into recording and mixing or if you've been at it for years, the Apollo Twin X is a fantastic addition to your setup. Unless you have the actual physical hardware models, nothing compares to UAD's combination of top-shelf plug-in modeling and DSP processing. Using a single plug-in or even just the right turn of a particular parameter knob can take your tones and mixes to a new level.

Recording direct with my electric guitar is a breeze, and I get incredible tones from UAD's Diezel VH4 and ENGL Savage 120 plug-ins (which you can buy in UAD's plug-in store). The interface comes stock with some great mixing plug-ins included, and once you hear the difference these plug-ins can make you'll wish you had gotten your hands on them sooner. Also, the new Apollo interfaces come bundled with the Luna Recording System, which is not just slick-looking but also tightly integrated with the Apollo software. The end result is an incredible sounding setup at an incredible price.

Although the software drivers were initially a bit temperamental on my brand new iMac, I was able to get things running nicely by properly adjusting the system sample rates and paying close attention to how I have my computer and Twin X settings configured. Either way, I'm glad to have become part of the UAD family, and I'll recommend an Apollo over the competition every time.

M. Postnov

July 25, 2020

I should have got it earlier

As I upgraded my old trusted Mac Pro 2010, I got an Apollo twin X recently to upgrade from my old FireWire Audifire. I loved the preamps on that thing a lot and sweared not to ever change it. So first I checked Apollo’s unison pres and oh man.. what an upgrade! My regret was that I chose a Duo and it turned out I needed more juice, so a new OCTO unit is here already too! My Apollo, Octo and an OX box make a nice creative ecosystem in my home studio from now on!

381-400 of 623 Results