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Apollo Twin X

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T. Burnham

June 23, 2020

Apollo twin x (

This is one of my best purchases in a long time .. I’m an artist who likes to record at any given time and this helps me so much that it’s insane. It’s very easy to operate and the quality is unmatched for the price. I’m super happy about this. I recommend to everyone I know who loves to record or record other people on the go.. it’s a power move.

J. Aoun

June 22, 2020

Great upgrade

I upgraded to Apollo Twin X from the Scarlett 6i6 and never looked back. What a difference not only in sound quality but features as well. Hardware is well built and compact which doesn't take up much space on my desk. The volume knob is nice and smooth yet aggressive which I like. The buttons feel nice and sturdy not cheap and I like the features they provide.

j. mcall

June 21, 2020

My Apollo Twin X quad

So happy with the quad. Ive recorded the best stereo acustic piano sound ive ever achieved. Also a clear warm vocal sound, just from the preamps. The onboard plugins are magic.

M. Poletti

June 18, 2020


I use it mainly to sing live (during rehearse in my home studio) and record something.
The audio is excellent, the quality of the preamps really made my ksm9 microphone shine! I'm so happy. the plugins are really valuable

C. Pedersen

June 17, 2020


Sounds amazing and works great out of the box. Perfect for light desktop recording and mixing. Do not regret it at all!

l. jones

June 17, 2020

Hear The Difference

I upgraded from Arrow mainly for the additional outputs and for a little improvement in the preamps. There was a huge improvement in the preamps and I was really not expecting the huge improvement when playing back both my own recordings and commercially recorded material.

A. Greening

June 16, 2020

Sounds amazing but wish i ordered the quad

Love my UA Apollo and it sounds fantastic, especially for recording with the unison preamps and a couple of things in the channel to help boost it. Worth noting however if you're planning to use it for primarily mixing and want it to power your plugins, I'd advice strongly getting at least the quad. Should also note as well if you're maxing you your UA's CPU, bouncing a track (in my case podcasts) can take well over an hour.

M. Gregg

June 12, 2020

Easy to get started with

I was already in a learning curve w Logic Pro X when I purchased the Apollo Twin X. I'm happy to say I was able to begin tracking right away after unboxing and using plugins even though I didn't totally understand everything. After about 3 weeks I have a pretty good handle on it and how to either monitor or record the plugins. The big knob is great for levels for recording or monitoring and the Unison preamp plugins that control the physical characteristics of the pre's and impedance is super cool, as is the instrument level plug on the front having the proper impedance for guitar and bass. Smart and convenient. I don't need hardware in front of it. I'm not using Luna yet as I was already well into a Logic Pro X project but the Console was really easy to figure out and navigate. All in all, I anticipate growing with this really cool hardware and software. My singer sure loves hearing no latency compression and reverb when tracking and I like the ability to record it or not so I'm not stuck with it. This came highly recommended by pro engineers and is living up to its reputation. It's nice to know the clocks and converters are all tops in this range and the sound quality is about as good as it gets. I anticipate expanding my studio rigs with more of the Apollo line in the near future.

G. Kenedy

June 10, 2020


Got the Arrow last year and liked it so much that I upgraded to this one less than six months later.

J. Heng

June 10, 2020

Long awaited update to the rig

Been using the Apollo (Silverface) with the UAD2 PCIe cards in my 2009 MacPro for the longest time. Also had an Arrow for a bit and loved the way things sounded. With the Twin X Quad, it's taken the home rig to a whole other level for number of plugins I can open. The Twin X also lives on my pedalboard and I use that with my BiasFx2 for "live" playing. Couldn't be happier with the results.

A. Hicks

June 6, 2020

Don’t Look Back

The UA Apollo Twin X Duo has changed my project studio in so many ways. Thanks to the UAD plugins my sound is incredible when mixing. Sure the DSP power is minimal, however, you have the ability to print the audio & bring it back in. This opens up DSP power for another plugin. I have a Mac Mini Hexa-Core Intel i5 with 32GB DDR4 RAM. I’ve never had an issue with it. If you’re serious about music, this is the next level.

M. Hughen

June 5, 2020

New To UAD

This has got to be the best audio interface i have owned.
The plug-ins that came with sound amazing - 0 latency when playing Guitar too!
Doesn't come with a thunderbolt 3 lead & some of the plug-ins are way too expensive which is a shame.
(Dont be like Apple ) :)

S. McGoogan

June 4, 2020

Twin-X Not ready for Windows

I bought the Twin-X to work with the most powerful laptop ever built, the Alienware 51-m. 32GB ram, i9900k. In a laptop. Thunderbolt 3 compatible, top of the line, best cables, everything up to date. Can't even listen to music or watch tutorials at 44.1 Khz without getting drops, crackling sound and glitching within 3 seconds, and and I'm not exagerating.

Before you buy, check out the reviews and the tons of problems people are having under Windows. I ignored them, thinking I was better than them because I have been tech support before, I work in IT and never in my life there's been a problem I cannot solve. But this, this is something else.

Their Windows driver is horrendous and has been like this for years. It's ok for some users, and not ok for some. If you want to use this in a Windows laptop, wait a couple years. Don't count on support. My ticket has been open for close to two months now. They can take 14 days to reply to your problem with a message like "did you update to the latest driver?".

I really wanted to recomment the product, but until they fix their windows issues (I've been told it's on thunderbolt but also USB), I cannot give this more than 2 stars, and tell you.... TRY BEFORE YOU BUY. And try it quick when you get it. Try all buffer sizes, all sample rates, because you may very well have to return it.

Using it in asio is not as bad as in WDM, but you still get glitching unless you disable wifi, networking, overclocking. So, what's the point in having 1500$ in plugins and DSP, converters, if you are going crazy asking yourself if the glitch is in your sound or in the card output?

Months. Months with this.
Save yourself time. Get something else.

UAD should really understand that you should not release a disfuntional product that only works for some people with Macs or specific Windows configurations, and then let them wait for support until the return date runs out so they get stuck with it.

With a lot of work, you can make the glitching and crackling better, but it's never gone, and it will make you insane. 7 weeks of this is way more than I expected and it's still going on.

UAD. Get better, or get out of the Windows market.
We will spread the word.

k. preka

June 4, 2020

nice product but come without cables

it comes without cables makes me very unhappy when you buy something must come completely not parts that's so crazy

k. preka

June 4, 2020

nice product but come without cables

it comes without cables makes me very unhappy when you buy something must come completely not parts that's so crazy

J. Banon

June 2, 2020


If you just want to hear my opinion on the quality of the unit, that’s a 5 star hands down, if you’re serious about music there’s no other entry level interface on the market that you should consider. I gave 4 stars because of the practicality of the unit. We all buy Apollo interfaces because their awesome I’m general and have more features than the competition but we also want the plugins. Don’t worry about the plugin price because during a big sale you can get them at good prices. The problem is the amount of DSP available. You buy an Apollo twin X duo for $1079 CAD plus a $50 TB3 cable, then even with sales for plugins at $99 you buy 4 and that’s another $550 CAD and then you can’t even run 1 plugin on each track of a mix with only 10 tracks in it. So you need to buy a Satellite Quad for another $1079 and even that only opens up another 12-16 tracks with 1 premium plugin each. After tax and TB3 cables were at about $3200 CAD and then you can’t even use your plugins when you’re at a friends studio or in a different room unless you unhook everything, pack it all up and reset it up in another room or another studio and plug it into your computer. It’s a bit of a flawed system but if you’re okay with buying a Satellite, still using a lot of other companies plugins on your computer and you’re only ever mixing where your Apollo is set up then this is Studio quality sound wherever you are. Amazing product, but a bit annoyed!

C. Banet

June 2, 2020

Clean interface

This thing works great and is a step up from my Digi 002 I used for the past decade haha. The inputs sound very clean and solid. Its such a plus having the extra DSP which is basically like having 2 computers. Probably the biggest plus for me has to be no-latency. The UA plugins are some of the best quality I've experienced and there's plenty of exceptional ones included. All of these little things add up to help make produce better music more often.

O. Taveras

May 31, 2020


This is a great investment for the long run, if you invest in this Audio Interface make you understand that you cannot record or use without learning how to use, the UA software.

All of the plugins that are included will not work unless, you use their UA software simultaneously. I actually thought it was hard but once you get used to it, it will be super awesome. The free plugins are amazing & highest quality, just like major studios use.

Definitely worth the investment!

R. Jones

May 31, 2020

Disappointed in lack of compatibility and support

The Apollo Twin X works as expected and does it very well, up until plugging it into my Mac via Thunderbolt 3 and then it goes downhill.

When using Thunderbolt 3, I get a high pitched electrical whine through the monitor out, which I am pretty certain is caused from additional Thunderbolt 3 peripherals that provide PD power back to the Mac: in my case a Razer eGPU which I use for my multi-monitor setup. When contacting UA support, instead of them trying to help with the problem, or even show a slight interest in preventing this from happening to others in the future, I was simply told, "Unfortunately it seems that this configuration will not be possible. Using an eGPU is untested and unsupported". Unsupported is definitely right!

When used without Thunderbolt 3, or if I unplug the eGPU from my Mac, the Apollo Twin X work brilliantly, but in a world where eGPU's and PD over Thunderbolt exists "untested and unsupported" from a support case, is simply not good enough. At a minimum, it would have been nice to know there could be compatibility issues before making the purchase.

R. Montero

May 30, 2020

Wow Amazing sounds!!!!!!

Just can said is amazing sounds, 5***** plugins!!!

541-560 of 740 Results