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Apollo x4

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O. Knight

April 18, 2020


What a beast of an interface.
Got this along with some other investment to improve my home set up to be able to go to the studio less during the Covid19 lockdowns.
I had been using a relatively low cost Alesis interface but the quality was lacking compared to my studio converters (Apogee) and I found the headphone amp just wasn’t giving me enough. Not to throw shade at the old interface, it was cheap and cheerful and served me well for many years when I wanted to do some basic writing or production away from my studio.
Now, working for high profile clients I need to be able to trust my setup to make critical decisions even when I can’t be at my studio. The X4 has delivered.
Setting up was so simple, it sounds incredible, converters are impressive, noticeably more defined stereo image and sharper transients compared to my old budget mobile interface.
I am hugely impressed with the quality and power of the headphone amp, it drives my T1’s and HD700’s effortlessly.
A wonderful, beautifully thought out and designed interface.

l. batterbury

April 16, 2020

Can I Just Say .....apollo x4

Ok guys,
If ANYONE is thinking of buying one of these -do it. Period. The converters are awesome. Huge space in a mix. massive headroom. Instant gratification from unison technology. Here are my favourites-
2.STUDER 800

Just so good guys, and the apollo x4 is just brilliant. GET IT. Thanks again UAD.

H. Lang

April 2, 2020

Just the best!!!

Yes, the switch to UAD was worth it for me and I can only recommend it to everyone. I used to have Waves, iZotope .... etc. and I never got such a good sound (analog) as with UAD. Especially with very little twirling effects, you can quickly get a great result. I put a video online a few days ago, www.youtube.com/watch?v=V2gFZ-tEVTw and was contacted by three people about what I use for software .....
I work with Mac and the Apollo X4.
Thanks to the UA team and keep it up !!! .... Lg Hely

A. Loparco

April 1, 2020

Apollo x4, absolutely blown away!

I just wanted to leave a review for anyone who is contemplating purchasing this interface. I absolutely love it and could not be happier with the quality and value that I was provided. I was having a tough time deciding between the X4 and the Twin X, however am happy I choose the X4. So far the inputs have served me well, giving me enough flexibility to record anything that has come my way so far. Also, I am happy that in the future there are several options to expand my I/O's. I would highly recommend this interface!

A. Nesse

March 31, 2020

Apollo X4, best interface in its class

Love it for the 4 preamps and the two headphone outs. 100% stable with my mac running logic. Absolutely top notch plugins, and even though they are pricy they seem worth it. Its a genius business model and will probably ruin me at some point... This is a serious piece of equipment, cant think of anything that matches it at this price point

D. Proler

March 25, 2020

The Apollo X4 is just amazing!

The Apollo X4 is an absolutely amazing product. It's now the core of my new home studio. I switched from the Line 6 Helix Family platform because I wanted to be able to record the tones from the same Marshall Jubilee amps that I own. The UAD-2 Unison plug-ins are so realistic that I can't tell the difference between the the plug-in or the actual amps using the same exact settings. The sound is incredible realistic. Worth every single penny.

M. O'Flynn

March 12, 2020

Apollo X4

I'm very pleased with this interface, it has a much more even bass and lower mid playback response than my previous Apollo 'silver face' , it sounds more hi-fi generally and the extra plugin processing is very welcome. Thank you UAD.

T. Dorney

February 20, 2020

Just what I wanted

I'm stepping up from an Apollo Twin Mk.2 so I'm pretty used to the form. It's everything I wanted, more ins and outs so I can loop out through my outboard without having to unplug a pair of monitors, an extra headphone out which is a godsend, more cores (my Twin was only a duo) and the same great monitor control facilities. I love it.

M. Alkout

February 13, 2020

Really perfect

Appreciate your efforts

m. alaimo

February 12, 2020

Apollo x4

Very pleased with the Apollo 4 coming from focusrite scarlett , which was always a good workhorse, I do feel I’ve stepped up a gear, especially the difference in sound quality, which I noted immediately.. there are a few things that are annoying but with any new piece of gear ,it’s all learning curve... My reason for buying at this time was the imminent arrival of Luna which tipped me over the top...this sounds existing..

M. Seitz

February 6, 2020

Finaly Mobile!!!

I record more and more on different locations. Mixing back in the studio. The X4 ist finally the mobile tool I need to set focus to creativity - not location! What a wonderful step to music...wherever I go...
No technical Problems... No issues... MacBook Pro, X4 and an SM7B... Just perfect!!

J. Miranda Ramos

February 4, 2020

Great Mobile Device

I just got a nee Macbook Pro and the Apollo x4 to go with it. I‘m really happy with this device. I‘m able to track and mix everywhere and I‘m not missing anything from my old setup.

G. Rosati

January 27, 2020

Not windows 10 compatible as promise

Hi, the product is really good with a Mac. But as it is today is not windows 10 compatible. For this price range it should be plug and play with a driver. Sound distortion, cracking, protools session slowing down for no reason . Superior drummer 3 doesn't work at 32 sample but with my 100$ Focusrite Scarlet solo it does? Really Disappointed, I tried all the troubleshooting from their website but nothing work. I am waiting now for the support team to find a way to fix it if it is possible? Nightmare

t. dickman

January 16, 2020

Sync problems

The Apollo x4 Thunderbolt needs to be restarted regularly.
It loses it's sync and seem to have problem changing between different programs that possibly have different sampler rates.

S. Debontridder

January 12, 2020

The perfect addition to my setup.

I've been a happy UAD customer for some years now, and the company never seizes to impress and amaze me with their new products. The X4 is a perfect addition to my setup, and a sizeable upgrade from the Twin MkI I used until now. The unit performs as advertised (which is to say: it sounds amazing) and the form factor is great as well: it looks and feels like the pro piece of gear it is. I literally have nothing bad to say about this, and can wholeheartedly recommend this interface to anyone who's in the market for one. You won't be dissapointed.

P. Molenaar

January 9, 2020

Welcom to Apollo x4

Great interface with a huge step forward in AD conversion! SOLID AS A ROCK

M. Leeds

January 8, 2020

Apollo x4 has made my life so much easier...

Switching over to the Apollo x4 with a new 2019 MacBook Pro fitted with 64gb ram running Thunderbolt-3 is a screamer. I had used a ResidentAudio T4 for so long I had forgotten what clarity in audio represents. This unit is so easy to setup and plug and play into my system, I was worried something may have been missing during the install. Everything just works! Very intuitive and easy to incorporate and setup the plugins too.

Great job guys.

J. Sanchez

January 8, 2020


It’s an amazing product I recommend 100%
My review!!

S. Siddells

January 6, 2020

Almost There.. But

I'll try this review again as the first one didn't get published, ironically though, my disgruntled follow up did :-)

This unit is GREAT I/O wise, & looks to be a NEAR-PERFECT one-stop interface solution… It is soooooo close.

ALAS! UAD's software, for the most part, is great, but resource-hungry & I’m done spending $thousands upon $thousands on good software to then to pay just as many $thousands on sub-powered hardware. I’m gobsmacked.

Make this an octa-core & I will buy the x4 again.

A quad-core for a stereo channel is the equivalent to the Twin Duo - which I also had and then dumped after 9 months. A pre-amp & guitar amp plug-in seemed to buckle the Twin Duo - ditto for the x4. 2 cores per channels, is just cheap & lazy.

UAD have octa-core tech - PLEASE!!!!!! put it in the x4. I’ll pay extra.

I love your stuff (except most your guitar amp plug-ins), but, if you don’t kit your hardware out to survive the demands of your software, you will get chased out of the park… 
It's a tight game with shrinking margins & the longer you stay behind the curve, the harder it’ll be to catch up. Stay ahead.

I expect to able to run, per channel, a pre-amp, a guitar amp, a delay-unit, a verb-unit & a drive-unit (I.e Thermionic Culture, not just JC45 pedal) without resource clipping or hanging.

You have the tech, Make it happen. I’ll be in for life. No more sales or recommendation until then.

P. Grimm

January 4, 2020

Apollo x 4: la rolls des cartes son

Excellent produit, facile à installer, facile à utiliser. Les pug-ins reçus sont magnifiques de réalisme

161-180 of 205 Results