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Apollo x8

Apollo x8

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Customer Reviews

Apollo x8

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C. Pineiro

November 13, 2019


Many years developing a project studio, many interfaces, computers, mixers combined with audio I/O. But nothing, nothing like this gear. Love it, hearing it is falling in love.
Further more, UAD made rethink my studio... now I'm letting go mixers and processors. Less is better. Excellent piece of technology. Analog sound, digital flexibility.

A. khafaji

November 13, 2019

From Apollo 8 to Apollo x8p

Moving from the great Apollo 8 to the greatest Apollo x8, Apollo 8 was great audio interface but I noticed a nice improvement after upgrading, to me both are nice units and am very happy with this upgrade.

M. Vogeler

November 10, 2019

great gear

fantatstic gear and software

M. Vogeler

November 10, 2019

great gear

fantatstic gear and software

S. Stähli

November 5, 2019

Totally happy with it

Super AD/DA and DSP Power paired with ultra low latency enables a creative workflow instantly. The Monitor control features work great and the knobs and Buttons feel just right.

A. Gilligan

November 3, 2019

Best we've heard after extensive testing

We recently purchased and X16, X8 and an X6 - We spent hours comparing Interfaces from UA, Antelope, Apogee, Lynx, Burl. To our ears the X16 was our preferred DA and AD; closely followed by Lynx (n). Antelope's (OrionStudio) was pretty good but their Software felt unstable plus their customer service and reputation are questionable so we opted to avoid them - The Burl was very good; however, we felt the X16, X8, X6 was more in line with the music we make and that we could easily get those 'Burl' kinda sonics using the X16, X8 & X6 through other methods if so required. By the way, the X16 sounds slightly deep and wider and the X6 and X8 which is to be expected considering its their flagship converter...But we are not talking much at all - you'd need to be doing extensive listening tests as we did to truly recognise those differences.
The listening experience is world class with the Apollo X range of interfaces - Recording and Mixing feels easier than ever before...The units just work without having to piss around with manufacturers daft setup idiosyncrasies...To us, the best interfaces are one's that are sonically outstanding, very straight forward to use and stay the hell out of the way of being spontaneous and making music! To summarise, the X8, X6 and X16 units are the best around options in our humble opinion.

B. Watson

November 1, 2019

Apollo x8 extremely satified.

I was a little apprehensive making the switch from Apollo firewire uad2 quad to the thunderbolt Apollo x8 on my windows machine. But let me say the change was seamless, and works like a dream. you can actually hear the difference. it was easy to install and work flawlessly on my windows 10 machine. I'm extremely pleased.

C. Youmans

October 24, 2019

Great Interface

As per the usual with ua knocked it out of the park. The DA the 6 cores of processing. Works as a great monitor controller too!


October 21, 2019

Buy it now!!!

I have owned all the Apollo interfaces and I own Dangerous Source and Dangerous 2Bus.
The DA Source is really incredible: for me the Source sounds a little better than Apollo 8.
The Apollo x8 is in another league: all lines are much improved.
I immediately heard the differences in sound: if you don't hear them you have a problem in your room.
I collaborate with various high quality recording and mastering studios.
The Apollo x8 is the best sound I've ever heard.

Highly recommended if you live for sound.

Very very very great job guys

S. Stähli

October 16, 2019


Can not tell anything yet. My X8 arrived with a defective Monitor Output.

J. Stuart

October 16, 2019

Outrageously good.

I have a number of Apollo's and recently bought an Apollo x8 to chain into the others. Now I've got everything going into that, it's true, the DAC seems much better to me and the processing power is great. I love it!

T. Lockett

October 15, 2019

Works with Windows

This is my second review, since I bought two Apollos X8, I guess this entitles me to two reviews,one thing that I forgot to say in my first, is that the Apollos work well with Windows 10 as they do with Mac OS X, since I work between Mac and Windows,it is nice not having to worry about that issue,UAD drivers are very solid and reliable

T. Lockett

October 15, 2019


I've owned Apollos since the original silver TB 1 ...they have gotten better and better, what sets this apart from the others IMO is the +24 dB headroom, I still own analog hardware and having the added headroom really make a difference. The converters do sound good, but I still prefer other coverts, but that being said, these will get the job done for sure. UAD just works, and for that alone, I give it 5 stars.

M. Vignola

October 14, 2019

A brilliant piece of equipment.

Brilliant, that is all

S. Clark

October 11, 2019

Sounds great but the software needs work and updating

The sound quality and plug-ins are great but console needs a lot of work. If console gets better its a no brainier but as it stands there are other products to look at.

D. Kim

October 4, 2019

Best revision

I’ve had the previous 2 versions, and I can definitely tell that this converter is the smoothest of all 3. The plug ins, especially the Unison pres, react more like the real hardware when pushed hard. They just seem to match better when used with this converter. I’m happier with this upgrade than the previous upgrade from vs1 to 2.

A. Lee

October 3, 2019

5 stars for the Apollo x8, 0 Stars for Console Software and UA support!

A long term UA user, today I purchased an Apollo x8, upgrading my silver face Apollo Firewire with thunderbolt. The one thing you are seriously lacking, is updating Console, GUI to compliment Apple MacOS in full screen and split mode, a request, I have, as well as countless others have been making, for well over 5 years. This should have been done years ago, when you updated console to 2.0. THIS IS A MUST, especially when the Apple Pro display has been announced. its so annoying! THERE REALLY IS NO EXCUSE FOR THIS NOT TO HAVE BEING DONE! A company of your standing, I'd have thought this would have been a non brainer. Console Software needs to replicate the eye for detail, of all the hardware and plugins!!

I am asked by UA support, (a Windows user) what the problem is?

Console GUI can’t do this? <>

Or this <>

Clunky, close, hide, and not really full screen, you have to resize, to get a half hearted fullscreen, non compatible with MacOS features.
As with MacOS which gives you close (red) hide (orange) true full screen and split mode (green)

Then comes the condescending responses, asking, is it really that important to me, by an UA employee who still had no idea what I was talking about.

I had to send a video, to show what I was talking about, asking for it to be forward to Bill Jr.

After reviewing the video, I'm told.

Unfortunately, these features have not been incorporated into the UAD software, nor do I have information if they plan on supporting these Mac features. All I can really do is close this ticket as a feature request, as these are reviewed by development.

I also see you submitted a ticket back on 2014 requested this as well, and this was already escalated to our development team for review. I will go ahead and close this again as a feature request, and hopefully they end up adding this in the future. Have a great rest of your week!

Only archaic UA, have continued to adopted this old GUI, they haven't bothered to update, utilising macOS features. ALL OTHER COMPANIES, ADOPT THESE FEATURES IN THEIR SOFTWARE!

Of course I put up with it, and get on with creativity that's required, but should we really have to put up with it?

Bottom line is, support does not talk to the development team, & development team, must primarily be Windows users, as an everyday MacOS user, would have made sure these features were part of the 2.0 update from over 5 years ago, with no subsequent updates since!

Please get this done!

丽. 居易

September 27, 2019



D. Puzia

September 17, 2019

I Wish I Started With Universal Audio Years Ago!

The sound is really fantastic not only in the digital to analog conversion but also the Pre-amps are very impressive! I really like the workflow of the console as well, it integrates with my PreSonus Studio One Pro Great on my Mac! Other interfaces I used had sync problems, but here with this interface not one has occurred and I work a lot with many different sample rates. Lastly the plugins are amazing with the quality of sound and stability! Got the LA-2 compressor today and I must say it rules the land. In fact I wish I started with UA years ago!

D. Myers

September 14, 2019

Love mine!

Having had the previous iterations of the Apollo I had pretty high expectations of the X series and was not disappointed. The conversion is a definite step up and having a talkback mic is a great feature - having more dsp is a brilliant feature also. 10/10!!!

161-180 of 252 Results