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Apollo FireWire

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A. Nguyen

March 11, 2015


I was looking for a new interface, and this is it! Superb DA/AD conversion, UAD Plugins, Preamps and Firewire and runs great on Windows 8.1. Preamps are very clean, little to no latency for recording and came with a Thunderbolt 2 Option Card. I originally purchased this to complement my new PC with Thunderbolt 2 on my motherboard but it seems that no drivers exist yet for the Thunderbolt 2 Option Card. I hope someday that UA will make those drivers available for all Windows users. This is a remarkable interface but please UA, support your Windows/PC users more.

M. Chennells

March 10, 2015

Outstanding !

When I plugged in Apollo the difference in audio quality compared to the Steinberg MR816 was astonishing. The Apollo sounded warm, transparent and detailed. The Console application works very well with Cubase Pro 8. The unison pre amp plugins add another dimension to Apollo. Using the UAD plugins while tracking is also very good. This is the best audio interface I have heard by far.
Well worth the money!

J. chaney

March 10, 2015

UAD V 8.0 no new console for firewire users until November ??

No new console for firewire users until November ?? WHO DOES THAT TO THEIR LOYAL CUSTOMERS ?? You left me for a younger man ?? Haha. why don't you go ahead and and just start a special thunderbolt VIP page and only advertise SOFTWARE ( i mean it is software right ? ) releases for the elite thunderbolts. we'll be ok just leave the rest of us waiting inline to get on the club. or wait i could get a vip ticket if only i buy a new computer, get a chassis for my pic cards ( thousands$$ ) and finally get the expansion card for my apollo. maybe i should go out in a mid life crisis blaze of glory, spend the money on a red corvette convertible instead, drive down PCH and work on tanning up my bald spots. hahaha. maybe you'll come back to me.

J. Pierre

March 6, 2015

Simply Amazing!!!

I just brought the apollo.....now I truly know what it is to have a "Pro" sound...Ive missed so much for so long ...everything else was childs play before this....this is all subjective of course but this is by for the best audio card I've ever owned .great job Uad

B. Lord

February 26, 2015

Exactly what I've been looking for

I work with a lot of professional studios and always struggled and jumped through hoops to my tracks to sound "up to par". A losing battle without spending well over 10 g's. This changed the game, I feel I can easily slide my tracks in and out of sessions done by the big dogs now without noticing a difference. And..the plug ins sound amazing. I'm still getting used to everything, but am quite happy so far.
I thought I might hate the extra mix window to work thru but its painless and makes a lot of sense and offers more versatility.
All in all, I'm pissed I waited so long to go this route

M. Dodd

February 24, 2015

UA Apollo Duo UAD-2 Rack Interface

I've been using UAD plugins since the first Mackie UAD-1 and have used various budget consumer grade recording interfaces in the past, but I can really hear the difference with the UAD-2 Apollo Interface, better separation and clearer sound will make mixing so much easier. It is also the perfect addition to my new multimedia business. My only concern is that it doesn't work properly with the latest Mac operating system so I hope UA can speed up their driver software development in future. I would also like to see an Apollo Twin that can daisy chain Thunderbolt devices so I can add it to my system.

Martin Dodd, Egg Moon Studio, Liverpool, UK

I. Nathoo

February 21, 2015

apollo quad

amazing sound quality - incredible real-time effects.. has brought a new dimension to all my old synths and drum machines. couldn't recommend it enough.

D. Saada

February 18, 2015

Love it so far...

I recently buy an apollo quad... and I love it ^^
Good sound and build quality and combined with your great plugin and no latency is just amazing.
Thanks UA, just waiting for v8 to try out the new console app.

UAD User

February 9, 2015

Awesome sound quality and very intuitive

I wasn't expecting to hear a big difference in the quality of the converters as I've heard many say that most converters sound the same. I was expecting more of a difference in the pre-amps and plugins, but was blown away by the detail and quality coming from prior recordings. Also, I found that the interface and mixer is very intuitive and the plugins are as good as expected from UA. My only complaint is that all the plugins show all the time, as opposed to only those that are activated. I have not found a way to hide the inactive plugins.

Very pleased overall!

J. Parfait

January 29, 2015


This interface is head and shoulders above any other interface I've recorded through. I just has this "LUSHNESS" to it. I've recorded through a Neve console before, and must say that the Apollo right up there with it. Having all the classic emulations at your fingertips make the deal even sweeter. Thanks UA!!!!!

S. Turek

January 28, 2015

must have this device

All classics in one device and now with zero latenzy:) yes!

M. Mann

January 27, 2015


I was using another interface for quite some time and the converters were good, but I moved to the Apollo Quad and was taken instantly to the next level!

Fantastic pre's; UAD plugs are fabulous; tracking through UAD plugs with almost no latency is stellar; the converters sound clean and transparent (unless you want the sound of an API, Neve, etc. thanks to Unison Technology).

I love the Apollo so much, I bought it's little brother, The Apollo Twin for mobile recording!

Now, with the Apollo Expanded, I can use them both together (and get new plugs to boot)!!

Hurray UA! These guys started off 2015 as my favorite company!

PS - IF you should need their customer service/support...it ROCKS! They go way above and beyond!!!

R. Kofler

January 26, 2015

My First Date With Apollo Quad

When we first set eyes on each other it was love at first sight. I took her out of the box, all the while anticipating the touch of her sleek knobs and buttons. The first thing I did was dress her up in a new Firewire 800 card. Then I turned her on. She loved the foreplay, opening up Pro Tools 11 and inserting a warm analog plugin in her track.
From that first date through many hot nights together, it's been pure heavenly bliss.
Apollo is one sleek, beautiful piece of work and this player is looking forward to spending every waking moment in her presence.

P. Buckna

January 23, 2015

Great piece of gear

Excellent addition to the studio. Looking forward to Console 2 so I can combine with my Twin as I was missing the big knob for adjusting mic inputs. Great sund quality and nice to have the extra processing power. Well done, UA

K. Pentecost

January 20, 2015

Best interface there is!

The apollo meets and exceeds all my expectations. The console app works flawlessly and looks great. The setup time is less than 30 minutes and its up and running. And when it is running there is the amazing uNison technology. I'm one to believe that it's the user not the hardware, that being said it would be difficult to make a recording on the apollo that didn't sound great, using a good set of mics. The DSP is fantastic, definitely go for the quad, you'll want the power. Thanks UA! Well done!

M. Peyton

January 20, 2015


I've been involved in audio production, from jingles to radio to rock 'n roll, for about 35 years. I've owned ProTools, logic, Waves mercury, etc. at Cetera etc. I have never seen anything like this before. Latency free and worked The first time, every time. Running on two different Macintosh is in my space with both pcie cards and Apollo interfaces I have never experienced a system crash or outage. All of the plug-ins I have ever bought sound absolutely unbelievable, best-of-breed for anything I've ever had in my studio, other than the real original hardware stuff. I will continue to use Universal audio and recommend it for the rest of my career.

P. Peloghitis

January 16, 2015

I've had the Apollo DUO Interface for about a month now

I've had the Apollo DUO Interface for about a month now. First off, installing and instructions for getting started are great. What I like is the incredible audio qualities. The preamps are outstanding! Anything sounds better through them. Interface is well designed, logical. I like keeping the mic cabling in the rear. On/off button - 'great' and on the front. Firewire 800 is really fast.

I have had some issues with 'Win 7 errors' at times, with the 'console.exe' software. Some bugs with renaming tracks, but after you know how to avoid these - no problems. Rec'd recessing front controls more to prevent breaking.

G. Gallardo

January 13, 2015

Best interface for the money

I recently got my Apollo and I love it it's super flexible, easy to setup (I'm running Pro Tools & Logic Pro X) reliable and sounds amazing. If you are looking for quality, expandability and great sound look no further Apollo is what you need!

T. Couton

January 13, 2015


Easy to install
Easy to use
Nice pre, clear sound
Plugins sound great.

Very pleased !

R. Scully

January 11, 2015

Apollo Quad - Amazing!!

I wasn't expecting the move to the Apollo as my central interface to be as drastic as it is - in an overwhelmingly positive way!! The conversion quality is pristine, balanced and so well rounded. The console app is also a fantastic addition as I can record and monitor with zero latency plus all the UAD Plugs it can handle.

Very satisfied customer!

181-200 of 811 Results