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t. wallace

September 25, 2015

Rock Solid with a Bonus

This piece of equipment completes my studio, the pre's are wonderful/DSP. The real reason I got it was because i'm using the twin duo/ satellite, and I wanted to take my studio to the next level. I bought the firewire 800 version because some studio's don't have thunderbolt that I may uses. It's lite weighted and does take-up much space, also at home i'm able to pop in my thunderbolt expansion card and get to work. Thats the best part about this interface, daisy chaining it to the twin duo for more channels/DSP and better control. Overall UAD is the way to go, rush and get one today..

L. Swiercz

September 23, 2015

Amazing peace of grear!

UAD Apollo is one of best gear i ever buy, very solid built

i connected few synths thru apollo and everything sounds great.

i just had chance ti work with plugins that as included with Apollo and i already they are on all my projects i done.

A. Gamez

September 22, 2015


Just amazing. Outstanding quality, ease of use and to be able to use UAD plugins is just phenomenal. Definitely the best investement I have made to my studio.

K. Grady

September 18, 2015

A very happy upgrade!

I was long overdue for an upgrade after using a MOTU 828 MK2 for many years. While working in a friend's studio who owns an Apollo interface, I was sold. Between the clarity of the preamps, the warmth of the plugins, and the reputation of Universal Audio, it was one of the easiest decisions I ever made. I can hear sonic definition not heard before, which translates into much better mixes. With the addition of Unison Technology, having the ability to record through a Neve, 610, or API console plugin is a project studio dream. I'm a happy guy. Thanks UA!

P. Jelfs

September 16, 2015

The Next Level

Well all i really need to say is compared to the interface i came from, it was like buying new ears.

The Apollo Silverface was such a big step up from my original Audio Interface.

Love the thing - already had an octo , but tracking through Plugins makes Basses, Vocals and Guitars feel professional from the off.

Real Sense of Quality with this box - and has worked perfectly over FW.

Love it - One small point, i personally feel that when buying this you should get at least ONE decent plugin from the store instead of a voucher that is not even a quarter of the value of the best ones . £1500 is a big investment , and for those who already have the included bundle , it would be nice if UA gave with it "Any one plugin" :)

D. Cornelius

September 16, 2015

Apollo Rocks

Ich habe mir das Apollo quad zugelegt um bessere Plugin Unterstützung zu bekommen. Hatte bisher immer nur Twin Finity 4710d genutzt mit einem gutem alten Ensoniq Paris. Apollo hat von der Leistung und Möglichkeiten meine Paris Daw zersägt. Es hat mich einfach nur umgehauen welche Möglichkeiten Apollo bietet. Die Nutzung der Plugins in Echtzeit ist der einfach nur derhelle Wahnsinn. Wenn man dann noch die verschiedenen Channelstrips nutzt mit den Gitarrenplugs usw. ist der Creativität und dem Sound einfach keine Grenze gesetzt. Danke dafür UA TEAM !

M. Reategui

September 14, 2015

Amazing hardware and software improvement

Amazing hardware and software improvement
When it came out software wasn't as good as now, very stable and easy to use.

D. Range

September 5, 2015

wow changed my gospel

we were finished with our third cd I had digi 003 and my computer crashed so i had to like update everything got rid of the 03 then bought focusririte had bout a week bought apogee duet bout three months said let me try the apollo and just spend the money since my rep offered me a deal my wife who's not a musician just a fan of the group said wooooooow thats just from that. so I remixed the title track thru the appollo and sent to disk masters my rep there called me and said you guys have a hit and what did you by new I know you. I said I purchased the apollo he said he won the bet cause he played the cd that won us the chicago music awards and this new track and had a bet in the office. I'm telling you if your second guessing apollo DONT

G. Dolfi

September 1, 2015

Great sound!

excellent converters, I was fascinated by the sound of the plugins that even extreme adjustments do not ever distort the sound, it's like working in analogue but with the advantages of digital!

R. DeHart III

August 27, 2015

INCREDIBLE sounding hardware

I normally hate writing reviews but this one deserves it. Coming from a 003, the difference in monitoring is night and day. You can hear the depth of a mix so much better. The stereo image is also extremely better as it is much easier to hear panning changes with this unit. The sound is fantastic and the Console software runs great on my end. This unit combine with my satellite quad and adding a PCIe FW card, I have PLENTY of DSP power on my Mac Pro 4,1. The ONLY reason this is not getting 5 stars is because there is no built-in alternate monitoring function. That is the only thing the 003 has over this unit. But it is well worth every penny and I'm kicking myself for not buying this years ago.

J. Foxall

August 21, 2015

If only Windows was properly supported...

I've found the Firewire interface to be spotty and it's given me a lot of grief. I'm on Windows 8.1, Windows 10 is now out, and UA still only officially supports Windows 7! If they properly supported current versions of Windows this would be a 5 star review - hands down. I haven't even used the pres yet - but my mixes are so much better because the Apollo sounds so much better. I believe that in addition to the converters, the passive volume attenuation makes a big difference. Also, I've recorded bass direct in and I've been able to use the Ampeg plugins in real-time in the consol while recording a dry signal - which is unbelievably cool and creative!

Please UA - it feels like you've abandoned your Windows clients - support Windows!

UAD User

August 21, 2015

Value for money

I recently replaced a Protools HDX card for this UA Apollo after the requirement in my studio for a new preamp came up. I have to say after the initial set up issues which were entirely my fault I am really chuffed with this product. I have used UAD before and the consistency in their AD/DA is still supreme as well as the preamps which work well, sound great and integrate with the hardware seamlessly. If I had a niggle, and it is purely aesthetic, is that the control knobs on the front feel a little "plasticy" compared to the apollo duo and I'll be changing them for something more robust in the near future. But if thats all you have to complain about consider me a happy customer.

J. Childers

August 11, 2015

Apollo Quad Firewire

Absolutely fantastic! I upgraded my interface from a MBox 2 and needless to say the Apollo Quad interface was well worth the money! I'm very pleased with the plug-ins I received with my purchase as well as the vouchers Universal Audio has sent me! I'm a student at The Blackbird Academy and I've used the Apollo in studios for over a year! I'm glad I joined in with the fun and bought my own personal Apollo Quad interface!

F. Ramos

July 21, 2015


To put it simply...it sound REALLY AMAZING!!! I the built-in preamps are very clear but after trying a few demos one comes to realise that the possibilities are endless. Great built quality. The plugins I tried took my whole production to another level. They are so well emulated.
I also have the Twin Duo and together with my Quad, all my production needs are taken care of.
Voucher gift certificate upon registering was a nice surprise...the list of great things goes on and on...
Highly recommended!

S. Pheng

June 6, 2015

UAD V8.1.3 software update keeps Apollo on Top of Technology

Love you UA guys for the UAD V8.1.3 software update. The layout of the console in this update looks awesome and the interface & performance works great. Thanks for all your hard works to keep us on the top of musical industries and give us the best of your creation. This is that people call "The Innovation"!

S. Pheng

June 6, 2015

UAD V8.1.3 software update keeps Apollo on Top of Technology

Love you UA guys for the UAD V8.1.3 software update. The layout of the console in this update looks awesome and the interface & performance works great. Thanks for all your hard works to keep us on the top of musical industries and give us the best of your creation. This is that people call "The Innovation"!


April 16, 2015

Good sound, but unable to use the UAD Plugins

The sound is excellent, to be honest.
However I constantly get the same error messages saying that the plugs have been disable (I automatically click on "Send report").
Basically I can't enjoy the full product due to this issue.
I'm have a Win 7 (32bit) with Firewire PCi (compatible) hell of a desktop (i7, 32Gb Ram).

S. Kaan

April 11, 2015

Super Stable!!!

All in all, this is hands down the best you can get for music production. Software and hardware are very stable. [Thank you engineers of UA!!!!]

3 things I would really like to see:

1) Sooner release of console 2.0 for FW800 users.

2) New volume knob hardware for control of master volume and other hardware features (I had a hard time leaving my T.C. Electronic Studio Konnekt 48 w/ remote for this...) Yes, I know that the Apollo Twin will work as a controller knob for the Apollo rack-mount but I'm limited to FW800 and the Twin only can connect to the Apollo with Thunderbolt.

3) Access to all inputs at once (I didn't like that I had to split between mic inputs and line inputs). Unfortunately this is probably a HW limitation.

That's all.

UAD User

April 8, 2015


Yes. REALLY. You can't possibly understand just how AMAZING the Apollo Quad makes everything sound.

I'll make it simple. It's the most delicious piece of gear I've ever heard, throw your cash at Universal Audio. This box is like a heavy brick of sonic gold. How the heck did they do it? I cried when I heard my microphones. I cried again when I heard the plugins. I actually felt scared because I knew I would have to bring my game to another level. Am I a good enough musician for the Apollo?

Thunderbolt not supported on PC, a shame, but really not UA's fault.

HOLY $*** , I can't believe how awesome it makes everything sound! THIS THING IS ALIVE!!!!!! You will appreciate your life more when you use the Apollo. No kidding. It's a miracle.

A. Spraggon

April 5, 2015

Apollo UAD Quad

After my Digi002 and Apogee Mini Me setup started giving me daily grief I decided to bite the bullet and upgrade. I tried a few different options before settling on the Apollo UAD Quad. I have to say its the most impressive piece of kit I've worked with in some time. Sessions have improved as I dont have to constantly work around latency issues.

The plugins sound great and the user interface is clean and practical.

My gripes: The knobs on the front panel feel plastic and cheap. They seem to control the volume at increments of 3-4 db each increase/decrease. I also get glitches in both the audio and visual when stopping and starting tracks sometimes. Not sure if this will be addressed in the next version upgrade.

201-220 of 791 Results