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Apollo FireWire

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Apollo FireWire

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N. Langlois

February 26, 2014


This product is fantastic and the plug-ins are out of this world
i'm very happy to have purchased one...My rating is 6

Thank you

D. Sanchez

February 21, 2014

Just a really great interface

I'm utterly happy with my Apollo. It goes wherever I go! Looking forward to getting a second one.

R. Souza

February 18, 2014


when i turn my knobs of the microphone they do that annoying noise.. very amateur.... what can i do to get it better?

T. Levin

February 14, 2014

Great gear!

After many headaches and money I finally made it with all the components (like firewire,motherboard etc) and this interface is amazing! Tons of effects and plugins, powerful machine with great controlling console.
Do yourself a favor. Get up and go buy one.

C. Marshall

February 10, 2014

Sound Max Live

Very clean signal from this interface, with straight forward controls and functions... a great addition to my rack. Mic pre's are pretty good as well along with the plug-in's qualities.

Z. Sestic

February 9, 2014


I'm thrilled... True quality of sound. Cannot get out of the studio. Fantastic.

K. Harrison

February 8, 2014

The Best

What can I say? UA has surpassed all competition for professional digital recording interfaces with the Apollo series. The UAD plugins are exceptional, the fidelity of the units' AD/DA components is premium, and the hardware and software UI designs are beautiful and convenient. Can't wait to receive my Thunderbolt card!

S. Walker

February 6, 2014


The Apollo Duo is awesome .but there support team is lacking on Response time .

T. Laughlin

February 5, 2014

Apollo Quad

Hi as a polynesian producer singer/songwritter I love the Apollo quad
It's the perfect piece of equipment for my needs and the sound quality and the use of effects before and after recordings is just amazingly fast with my mac book pro.
I'm waitting for my thunderbolt card to come....to be even faster
mahalo to the UA team

P. Sharma

February 4, 2014

Amazing Quality, Questionable Performance

This review is for a UAD Apollo Quad used with a 15" Macbook Pro Retina with 16GB Ram.

The Apollo is an amazing piece of gear. It has revolutionized my production setup and is a huge leap forward from my Mackie Onyx. I only wish it was more stable.

I'm still waiting on my free thunderbolt expansion card (Months? Really?) so this review is for the Firewire connection.

I regularly experienced dropped UAD plugins (around 4 Ampex & 4 Roland Dimension plugins) as well as glitchy audio when pausing / staring ableton playback. Worse still, I frequently experience drastic latency with UAD plugins as well as UAD failure which requires a complete system reboot and Apollo restart before functioning.

I would still highly recommend the apollo.

E. Peguero

January 31, 2014

highly recommended.

I upgraded from Digi003 to the Apollo duo, big change, I use it with my channel strip 6176, which i love for vocals. AD/DA conversion is better than anything i had before.
i only gave it 4 stars because i think it need it a least one more monitor out and a mute button. no biggy though.

C. (buck)

January 30, 2014

Mighty Fine, Mighty Fine

No Doubt! This muthuh rocks.The only way I would know to describe it would be. It is one clean Muthuh . I have used it now on around 6 new tunes and it is way clear and easy to use. I had to fool with a bit on the install but after I got it to work with the UAD II card I had in my puter it was givin me everything I had wanted in a converter. I may upgrade to the 16 and stick this one in a mobile rack with a lap top. I have enough mic-pre's so if I had this one set up for portable stuff I think I would be set. And if some like me says he would be happy with a set up as I have G.A.S. (gear acquisition syndrome) I have most surely said something there. It works! B. A.

T. Friesecke

January 27, 2014


A really nice Interface with perfect Plug-Ins.
Just one Point: The compatibility with just 2 firewire-cards is a little bit annoying.
It would be nice, if you get the perfect firewire with your interface at the purchase. :)

C. Cates

January 23, 2014

Great unit

Really enjoying the plugins and the vocal sounds I'm getting.

P. Altin

January 22, 2014

Apollo Quad

This is a great product. I would rate it five stars if the Console app had more cue mix busses.

D. Totin

January 16, 2014

It's great, when it keeps running

I love the gear and the plug-ins, when I can keep it running. I get constant Firewire overflow errors in spite of trying all suggested settings provided by tech support and via the help forums

I'm looking forward to the day it just works without interruption

F. Borbas

January 15, 2014

can´t live without

loving all my UAD gear. I have a couple of Satellites and Apollos. nothing to complain. just wish they would add XLR outputs for the monitor section on the Apollo and replace the shaky encoders on the front with better ones.

G. Efthimiadis

January 14, 2014

Quality at its best!!!

Apollo is a great audio interface that transformed my project studio into a nearly pro one!
Along with its preamps it is a very strong tool for my recordings!
Additionally the powered plug ins are phenomenal!!! Never before I have heard such a close simulation with the real hardware! And they are all reasonably priced compared to some other competitors.
User friendly, simple and steady construction. And all comes with a great customer service!

L. Nadjiri

January 13, 2014

Absolutely Amazin

This interface is just great and if you think about it quite cheap. I bought it because I wanted to have a lovely reverb effect for live gigs. I had the RME Fireface and wondered about getting a pcm 92 Lexicon. But this way I saved money, still have different nice reverbs, MULTIPLE other effects live and Editing, and a super high quality Interface for recording. I use it as en external sound card too, when watching movies.
Just great think about it!

W. Ducharme

January 12, 2014

The best audio recording system ever!

I've owned and used audio interfaces for nearly 20 years. This is beyond a doubt the best sounding recurring setup out there. I haven't owned any of the Avid HDX systems but I would guess that I wouldn't gain anything at all. I have a few questions that I'm sure to figure out. I guess there is a forum outside of the manual.

Added bonus points. My day job is eCommerce manager for a live sound company, CCI Solutions. I Love your website design and functionality.

Thanks for the great communication and special offers, I'm sure to take advantage of them.

321-340 of 787 Results