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J. Arundel

May 16, 2012

the apollo is a game-changer when it comes to sound. I personally am skeptical of most of the real sonic impact of the digital gear, but I have to admit to being surprised. I immediately had to go in and print new mixes of the project I am working on. Getting the I/O figured out was a bit glitchy, but once we had it up and running it was really honestly great.

G. Gabler

April 29, 2012


I've managed 5 of NYC's top recording studios, and there is no doubt, this is the best I/O I've used. The convertors are stellar, along the quality of the Apogee Symphony & the Avid HD I/O........... You guys really did your homework.

I've had the unit for 1 week and every time I work I'm really impressed. There is no need for any Apogee Ensemble's or RME's. You'd be crazy to buy anything else.

The Sound Quality wasn't overlooked in the design process, just because it came with lots of other features to make it attractive.

The UA Plugins are stellar, and to have the power of a Quad UAD2 is amazing.

THANK YOU UA, JOB WELL DONE !!! (Please bring Nigel to UAD2)

Glenn Swan, Director, Premier Studios New York

M. Bontemps

April 27, 2012

I use the Apollo Quad now for two weeks and I must say, this is the best recording tool I ever used. Switching from an Apogee Ensemble, I think the converters are even better on the Apollo. The plugins are absolutely amazing, the new 1176's make it hard for me to choose which one to use. The drivers are flawless, the Console is working great, just what I was looking for.
One thing I don't like is the ease of buying new plugins, which makes it so hard to resist!!! I hope the prices are dropping a little in future...

B. Jester

April 26, 2012

The amount of money that it would take to make a rig for live sound or a studio would be 1000% more then what you can get out of this KILLER interface by Universal Audio. Never did I think that recording with 5 different 1176's or having Harrison, SSL and Neve all on tracks being heard by the audience and print the sounds to my DAW! I do have to say that this unit is a game changer for the music world, world class emulations of all the gear that has been used for years. UA Cheers to you!

A. Burrell

August 18, 2012

Excellent but now I want a little more

Fantastic interface, really clean and open sound and a real step up from my previous interface. Running my bass through with a little compression gives me a sound that is better than any of my amps.

It only needs a couple of software changes to be perfect for me:

1. It needs to allow routing to outputs other than 1&2
2. It needs to allow me to change the DAW input levels

Apart from these, really enjoying it.

J. David

November 27, 2012

Great sounding audio interface, but needs some improvements

I generally really like the Apollo as it has some very unique features such as allowing you to use and "print" UAD plugins while recording. I feel that the quality of the converters and preamps is great and the Studer A800 plugin has truly impressed me.
However, there is an issue with the Apollo software/firmware that I think need to be addressed as soon as possible: The console mixer has no digital routing capabilities in form of a matrix. This severely limits the possibilities, specifically trying to set up hardware inserts in Pro Tools with the Apollo. A software routing matrix is basically a standard in high quality audio interfaces and should definitely be added to the console.

T. Schuchhardt

September 4, 2012

Well done but....

i have found 3 points i dont like - and i also cannot understand:
1. Why it isnt possible to "insert" an effect on the master out ? (like an EQ for bad mixed sound to cut off the bass)
2. Why it isnt possible to control the master volume with my mac osx keyboard like it was possible with my fireface uc
3.Would be cool to use output 7/8 for another couple of monitor speakers - so if the master out could be routed also to those and the volume could be also controlled of this output with the master volume control AND the keyboard, i could DROP my mackie big knob - ok this is a special case - it would just need some afford to make the routing more transparent and control able to the user like on sourcards from earlier age.(creamware scope)

G. Goa

January 29, 2013

Fantastic Quality When It Works

The Apollo sounds fantastic. It's sturdy and of high quality. The plugs for it are like nothing I've ever used before and have brought my production to a whole new level.

Unfortunately, my system is crashing often and it drops all of the plug-ins. Every time this happens I need to powercycle the Apollo and restart my host. Support thinks it's my firewire port as it's one of the only things left which we cannot test because my iMac only has 1 firewire port. There is not way of telling unless I get a new computer. My FW port worked fine with everything else I've used it for.

Support was good once I got in contact but the delay was far too long 4-5 days both times. The staff is great but I really would like a live chat feature.

A. Medina

September 5, 2012

Awesome sound!

I like so very much....a couple of things... To be perfect for me, I would like to see the MIDI port and combo connectors XLR and 1/4. But it's working for me very nice!

F. Borbas

January 13, 2014

Love the Apollo, hate the monitor dial

upgraded from my Sattelite Duo to an Apollo Quad and I dont regret my purchase. I used to work with a Benchmark Audio ADC and DAC1 converter before. To my surprise the Apollo converter quality even exceeds my expectations and beats the Benchmarks.

I am happy about the fact to finally have enough DSP power for most of the work I do (which is mainly mixdown and mastering jobs).

There is only one MAJOR issue with the Apollo and that is the built "quality" of the monitor leveler. it is totally shaky and not precise at all. and the encoder steps are far too big. the Apollo is built like a tank, except for this monitor dial. that dial is a total no-go for a company that otherwise has great products in its portfolio!

J. Westerlund

January 25, 2013

apollo review


i bought the apollo last may. i waited 7 months for the pc drivers. after that i bought an apple laptop and it was having troubles for 2 more additional months cause of what seems to have been the TB to FW adapter. then i had no other choice that to buy the TB card and spent an additional 650$ for that and the TB cable. now it seems to be working fine.

pretty cool product. dont know how on earth you guys didn't put in a Talkback. thats kind of what everyone needs to be able to do a session.

sound is ok, up to the standards

another output for speakers would been necessary for a pro setup to be able to A-B speakers.

keep up the good work, but dont release products that are not ready yet. you make people turn against you

C. Ruck

December 12, 2012

Good product with some drawbacks

I must say at first, i like hardware and software from UA that i was able to work with in general. I got the Apollo because i liked the thought of 0 latency tracking and having it all in one piece of gear.

The Apollo brings you some innovative advantages like trying and tracking with UA plugins in real time. However to me, it had some drawbacks that were basically the reason for me to return the unit.

Coming from a 4,2ms latency system, Apollo took 13,2ms on the same system for a DAW roundtrip. Since i am using software instruments like PodFarm that didnt go so well for me.

The Console mixer took 11% from my DSP power, without any plugin loaded. In my eyes that is too much.

Other than that i was quite satisfied ;)

F. Ligi

October 10, 2012

Une interface agréable mais doit encore évoluer...

Achetée récemment pour des projets live, l'apollo quad me procure satisfaction au niveau des plugins en temps réel, fonction qui couplée à la possibilité d'utiliser des versions démo, permet vraiment de faire ses choix selon ses besoins.

Ceci dit, la console doit encore évoluer pour permettre des envois AUX préfaders, un routing plus abouti qui permettrait par exemple de renvoyer l'AUX1 vers l'AUX2, bref le genre de câblage que l'on veut réaliser quand on a plusieurs systèmes in ear à gérer + la façade. Des retours playback seraient également utiles dans la console.

Je reste à l'affût des dernières évolutions au niveau des possibilités de l'ensemble bref l'apollo s'annonce déjà comme une petite révolution dans ma manière de faire

J. chaney

March 10, 2015

UAD V 8.0 no new console for firewire users until November ??

No new console for firewire users until November ?? WHO DOES THAT TO THEIR LOYAL CUSTOMERS ?? You left me for a younger man ?? Haha. why don't you go ahead and and just start a special thunderbolt VIP page and only advertise SOFTWARE ( i mean it is software right ? ) releases for the elite thunderbolts. we'll be ok just leave the rest of us waiting inline to get on the club. or wait i could get a vip ticket if only i buy a new computer, get a chassis for my pic cards ( thousands$$ ) and finally get the expansion card for my apollo. maybe i should go out in a mid life crisis blaze of glory, spend the money on a red corvette convertible instead, drive down PCH and work on tanning up my bald spots. hahaha. maybe you'll come back to me.

U. Carvelli

October 16, 2013

Experience with Apollo Duo

I live in Germany and work as a voice actor and producer. In my studio I use a FIREFACE UCX and a FIREFACE UCX from RME for 2 different setups. I also have a LA 610 MKII, UA 6176 and Satellite Duo apart of AVALON 737 SP.

Apollo has a great sound. No doubt - but its not better than Fireface UCX or even UFX. For me was almost impossible to listen some difference in all tests.

But after some days of tests I send it back to my supplier. The reason was the software interface. Comparing with RME TotalMix FX it was like to compare an iPhone 5 with a NOKIA from 1992. Apart of it some plugins DOENST work without delay as announced - like "Precision Multiband Plug-In". In this case a Satellite was the best option for me.

Sorry UAD :/

W. Harald

February 20, 2013

only real-time for Plugins

The apollo is a very sexy and well build interface with nice preamps and good and very good plug-Ins. UA are also very good in making mony and in marketing (499,-- Euro for that little pice of thunderbolt option card).
But what is realy worth: Apollo got lousy routing options. - Real time UAD Processing is only ment for their console, a tool that can be used without DAWs. But you cannot use anything realtime inside your DAWs and you cannot combine the real time plug-Ins with external hardware because of little routing options). A realy bad thing is that the support workers cannot tell you if or when this issue is going to be solved - unbelievable but true...
...But they call it a non compromising Soundcard :-))
A Satellite with Preamps..

Q. Michael

December 26, 2012

Excellente carte !

Malgré une sortie des drivers qui a trainée en longueur (pour windows) , je ne suis pas déçu d'avoir attendu ! Cette carte est excellente , super finition , le son est incroyable , hyper précis , dynamique avec une très bonne stéréo , (bien au dessus des rme fireface 800 , babyface et echo audiofire 12 que j'avais avant)..
Egalement un bon point pour les DSP et les plugs UAD (mais si on achète cette carte c'est aussi également pour ça !) .
Petit bémole quand même sur la stabilité des drivers , mais ils sont encore tout jeunots ... C'est excusable . J'espère aussi une amélioration des routages de la console ! Très content de mon achat !

J. Davalos

August 10, 2012

I love the apollo, just not lovin (at all) the lack of audio routing possibilities. my 828 which was a 1/3 of the price of this machine, had a much better routing possibilities.

In the apollo

- you can't route system sounds,ok not a big deal but still not nice.

- you can't monitor with apollo's volume knob any other output but the main output.
so no ADAT monitoring at all...

you cant set your headphones to monitor any other output but the main output either. bummer!

well i don't maybe i just haven't learned how to use the console software correctly.

but for what i have read on the forums people are complaining about the same things.

B. Rogers

August 5, 2012

I like it very much, and the ability to monitor with low latency and use UA plugins (which I loved already) is great.

*However,* the lack of matrix routing (in this case, the inability to route both the console inputs *and* existing tracks to the same 1-8 output pair, combined with the modest headphone output level is a problem for me (and probably other people who are having to track drums in the same room).

I hope this will be addressed soon! Having to use an external mixer or replace my (fairly standard Sony 7506) headphones with something with slightly lower impedance is a bummer.

R. Gruber

July 18, 2012

+ nice unit powered with uad plugins
+ good monitor d-a converters
+ low latency plug in usage (only uad plugins)
+ good preamps
+ stable drivers

- no aes/ebu
- no midi
- scale of the monitor output knob by low levels
- no monitor output readout (like rme ufx)
- no dim button
- pushing the mono botton by 0dbfs masters ends with horrible overs
- slow drivers by using virtual instruments (i really hope that the thunderbolt option gives me the same performance like rme and my old motu soundcard).

21-40 of 793 Results