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E. Garcia

January 18, 2013

Pro level for a project studio

Apollo Quad

- High quality interface
- Great transparent pres
- Thunderbolt add on ability
- Console app is easy to use and has recall
- Easy to use design
- Hi-z inputs are good and handy

- Limited IO (Multi-unit support will be nice when it comes along, although I doubt I would ever need both a Quad and a Duo)
- Console doesn't control DAW input levels
- No software routing matrix
- Only plugs go through thunderbolt. Audio still in firewire realm
- Headphone section is kind of mediocre (Would be better if you could send separate mixes to headphones)
- Would have preferred monitor section to be XLR instead of TRS

M. Wasserman

November 26, 2013

Driver Unstable!

This is a one star review because of your driver, which is extremely buggy and unstable.
This review will change to five star if you make the driver rock solid.
It seems that your main concern is selling plugins.
Well, my concern is a reliable piece of equipment that will record music without thinking about technical details.

A. Hunt

October 2, 2014

UAD Apollo

The machine it self is great, along with all the plug ins that i brought.

Unforchantly the device broke within warranty and they have done nothing about it, they have taken upto 2 weeks to reply to any email sent to them and you are left on hold on the telephone when trying to speak to someone which cost aloud calling from the uk. So the unit has finally be sent to the repair shop with a time estimate of 2 - 5 days, its now 3 weeks late and I'm still waiting on the repair company to look at the unit!!!! they also say its now not in warranty as they have taken over a month and half over to look at it??? Joke

Totally unacceptable for a company like UAD to do to its customers.

J. Roth

May 1, 2013


Best audio interface I've used so far. Superior sound quality and very user friendly. Best plug-ins on the market to date. The only thing that makes it 4 out of 5 is the lack of MIDI connections.

R. Tulzhenko

March 10, 2013

"home studio interface"...

So, No Routing, No AES, No MIDI, No Master, No Playback control!, Only 2 Aux Buses, No Separate Monitoring.. And many-many other Problems... Only InputOutput interface, 4 pre's, and UAD Card...
Need to Hard Work on it!

F. Gros

November 10, 2012

Very Impressed

From the moment I ran some old mixes through the Apollo Quad I was really impressed. Solid unit, with a great sound, quality preamps & smart design.

The console app is easy to use, looks good and works well. In fact, I didn't have to refer to the manual much to get the Apollo set up & working.

I do wish the front panel knobs were more solid. It's also a shame the Apollo has only one set of monitor outs &, given the console app has a Mono button, I would have liked a Mono Monitor out as well. I'm not impressed with having a TRS connections for the Monitors, should be XLR.

I look forward to routing improvements int eh Console & full 64 bit operation in the near future. But, even without that, the Apollo is unique & impressive.

W. Greene

October 14, 2012


I really am new to the console application concept so I'm on a learning curve. But so far I love the sound of the Uad plugins even though I only have the one's that were included. They sound great. Recording or Monitoring with Plugins no latency Great. The only complaint I have is I had to return the 1st Apollo-Quad because the Preamp selector wouldn't work. It would not depress. Quality Control. Great Unit so far. Would like to be able to rename the inputs in the console to match the inputs in Pro Tools though.. W.Greene

D. Byczynski

August 7, 2012

After being a digidesign/avid user for 12+ years I traded in all my digi hardware after one session with the Apollo.
Has power under the hood, preamps are true without adding false color to the sound and using the UA plug ins while tracking BIG PLUS.

Universal Audio has a winner with the Apollo. Thank you UA!

Don Byczynski

J. Weisbin

June 18, 2012


Having said that, just a few slight criticisms:

The Word Clock connectors are too close to the MON outputs, making it difficult to attach a BNC T-connector. It can be done but it's a bit of a PITA. BTW the manual says that WC in is echoed out with a slight delay (40 ns I think), so a T-connector is recommended. I'm clocking from an Apogee Rosetta 800.

Would have been nice to put at least one pair of XLR mic connectors on the front panel.

The decision to have two separate headphone busses also seems a bit odd to to me. I would have been happier with, say, 10 pairs of inputs and only 9 pairs of outputs (analog 1-8 and one headphone bus). It would be the same number of AD/DA's and roughly same cost I think.

C. Jacobs

June 13, 2012

Love it but with two units i have headphone jack problems. At first I thought it was the grounding in my studio but A. My MOTU 828 never scratched when I adjusted the knob. B. I plugged the Apollo into multiple outlets only to get the same scratchy noise when adjusting the headphone jacks 1 & 2. Finally this is the 2nd Apollo unit I have.
I returned the first one and got another one from a totally different store. What are the odds of having the same problem occur like that. Clients get testy when they hear foreign noises. Other than that I love love love the sound. The convertors are fabulous.
Customer service has been great thus far. I can't send this one in cause i'm too busy.

H. Heynard

August 25, 2014

To read !!! from France

I have spend more than 4000€ between the UA plugs, the apollo quad and a 1176 UA in a year and I wanted to spend 10.000 more in 2015 in 4x1176 + an apollo16, and I won't....WHY???
I've had an issue with the apollo, 2 weeks of online diagnosis and 3 weeks of repair with the official dealer in france before having it back. The dealer send me the interface with the preamp button broken but claims that it is the transport fault so I can't do anything.
I've lost 26 full days of studio booked for a client (a bit more than 5500€), my apollo is unsalable under 1000€ in france.
Now I'm going to post the longer version in all the professionnal websites. And I loved UA before all that.

Just no luck but I can't recommand

F. Sedal

April 24, 2012

The sound quality of this unit is great. But the digital mixer is poorly designed and bug-ridden. Mixing elements (volume, mute, link) would stop working on random channels without an error message for no apparent reason. The DSP module failed almost constantly. The mixer is 'form over function'. Very poor functionality (unacceptably so) when compared to competitors. Monitoring through plug-ins is not useful if you can't set up flexible routing options for real world tracking.

The Apollo simply wasn't fit for purpose. This is the second Universal Audio product that I have returned (the other being a Solo610 which was fried from the get-go).

A. Meneghini

January 24, 2014

brilliant hardware let down by broken promises

The Apollo is truly brilliant, if it weren't for the fact Universal Audio let all PC users on Protools down. Were is the AAX support we were PROMISED for last year? I made this my main audio interface, and cannot use PT11.

We were reassured this was a priority. Yeah, it is a sick JOKE. They release new plugins, new hardware, and now there is no reference to be seen to any news on what the situation is. Even the original posts have been buried away on the site.

Shame on you Universal Audio. You have great product, but your attitude truly stinks

D. Grozier

March 5, 2014

DSP exceeded

New imac 3.2GHz 16 GB,thunderbolt installed,Apollo quad new,ableton 9 suite
Load more than 2 ua plugs,dsp limit exceeded

A. Dhillon

October 30, 2012

Impressive interface that falls short

I was very impressed with the Apollo at first glance. The quality of the preamps/converters/UA Plugs, etc. However, I have had issues with the dreaded "no devices found" error. I am on my 2nd unit, and I have used it for a week with the same issue.

When/if this gets figured out, I will say otherwise - this interface keeps me intrigued. The sound quality and ease of use is marvelous.

R. Bourne

May 16, 2012

I bought the Apollo Quad, and am generally very impressed with it. It's an excellent product -- but not great yet. What it does is very powerful, and it could be a complete home run if it did more.

-Sound quality
-Low latency tracking
-Metering & aesthetics

-Rudimentary signal routing
-Firewire clogging
-Runs only UAD plugins
-Requires 32-bit bridge in 64-bit DAW (still!)

The more serious you are about your ITB performance, the more the Apollo is a no-brainer. The core virtues of the box (no-latency tracking with plugs, superb audio quality) are worth it if you care enough about those things to spend $$$$. Thunderbolt will be huge. 3rd-party hosting would be a dream. Omnisphere via 88RS & A800, with no latency? GOOD GOD PLEASE.

A. Barre

October 1, 2012

And what about the Windows drivers?

Bought it a few months ago, on the promise of windows drivers. Had to invest in an old MacPro to make it run (not well, bloqued on firewire 400).
Now where are the Windows drivers promised for this summer?

A. Mcmaster

February 10, 2013

Apollo is Utter Shite

Apollo is garbage on windows - basically a useless BRICK - do not buy it - complete and utter waste of money

Also UAD support is beyond lame - you will wait 2 weeks for some cut-n-paste BS reply - they dont care - terrible company that makes garbage products

W. Greene

October 14, 2012


As far as the Apollo Quad so far so good but i had to return the 1st Apollo because the the pre amp selector knob did not work would not push in to change channel. Quality control issue.

L. Love

October 25, 2012

UAD It's Sérious Industri


I bought my device has cause of the promises for this summer! Now my UAD is taken the dust for nothing! My device takes the dust without I that can use him(it)! I regret having invested(surrounded) on rumours that you given

where is driver for pc
where are the Windows drivers promised for this summer;

41-60 of 793 Results