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Apollo FireWire

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A. Klassen

January 28, 2013


This is an amazing interface! My previous interface was an Mbox 3, but I have also spent a fair bit of time on 002's and 003's. The pre's and convertors on this thing are sooo good! I plug it in and listen to music through it, just because it sounds so much better than through my macbooks headphone jack!

A warning to new users though, remember that it is digitally controlled analog hardware. so if you leave a pre up, and turn the unit off, it will still be up when you turn it back on. Might cause nasty feed back if you have things set up incorrectly.

Thank you Universal Audio, amazing product, I will definitely purchase from you again!

J. Ruch

January 28, 2013

It's a hit!

The Apollo is an immediate hit in my studio! Excellent engineering in hard and software. Pristine audio quality. Used in conjunction with a UA 4-710d is all you need! If you intend to use this unit with a Windows system make sure to download the correct software and drivers from the UA site!! The disc shipped (at lease with my purchase) was Mac specific.

Gentleman John Ruch, Laughing Daughters Studio, Buffalo NY

M. Larsson

January 28, 2013

Fantastic! It's just fantastic!

I really love the apollo quad card with thunderbolt expansion card. It's really reliable and i've never experienced any problems using it with the great UAD plugins.

And also, everything just sounds better with the apollo card.
Using it with 64 bit in logic let's you work on really big projects and you don't have to do bounces and work between several projects to complete a whole song.
It's just great.
Apollo Quad card along with plugins and a great recording is just fantastic!

K. Dietz

January 27, 2013

Loving the Apollo

Loving the Apollo thus far. Sounds great on playback, and the plugins are second to none. Great features on the front end of this unit (pad, HPF, linkable preamps, two headphone outputs), can't wait to take it out and do some recording with it!

W. Dawkins

January 27, 2013

The Stars is the Limit

In todays world hype is often used to generate sales. Most get skeptical whenever they see celebrities weighing in, especially those with really high end gear. Well I must say that this time , It's all fact not hype. This is a game changer. The Apollo is a game changer. One surprising thing is that it works seamlessly with any DAW. This is the most important UPGRADE you can add to your rig. Works as advertised.

J. Ugarow

January 27, 2013


I have been a Digidesign/Avid user for close to two decades, from Nubus to Apogee fronted native systems. But the last system lay dormant for a year or so as I pursued other interests, namely video.

My interest was piqued by the announcement of the Apollo but it wasn't until nine months later and a restructuring of my music system (scaled down) that I finally got mine. My review of the Apollo Duo can be summed up in just a few words.

It makes me want to make music again. Can't wait to switch it on and work and even though the overall system is smaller, I get a much bigger sound out of this great combination of conversion and DSP. I couldn't be happier.

A. Lebed'

January 24, 2013

Great device!

This device is great. The sound is clear, very high quality. Easy management.

4 stars because software UAD console is not ideal for me,, so that you can adjust the mixer as you like inputs and outputs, two general aux - enough. It has also been used to make a perfect midi switching UAD console pressets!

If you make support MIDI switching pressets and matrix I/O commutation. Then it will be the best device in the world! Great device! I recommend

M. Amendola

January 23, 2013

Best on the market!

Why do I consider this the best on the market? The pres sound great. Let's start there... Warm, wide, and true. As in interface into your computer: flawless... It's got all the connectivity you need for adding additional pres via ADAT. (It is missing midi, but then again, nobody is making regular midi devices anymore, they're all USB.) Now lets get the the fun part... The UAD section of this thing is a monster and it's capabilities will only grow from this point on. The plug-ins not only sound amazing but the Apollo's console sparks creativity with ways to use them.

Kudos, Universal Audio. This is the Cadillac of audio interfaces.

P. Sreeram

January 22, 2013

ua apollo quad for indian music

hi, i am palakkad sreeram, indian classical musician, and a studio owner ! i am very happy with Apollo quad! very user friendly! thanks to UA !

M. Heffernan

January 20, 2013

To the moon

If you already use UAD plug-ins the Apollo is a no-brainier. This thing is very cool. If you don't, you might want to talk to some people who do. They'll tell you how great it is to use pro sounding effects without popping the CPU pooch.

A. Buck

January 20, 2013

Rock solid driver and exquisite sound

I recently got an apollo (sold my metric halo) and I am very happy with it. The sound quality is exceptionally good and the interface drivers integrate seamless into my existing setup. Well done Uaudio.

F. Cardia

January 19, 2013



D. Carlson

January 19, 2013

A happy man...

Finally I found the best studio setup I've ever had and the UAD Apollo Quad is the base.
I have an iMac, Pro Tools ten with the Complete Production Toolkit and that gives men all I need to create my music. The Quad is really built for musicians and is quick and easy to learn and I'm very happy with the support. Thank you very much!

J. Trompeter

January 18, 2013

Apollo/UA Plugin Review

After hearing about UA products from many in the industry I respect, I purchased the Quad "Apollo" three weeks ago. With Apollo and two purchase vouchers, UA gave me seven free plugins. The Pultec Pro, Lex 224, 1176, Neve 88RS, Studer Tape,LA2A and with the vouchers, the Fairchild 670.

I have Waves versions of most of these plugins, so I set out to do a thorough comparision, and I did so, with previous mixes. I could not be happier with the amazing sonic difference each of the UA plugins has demonstrated. When compared to their Waves counterparts, the UA plugs are warmer, richer and offer much more depth of effect.
I have been using the SSL Mix Buss Plug Demo, and will be purchasing it. Again, compared to the Wave, the UA is superior!!

R. Carrara

January 17, 2013

In Deutsch

Seit dem Kauf des Apollo hatte ich noch nicht wirklich viel Zeit, es auszuprobieren.
Aber was ich bis jetzt mitgekriegt habe, hat mich begeistert. Werde mich bald in die Details werfen.
Schade nur gibt es kein Benutzerhandbuch in Deutsch! Habe ich jedenfalls nirgends gefunden.

J. Politis

January 16, 2013

Great unit

This unit has exceeded my expectation in everyway. Thanks Universal Audio!

B. Kinder

January 15, 2013

Completely changed the game for me.

Having the Apollo Duo in my setup has been a godsend for my studio workflow. Being able to monitor or print UAD effects in realtime has made both the way I record as well as the artists' way of monitoring sounds step up to another level. Pair this thing with a UA 4-710d and/or a Dangerous D-Box monitoring/summing system and you're set.

P. Koeu

January 15, 2013

Free UAD Plug-ins


Your plugins are excellent and I discover every day with the demo mode. When I bought my apollo le 28 Décembre 2012, Fred Jukebox France confirmed to me that I have access to the Promotion Free uad plug ins (1800 Tape Recorder Studer, Lexicon 224 Digital Reverb and the 88 RS Neve Channel strip). But I still have not received these plug ins to date!

Thank you in advance!

Mr Koeu

B. Gantner

January 12, 2013

UAD Apollo Quad

Tested some interfaces, and decided to give the Apollo a chance because I always wanted a UAD card and needed a new interface.

I was using the Apollo for about a week on an unsupported system first. So, that was so ennoying, that I ordered the Sonnet FW800 PCIe-Card. And... bought a new System with fast SSD's.

Everything works perfect, UAD-2 Plugins load as fast as the native plugins do, even in my DAW, and I really enjoy to "protect" my takes with the Precicion Limiter in Console or do some de-essing with bx digital for monitoring reasons. I now use the Apollo & my Mytek 8x192 together...

It's a pity the AUX channels in Console "snap" the outputs from the DAW, I really wanted more internal routing flexibility in Console! Please update!

L. Lombard

January 12, 2013

Incredible gear

The Apollo is an incredible tool. AD/DA conversion, monitor sound quality and preamps are very (very....) good. To me, the big surprise is the preamps quality, as good as 3k$ gears, very clean with ultra fast transients, perfect match with UAD plug ins. All of this for a very cool price...

581-600 of 787 Results