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B. Conolly

September 3, 2012

Apollo landing

OK...it took me a few years, but finally I set up my studio. Knew nothing about audio interfaces, but after a bit of reading decided on the UA Quad. Turns out to be exactly the right decision.

Have it hooked up with a Focusrite OctoPre MkII for extra 8 channels of input off the ADAT interfaces.

Still need to work out all the monitoring with Logic Pro. Software monitoring etc blaa blaa blaa. Still need to try the million plug ins that all look insane.

Overall it just works like a dream... how long will this digital thing run?

Thanks UA, you've saturated my life.

T. Smith

September 2, 2012

Simply Amazed!

I purchased Apollo last week in hopes that it would help me track better vocals. When I added the Studer A-800, Neve 88RS, and Real Verb Pro on the front end, I was simply blown away with the quality of sound. I'm so happy that I can now record vocals just the way I want them to sound without mixing on the back end. This has saved me a tremendous amount of time in delivering the final song to my clients. "Apollo" truly is a first in it's ability to handle incoming audio with no noticeable latency and up to 4 plugins. This is by far one of the best investment I've made in my studio. GREAT WORK UNIVERSAL AUDIO!!!

T. Hunter

August 30, 2012

Apollo Quad

I been waiting for you my whole life Apollo Lol but serious this is hands down the best purchase I've made in years period... The way this unit sounds out the box with out using any UA plug ins is amazing... Trust me I A B it with other units and there is no comparison & when you add the UA plugs to it its like heaven. I'm a kid in a candy store SSL Oxford Space Echo & all the tape plugs i can keep going... A must have if your serious about the quality of you music.

M. Van

August 29, 2012

Apollo interface

I planned getting an Apollo as soon as windows support was a fact, but since I already own a mac I could not wait any longer and took the plunge.

Installing was easy, everything worked flawlessly from the 1st moment.

The Apollo interface is great, but there are a few thing I would like to see added in new software revisions, the possibility to change the channel names, bassdrum instead of adat 1 f.i.

Also I would like to be able to route the channel to individual outputs when using the Apollo in stand alone modus, so I could use the Apollo with is effects on the insert busses of my analog mixer.

Cascading several unit also has great potential, I will get me a 2nd Apollo as soon as this is possible.

But as said it works great as is.

P. Bourgeois

August 27, 2012

apollo quad

i really appreciate the new apollo!
been using a lot interfaces, but that one is the best!
no latency and amazing plug ins !

M. Danello

August 25, 2012

Apollo is awsome

I got the Apollo to streamline my studio setup and it's worked exactly has I hoped. I was able to remove a mixer that was letting me monitor my last few hardware synths. Also, I can now enjoy using the UAD plugs when I'm cutting vocals.

Also, I think it's cool to track using the Studer tape plug and print that effect so that I don't have to use processing power for that while I'm mixing.

J. Meador

August 25, 2012

Apollo Lives!!

I had been looking to upgrade my Digi 002 Rack for a few years, but there just wasn't anything available that fit my needs and budget. When the UA Apollo came out I knew I would purchase one since I was already invested in the UAD platform. I have always had reservations about getting an interface that required me to use an additional software mixer to build my monitor mixes, but the Apollo console is real straight forward and works great with Pro Tools Low latency monitoring. Overall I am really blown away by the quality of the interface and the sound. I love the DSP too. UA does it again. I always want to invest in some other brand of gear but UA always hits the market with the best product to get the job done!

K. Mcaulay

August 24, 2012

Mind-blowing features for the price!

I recently upgraded to the Apollo Quad from a Digidesign 002 and what a upgrade it was. The pre's on the Apollo are actually useable and the converters sound great! THe added UAD Quad card is amazing and allows me to mix on my laptop without running into DSP problems. I'd highly recommend this box for anyone!

E. Collazo

August 24, 2012

UAD Apollo Duo review.

I purchased an Apollo Duo a few months ago and have put it to the test during the recording of a new album for one of the singers on my label. It has performed above my expectations at every opportunity.

The mic pre amps are pristine with lots of headroom. I'm using a Neumann mic for vocals, direct into the Apollo and it sounds great. Being able to use UAD plug ins during tracking (monitor or record) has greatly helped lay down the vocal tracks. The singer (Frank Carter III) can hear a closer representation of the finished product and this allows him to have some relevant feedback before it gets into post. The Apollo integrated perfectly with Logic and was a breeze to use.

I. Court

August 23, 2012

Apollo Uad


I must just say what a piece of kit!!!!!

I'm finding the Mic Pre's truly clean and wonderful. Add to this the real time tracking options and you have everything you will ever need to record and mix.

E. Orlando

August 22, 2012

muy feliz

muy buen sonido, buenos resultados, Solo que quiero la actualización para windowns.

A. Derick

August 20, 2012

The real analog sound

i feel real analog sound i am very happy to say this

A. Derick

August 20, 2012

The real analog sound

i feel real analog sound i am very happy to say this

J. Bamber

August 18, 2012


The very audio interface I've been waiting for. The converters are clean and accurate, the UAD plugins make this amazingly versatile to where the possibilities are truly endless. Couldn't be more happy.

A. Berglund

August 17, 2012

I love it!

I'm so pleased with the Apollo - amazing sound quality, so easy to use and the plug-ins are just stunning.
I can just recommend it, which I've already done!

Anders Berglund
Arranger, composer, conductor, producer

M. Ed

August 17, 2012


Best audio interface on the planet in this price range.

V. Gavre-wareham

August 15, 2012

It looks pretty but I have a Thunderbolt only laptop.
Looking forward to the expansion card!

P. Lipson

August 14, 2012

What a glorious piece of gear - fine fine pre's, solid build, and excellent execution. The only major drawback is the lack of 64bit plugs...come one UAD, give me 64bit AU's on top of all of the other awesomeness (granted that is another gripe all together, but related).

In a nutshell - give's apogee a serious run for the money.

R. Hazell

August 7, 2012

This is a class unit, beautiful sounding converters, did not expect the pre's to sound so good. Functionally for monitoring and headphone sends is seamless. Nothing comes close in terms of functionality in this price bracket or any for that matter. I love my Apollo!

J. Steinmetz

August 4, 2012

I performed my first mixdown using the UAD Apollo, utilizing the Fatso, SSL Stereo Bus Compressor, Pultec EQ, and Manley Massively Passive EQ.
The client was pleased, and we performed the remix live later that week the WTF festival in Oregon.
Rock solid so far.

681-700 of 780 Results