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J. Reimer

October 1, 2012

Amazing and addicting.

This was worth every penny and then some. I dare you not to want all the plug ins that are equally as satisfying. Makes me excited to turn it on every time.

R. Sukhdeo

September 29, 2012

Apollo Quad is king!!!

Fantastic piece of gear! Just stepped up to the Apollo Quad from an Apogee Duet and this has far exceeded my expectations. Sonic clarity is better than expected. Plus I was planning on just getting a few plug-ins but after hearing them I went all out and got a Satellite Omni Quad to go with it so I could have all the plug-ins in one fell swoop. Keep up the good work UA!!!

C. Aydt

September 25, 2012

Quad brought me to the next level

I was running on MOTU cards before and was never able to achieve what I did in just the first day with the Apollo Quad. 2D vs 3D is an understatement. The depth of field, use of UAD plug Ins, and headroom have transformed my mixes over night. Thank you UA!

T. Cederholm

September 22, 2012

Apollo Quad

I am very happy the way Apollo sounds. I am working a lot with a band, SilverGrey Mind.
The sound is much better and the plug-ins are very good. Before i purchase Apollo i was using TC-electroniks. Apollo sounds smoother and crispier. Lots of air in the recorded sound.The only thing that could be better is the price tag of the plug-ins ;)

Regards / Toni Cederholm - Sweden, Eslöv!

J. Moreland

September 21, 2012

Very Impressed

Stunning. I wasn't expecting the mic pres to be this good - I get all this processing power for some of the best plug-ins I've ever used and I get to record through them and four really, really good mic preamps. The proofs in the pudding. I sent some drum tracks I recorded the day after I starting using the Apollo to a client who called within minutes to ask why the cymbals sounded so much better.
Listen, even if you don't have any money lying around to buy all their great plug-ins right away, the box comes with the LA-2A and 1176 compressors and Pultec EQ. Not to mention the Real Verb Pro (a great reverb) and CS-1 channel strip (EQ, Compression, Mod Delay and Reverb). And you get four great mic preamps! Just buy it and thank me latter.

P. Mersdovnig

September 20, 2012

Apollo Quad

Purchased the Apollo Quad a couple weeks ago.
It amazes me everytime I use it, how clean it sounds, there isnt any colouring!!
The Plug In Collection thats included is powerfull for itself and could be easily sold for 500$ seperately.
Simply: "The best Interface for the most important part in the homestudio"

K. Denton

September 19, 2012

Apollo Review

Overall the unit is built solid. The dials feel great and its lay out is simple and ez to use. The Mic pres are "clean" but have character all their own, beautiful not steril. While A/D units are subjective, IMHO this unit rivals any system Ive used which includes alot. This unit is totally worth every cent even if you excluded the UAD plugins with native processing. UAD's plug ins speak volumes and their are plenty of pros backing their products. I would however like to see the plugins themselves become more affordable. This unit sets precedents and marks a new era in how we work. Im proud to be the owner of the Apollo UAD Duo. Great work UAD!! 4.5 stars!!!!!

C. Lonkar

September 18, 2012

Pretty awesome - room for improvement

Have had the Apollo a couple weeks now - is pretty great. Sounds wonderful and the hardware works well.

My main issues are with the software and drivers. I get a Firewire interrupted error a fair amount along with a UAD-2 crashed error when I'm working in a DAW - neither SEEM to have any effect, but it doesn't give me a good feeling. Also, the routing in the Console is EXTREMELY limited. If UA fixes that and the errors / drivers, this will be a 5 star killer.

R. University

September 18, 2012

Anthony "ToK" Norris - ToKwerX & RMIT University

Recent purchase of the Apollo interface and accompanying UAD processing has been an excellent choice for the University and our student cohort. Not only the flexibility of accessing the UAD platform of plug-ins for mixing but now printing through them in next to real-time is wonderful. This was previously only available with the PCIe card versions of the UAD hardware, with the Satellite versions simply not being fast enough to cope with such a demand.

The layout of the virtual mixer, including signal path, headphones, monitoring and effects AUX's is clear and simple to use. Add to this the quality of the four Mic Pre-amps and the Apollo presents itself as the new first choice of interface for any Firewire and now Thunderbolt based DAW.

M. Sjöquist

September 17, 2012

Super happy!

I have just tried my new Apollo for a few times yet but so far I'm super happy with it. The interaction with my computer via the Console is great and being able to record with a near mix ready sound is really great!


/Magnus Sjöquist

J. François

September 15, 2012

That undeniable feeling...

After receiving our Apollo Quad. We immediately put it through its paces. Recording everything from guitar to vocals to drums even some horns. The clear, crisp fidelity you've come to expect from high end converters, along with the onboard mic preamp's smooth transparent response makes this system very, very desirable. Having the UAD platform on the front end or in the mix is a bonus. The drivers and software design is very stable and allows for the most flexible work flow you could have ever imagined within the digital domain. But the most significant feature, quality I could not fail to mention is the surreal feeling of analog signal flow! That life like sound and feeling that's oh so familiar. Treat yourself to that experience and see!!

R. Dwyer

September 14, 2012

Apollo Quad

Great product and does sound amazing compared to my old interface. Also being able to use in conjunction with the plugins is a stroke of genius!

The DAC's sound extremely clear and it is just like taking the cotton wool out of your ears!

The preamps are pristine and clean, meaning no colouration to the source. That way if you do decide to use the plugins, it sounds awesome.

However, one word of caution!

In the manual it states that the Apollo will work with am ext FW400HD. In reality it is not a great way of working as it is unstable and difficult to find a happy medium due to bandwidth issues. If you're going to invest in one of these then make sure you have a ext FW800HD! It will then run sweetly!

Otherwise..Game changer!

D. Kallmeyer

September 8, 2012

Apollo quad first impression

Apollo quad, maxed out macbook pro/ retina display. Thunderbolt card on order.
A big step up in sound quality from my previous (high quality) interface. Great pres!
The plugins are by far the best i've heard.
FW800 with thunderbolt adapter stable. Impressive plug-in count, allocation of bandwidth and metering is accurate.
Console needs midi control and the ability to sum outputs and insert on the mix buss.
The system has been completely stable under operation, but there have been a few
odd occurrences with startup order and interface recognition, including a few inaccurate allocation and authorization prompts.
The latency on input plug-ins is astounding!!!!
Looking forward to updates and the thunderbolt card.

O. Oting

September 6, 2012

I love it!

I like Mic Pre's truly clean and wonderful,

I couldn't be happier with the Apollo.

Now I mix on it with Protools, It has everything I need .

its the perfect workstation for me.

P. Graham

September 6, 2012

As advertised

UAD Apollo is a revolutionary piece of equipment. It radically alters workflow bringing together the best of analogue and digital domains. The preamps are totally transparent, leaving you to colour your tracks with the plugins that perform as advertised with practically zero latency on the way in. The Mac loves it, as do Cubase, Protools, Ableton, and Logic. The controls are logical and easy to use. There could be some improvements to the console software, but they are minor in comparison to the lift in potential this machine beings to digital recording.

S. Ziethen

September 5, 2012

Hervorragendes Interface

Ich habe das Apollo jetzt seit ca. 5 Wochen und bin vollkommen begeistert. Auch wenn ich es (noch) über ein Thunderbold-Firewire-Adapter betreiben muss, ist doch die rein technische Einbindung in das MacBook fantastisch (schon die Registrierung läuft ohne lästiges Ablesen der Seriennummer) allein über die Firewire-Einbindung. Ebenso das "Ausprobieren" der PlugIns (14tägige Freischaltung aller UAD2-PlugIns). Die Klangqualität ist brilliant (für meine Ohren weit besser als Apogees Ensemble, fast so brilliant wie das Symphony, das allerdings auch um Einiges teurer ist und nicht die Möglichkeit der prozessorsparenden UAD2-PlugIns bietet. Latenzzeiten konnte ich keine feststellen - mit der niedrigst möglichenEinstellung hatte keine Probleme!

A. Regan

September 3, 2012

Pro sound for live sound, tracking, and mix/mastering

After working with entry and mid-level audio interfaces, the Apollo has taken my sound to a new level previously unreachable. Recordings that used to sound flat and lifeless now take on a 3D richness, especially when combined with the Twin Finity preamps. The best plug-ins in the business can be integrated in the tracking stage, the mixing/mastering stage, and even in a live setting since the Apollo operates under 2ms of latency.

S. Berujanyan

September 3, 2012


Thank you Universal Audio.
This is the best purchase I have ever made. I'm pleased with the audio quality.
I like very much, and the ability to monitor with low latency and use UA plugins (which I loved already) .Its a fantastic box that lives up to the UA name, and I'm very pleased.The drivers are flawless,but i need Windows drivers.

Best Regards,


B. Conolly

September 3, 2012

Apollo landing

OK...it took me a few years, but finally I set up my studio. Knew nothing about audio interfaces, but after a bit of reading decided on the UA Quad. Turns out to be exactly the right decision.

Have it hooked up with a Focusrite OctoPre MkII for extra 8 channels of input off the ADAT interfaces.

Still need to work out all the monitoring with Logic Pro. Software monitoring etc blaa blaa blaa. Still need to try the million plug ins that all look insane.

Overall it just works like a dream... how long will this digital thing run?

Thanks UA, you've saturated my life.

T. Smith

September 2, 2012

Simply Amazed!

I purchased Apollo last week in hopes that it would help me track better vocals. When I added the Studer A-800, Neve 88RS, and Real Verb Pro on the front end, I was simply blown away with the quality of sound. I'm so happy that I can now record vocals just the way I want them to sound without mixing on the back end. This has saved me a tremendous amount of time in delivering the final song to my clients. "Apollo" truly is a first in it's ability to handle incoming audio with no noticeable latency and up to 4 plugins. This is by far one of the best investment I've made in my studio. GREAT WORK UNIVERSAL AUDIO!!!

681-700 of 798 Results