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Apollo FireWire

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UAD User

April 16, 2015

UAD a greedy company

As soon as i bought the damn thing UAD want me to buy more of their stuff (like expensive plugins because there aren´t many in the box) and other stuff. Its like buying an expensive car and as soon as you leave the store they inform one about you could only drive 30 miles/hour, unless you buy a lot of other stuff.
And to make things worse they don´t put the free plugins first in the plugin list, so you have to scroll A LOT to find the one´s you can use.

/Micke in Uppsala Sweden

C. Arundell

January 28, 2014

not quite what it appears to be

The unit seems very well built and functions OK. However, I bought it under the promotional thunderbolt card offer. The store I bought it from worded their advertising in a way that led me to believe the thunderbolt card would be fitted in my unit when I received it. I now have to wait 6-8 weeks for one to be sent from UA directly. This is quite frustrating as I can't basically run the system as I want to until this card arrives. The salesman at the store seemed to suggest this was the norm for ALL apollo units under this promotion - which your website clearly indicates is not the case. I'm sure the unti will be great when I get it working properly - although I probably would have got the apollo twin if I had known it was available.

F. Raya

November 19, 2013

Apollo quad

The apollo is a normal interface the AD/DA are similar like a digi 002, nothing fantastic, no control-surface for the money, no more IO, to much money for what it offers.
but if you have good pluggins not have to worry, Do not need a apollo

P. S

November 7, 2013

my 2 cents


- ADDA quality is unexpectedly low
- 18% load on DSP with 0 PIs was unexpected either (shoul be able to turn off IO features to free up the DSP)
- Constant errors related to FW bandwidth (I use MB Pro 9.1) thus thunderbolt option is a must


- solidly built
- number of I/O
- overall idea of having I/O and DSP is great

J. Tamarit

January 3, 2013

Laptops NOT allowed

It's incredible !! a 95% of people is making music with a laptop and I can't undeerstand why Universal Audio hate laptops?
Now the sound gears industry try to cover all the possibilities and compatibilities (USB, MAC, FW, internet, iphones)
Why the only possibililty for laptops users is to use the express card for UAD plugins?
Why i'ts impossible to use Apollo with laptops buildt-in firewire ports?
Why Universal Audio spend so much time and money working on a new gear for a 5% of people? what about the other 95%?
I really can't understand what is the point.
Universal Audio please try to remember: the FUTURE IS NOW

W. Greene

October 14, 2012


I really am new to the console application concept so I'm on a learning curve. But so far I love the sound of the Uad plugins even though I only have the one's that were included. They sound great. Recording or Monitoring with Plugins no latency Great. The only complaint I have is I had to return the 1st Apollo-Quad because the Preamp selector wouldn't work. It would not depress. Quality Control. Great Unit so far. Would like to be able to rename the inputs in the console to match the inputs in Pro Tools though.( Oh and Great Tech Support.) W.Greene

S. Pheng

August 7, 2012

I'm truly in love with my Apollo QUAD unit. The audio quality is really great with all the UAD softwares plugins. Thanks to Universal Audio for their innovation and creation to put this unique instrument on the market. I feel like I own the high-end studio with the racks full of the best audio processing systems just beneath my laptop computer.

M. Larsen

August 7, 2012

Im very impressed.. Nice clean sounding hardware and extremely usable plug-ins.

Thanks UA!

E. Olsen

August 6, 2012

So far the best audio interface I have owned to date. Amazing sound and access to some of the best plugins on the market. Looking forward to getting the thunderbolt port add-on.

J. Ka

July 14, 2012

«:::P:::» «:::E:::» «:::R:::» «:::F:::» «:::E:::» «:::C:::» «:::T:::»

F. Sébastien

July 11, 2012

Hello everyone,
my system
macpro neahalem 2009
snow leopard 10;6.8
it works very good.
It is one of the best high-resolution computer audio interface that I was able to used.
The preamps is transparent and clear for my voice.
Converters are very good.
It is really cool to be able to use my plug-gins on my analog line inputs , I appreciate the concept (with 1,1MS Analog Round-Trip Latency )whaaouh!!
I wait a plugin voucher for the treatment of the voice(harmony,choir,double etc).
sorry for my English I'm from France.
for me this hardware can win TEC 2012-2013

j. medina

January 19, 2018

Love it !!!

I bough this because I used one on a studio that I went to records keys and guitar I was amazed by the power this monster have!!! The plugins super awesome...I used it whit protools 12 and I would definitely going to by another one soon for my other studio !!

B. Arrindell

January 19, 2018

Sounds Great But Not Really 24 independent out put

I like the sound and love the plugins, But
I thought i could have 24 out puts to my sony dmx r100 but to my surprise the second 8Adat's digital i/o's only mirror the first. so not really true independent outs.
Sooo Disappointed. I don't know that's the info i found in the pdf.

J. Cohn

December 26, 2017

Not perfect but excellent for what it can do

The strength of the Apollo is generally due to its Unison technology capability. To my ear it also has clean and clear sound from the outputs and preamps, very pleasant. I also was very happy with the headphone amps though I haven't had experience with higher end headphone preamps so cant compare.

Its not a perfect interface though, and to my mind based on a couple of important gripes it doesn't currently deserve a 5 star rating:

1) Crashes/Out of PGM memory, with certain plugins: I own both the Apollo Firewire Duo and the Octo PCIe card. I use Windows 7 and generally have a smooth running system. In Console 2.0 unfortunately there are certain key plugins that can only be loaded once and once they are loaded they prevent me using others. For example Lexicon 244, once loaded into an insert slot in Console, will crash my EMT250 and other reverbs from loading after it. I get error message 'out of program memory/dsp'. This is of course absurd as I haven't even maxed out DUO dsp, let alone my beefy Octo. Same with Oceanway though that room reverb modeler is littered with problems as it is. This naturally makes me recoil from wanting to use Console and just stick to using inserts in my DAW. Not a good thing when I cant get my workflow to work for me. Bugs need to be fixed and never seem to be with my problematic UAD plugins. Now Console 2.0 errors too.

2) Clunky disorganised Console interface: Apart from the fairly ugly interface which doesnt have modern look and feels decidedly old and slow, I cant filter plugins owned or filter out plugins I do not wish to have displayed. This is a surprisingly annoying bother which makes it a tiring and unnecessary flow stopper to have to browse their menus to try find my plugin. Would be a great start to have the option to remove plugins I do not own so I can focus on what I want, not what they want to try sell.

3) Main Volume dial increments not fine enough: Trying to optimise my listening levels using the main volume dial is frustrating as the dial clicks between levels which are crude and not fine enough - so if its slightly too soft, the next click is way too loud. Really disappointing and requires the use of an external passive volume attenuater if I want smooth and fine volume gradations.

I hope this review is helpful mainly for UAD to see what is stopping them from having a top notch product. Hopefully its been helpful for those sitting on the fence. As much as we all want UAD to do well, they seem to be behind certain curves considering the money the charge and likely have to allocate towards fixing longstanding issues

j. corbin

November 10, 2017

Major Upgrade!

First I got the pcie quad card. From that moment on I knew I had to get some Universal Audio hardware. Totally awesome. And the engl unison amps sound great for metal. A lot of plugins and other devices can do rock but fall short when it comes to metal. I play metal more than any other style, and this setup makes my shred/thrash/C-standard songs kick a**!!!!!!

R. De Los Santos

November 6, 2017

What a great piece of Gear

Very happy with my recent purchase of the Apollo Firewire PC. I was hesitant because of some of the issues I read about with the firewire card. I had no problems at all and the unit is up and running great. Excellent preamps and a nice clean, full sound. Couldn't be more satisfied. My only negative issue is I wish they would give you a little more time to demo the plugins. Otherwise, buy this unit if you want a great sounding interface.

G. Huber

October 31, 2017

The gretest Audiointerface I ever had bevor

Before i worked with Focusrite..... If i have known this quality before ....!
I am very happy with my Apollo, i never will work with another Product.

Sorry for my bad english, i hope you understand what i mean.


October 20, 2017

Amazing sounding interface.

sounds amazing, great investment.


October 20, 2017

Amazing sounding interface.

sounds amazing, great investment.

D. Bailey

October 19, 2017

Apollo Firewire 8

I have been hearing a lot positive things about the apollo, but could not afford it at the time,
I recently purchased it and was pleasantly surprised about the sound quality and especially the mic pre and the other bundled software,
I definitely will be getting some of my favorite plugins before the end to the year. by the way I love the console application.
Thumbs up UAD

61-80 of 764 Results