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UAD User

April 16, 2015

UAD a greedy company

As soon as i bought the damn thing UAD want me to buy more of their stuff (like expensive plugins because there aren´t many in the box) and other stuff. Its like buying an expensive car and as soon as you leave the store they inform one about you could only drive 30 miles/hour, unless you buy a lot of other stuff.
And to make things worse they don´t put the free plugins first in the plugin list, so you have to scroll A LOT to find the one´s you can use.

/Micke in Uppsala Sweden

C. Arundell

January 28, 2014

not quite what it appears to be

The unit seems very well built and functions OK. However, I bought it under the promotional thunderbolt card offer. The store I bought it from worded their advertising in a way that led me to believe the thunderbolt card would be fitted in my unit when I received it. I now have to wait 6-8 weeks for one to be sent from UA directly. This is quite frustrating as I can't basically run the system as I want to until this card arrives. The salesman at the store seemed to suggest this was the norm for ALL apollo units under this promotion - which your website clearly indicates is not the case. I'm sure the unti will be great when I get it working properly - although I probably would have got the apollo twin if I had known it was available.

F. Raya

November 19, 2013

Apollo quad

The apollo is a normal interface the AD/DA are similar like a digi 002, nothing fantastic, no control-surface for the money, no more IO, to much money for what it offers.
but if you have good pluggins not have to worry, Do not need a apollo

P. S

November 7, 2013

my 2 cents


- ADDA quality is unexpectedly low
- 18% load on DSP with 0 PIs was unexpected either (shoul be able to turn off IO features to free up the DSP)
- Constant errors related to FW bandwidth (I use MB Pro 9.1) thus thunderbolt option is a must


- solidly built
- number of I/O
- overall idea of having I/O and DSP is great

J. Tamarit

January 3, 2013

Laptops NOT allowed

It's incredible !! a 95% of people is making music with a laptop and I can't undeerstand why Universal Audio hate laptops?
Now the sound gears industry try to cover all the possibilities and compatibilities (USB, MAC, FW, internet, iphones)
Why the only possibililty for laptops users is to use the express card for UAD plugins?
Why i'ts impossible to use Apollo with laptops buildt-in firewire ports?
Why Universal Audio spend so much time and money working on a new gear for a 5% of people? what about the other 95%?
I really can't understand what is the point.
Universal Audio please try to remember: the FUTURE IS NOW

W. Greene

October 14, 2012


I really am new to the console application concept so I'm on a learning curve. But so far I love the sound of the Uad plugins even though I only have the one's that were included. They sound great. Recording or Monitoring with Plugins no latency Great. The only complaint I have is I had to return the 1st Apollo-Quad because the Preamp selector wouldn't work. It would not depress. Quality Control. Great Unit so far. Would like to be able to rename the inputs in the console to match the inputs in Pro Tools though.( Oh and Great Tech Support.) W.Greene

S. Pheng

August 7, 2012

I'm truly in love with my Apollo QUAD unit. The audio quality is really great with all the UAD softwares plugins. Thanks to Universal Audio for their innovation and creation to put this unique instrument on the market. I feel like I own the high-end studio with the racks full of the best audio processing systems just beneath my laptop computer.

M. Larsen

August 7, 2012

Im very impressed.. Nice clean sounding hardware and extremely usable plug-ins.

Thanks UA!

E. Olsen

August 6, 2012

So far the best audio interface I have owned to date. Amazing sound and access to some of the best plugins on the market. Looking forward to getting the thunderbolt port add-on.

J. Ka

July 14, 2012

«:::P:::» «:::E:::» «:::R:::» «:::F:::» «:::E:::» «:::C:::» «:::T:::»

F. Sébastien

July 11, 2012

Hello everyone,
my system
macpro neahalem 2009
snow leopard 10;6.8
it works very good.
It is one of the best high-resolution computer audio interface that I was able to used.
The preamps is transparent and clear for my voice.
Converters are very good.
It is really cool to be able to use my plug-gins on my analog line inputs , I appreciate the concept (with 1,1MS Analog Round-Trip Latency )whaaouh!!
I wait a plugin voucher for the treatment of the voice(harmony,choir,double etc).
sorry for my English I'm from France.
for me this hardware can win TEC 2012-2013

m. pompey

December 27, 2018

apollo firewire

Tracking live is a game changer, and love the stability of this product.

S. Lednev

December 25, 2018

Apollo FireWire

Apollo FireWire bought for Christmas and is glad that Universal Audio can still offer FiireVire audio interfaces. This is very cool for me, as my Mac Pro does not have Thunderbolt. Thanks to Universal Audio for highly professional music equipment!

T. Friesecke

November 30, 2018


Insane as always! Perfect running system.
I love to use it!

T. Garcia Delgado

November 8, 2018


clean sound and stability. The ideal element for my study

M. Groom

October 31, 2018

Great piece of gear

Ok it hasn't got thunderbolt and perhaps the new Apollo have extra enhancements here and there but as a creative tool for recording this is still great.....hands on flexibility and quality......well worth buying really !!!!

G. Nery

October 22, 2018

Love this thing.

I literally had no idea my tracks could sound this good! Thank you, Universal Audio !

R. Snyder

September 10, 2018

Finally back to where I started...

If you have ever had a computer "update" that actually set you back in functionality you'll appreciate this: When I first built my studio (16 years ago) I was able to add compression or effects easily while tracking. I had the option to keep those, or work with those tracks unaffected. When I upgraded to PT that ended. I'm so glad my clients stuck with me as I worked out ways to get them close - but not quite there - during tracking.
Now with the Apollo I get the best of both worlds; great tracking and better editing. Fantastic sound - even rough tracks sound better.
When players who's ears are blown out from hours of tracking notice the difference, you have achieved something.
Amazing how smoothly tracking goes with the Apollos. Back to 24 tracks at once and no hiccups.
Thank You to the developers at UA. Rough Wood Studio is better than ever.

A. Laukkanen

September 9, 2018

Apollo Classic Firewire interface with Samplitude Pro X3

The installation of the interface was really easy. Basically it started to work immediately with small draw backs. My system is DELL OPTIPLEX 7010 i5-3570 Quad Core, 16 Gigas RAM, Windows 7 64 bit and Samplitude Pro X3.

No dropouts, no errors, only really slow response when hitting play or record inside Samplitude. I made all the needed setups recommeded by UA for Windows and for DAW. I contacted UA support and they answered that your DAW is not in supported DAW's list! Come on. Samlitude has been worked seamlessly well since 2003 with my RME interfaces. UA support could not help me or Samplitude Forum neither. Damn. The sound of Apollo is pristine and monitoring through Console 2.0 is a dream. Then I started to mess with Samplitude system setups. Tried all the buffer sizes and other basic setups. The slow response remained. As you know, UA says that that software monitoring inside your DAW need to be set to off. That was how I kept it... Until I changed Samplitudes "Hardware monitoring/Hybrid engine". Voila! No more slow response while hitting play or record, everything works like it should. UA, you can add Samplitude to your supported DAW-list with this small exception ;)

I really like UAD's plugins and Apollo's sound. I have connected RME Micstacy through ADAT to Apollo so I have 12 channels of excellent preamps to use with great sounding plugins. I wish they would have special sale about Ocean Way Studio plugin...

L. Holzapfel (Woodapple)

August 31, 2018

Greatest Audio Interface i ever used!

Soundquality is great and i never want missing to use UAD Plugs in realtime.
Works great on Mac Pro Fire Wire and also Nac Book Pro with TB together with Apollo Twin.
Only Installation under OSX made trouble for 2 days.... now everything is fine.

61-80 of 793 Results