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M. Turner

September 26, 2017


I changed from a ProTools native card and Lynx Aurora 16 LT-HD and the ease of doing so was unbelievable! All I did was plug it in and connect the FW cable. registration, updating and integration just HAPPENED. I don't recall ever changing interfaces and not having to do anything other than open a session and be pretty much ready to go. The whole process took minutes. SPECTACULAR! The Plug ins? What can I say, I feel a little guilty at how easy it is to get great sounds very quickly. Have yet to find one I don't love!

S. Lee

September 20, 2017

I LOVE IT. There is no need for words

I LOVE IT. no need for words.
But you need improvement to compatibility for Windows.

f. salvadeo

September 14, 2017


Apollo change dramatically how i listen to my mixes... i'm now able to hear all the details due to pristine conversion! and uad plugin in unison are amazing!

J. Pepke

September 7, 2017

Best Gear Purchase Ever

I was between the UAD Apollo and the Antelope Orion, after hearing some negative reviews on the Orion about customer service and software bugs vs nothing but positive review for the Apollo the choice was obvious. Now that I've had a few weeks to use it, it has exceeded my expectations in sound quality, features, and plug-ins. I'm 100% happy with it.

d. Lee

September 1, 2017

apollo is wonderful thing!

unison preamp is save my money

UAD User

August 27, 2017

Step up to pro level

So amazing!!! Recording with the 1073 and 610 is worth the price of admission alone.

J. Reed

July 29, 2017

I Love It !!

Great Addition to my Home Studio !!Firewire with OCTO Accelerator Care is Flawless !!

J. Reed

July 29, 2017

Apollo firewire

Love it it fits right in my Home Studio ,I also use the OCTO Accelerator Card , Along with 4 keyboards and a Les Paul The 38 Plug-in System is a DREAM COME TRUE !! With an Intell 6 core CPU ,64 GB Rams and 8 Hard Drives ,ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is Possible It Works Fantastic on Software and Hardware Sounds from My Integra-7 . There ARE NO LIMITS !! GREAT JOB Universal Audio . The World of Sound is mine with Ocean Way Studio Plug-in . Great Time to buy too !! BEST Bargain $$$ can Buy for Home Studio Thanks !!

i. Keszeg

July 20, 2017

It is finished!

I love the Apollo hardware...sounds amazing! It's exactly what I was looking for when it comes to sound quality, controls, number of I/O and integrated plug-ins. The plug-ins are high quality and can be run while tracking in the Apollo mixer with no latency. Thank you UA!

A. Cadie

June 22, 2017

Solid and beautiful! - and useable with 8 external pre's plus ADAT!

The first thing I noticed when I unpacked this machine was how heavy and beautifully made it is. This is a solid piece of kit and it looks great. Clients see classy gear and feel like they are in safe hands.

The set-up was very easy. It took me a while to adjust to the monitor mixer software but there are plenty of videos out there to help to learn how to do specific tasks. This is a very powerful and reliable piece of software! I like that I can save sessions so if a band comes back a month later, the headphone mix can be recalled. I also save channel settings for my own instruments, which saves time.

For me it was important that I can use all my external pre-amps. I have 9, so I didn't want to be forced to use the 4 inbuilt pres and only 4 of "mine". It was hard to find any information about this so if anyone is wondering, there are absolutely no issues with switching Ins 1-4 to "line" and using external preamps. Apparently the inputs only go down to +10 dB, as opposed to +4, but this isn't a problem. Maybe it would be if I tried to use 4+5 as a stereo pair, but who'd do a thing like that? I also use an 8 channel pre-amp via ADAT, so I have 16 ins and it's all stable.

The converters sound very impressive. It's not really something you can describe - it just sounds expensive!

I was surprised just how much the UAD powered plugins impressed me. Lots of friends rave about them - now I know why! They are by far the best I have used, in terms of ease of use and and sound.

I'm going to be a very happy user for a very long time.

B. Taylor

June 4, 2017

My first Apollo

I'm an old "Tape Head" having come up using tape as my main recording media, so switching to digital was a hard, but inevitable, call for me. Most of my work being acoustic, I spent a lot of time trying to manipulate my digital recordings to emulate that analog sound I loved and missed. Of course each generation of digital products got better than the last and closer to what I was after. I read all the chatter about Apollo but brushed it off as "just chatter." I stumbled up on a deal for a store demo unit and bit the bullet.., it startled me as using this thing through my analog board was like coming off a tape machine. Just so I wasn't fooling myself I tried a few remixes of previous material and found myself wishing I'd had it back then. It's true, Apollo sounds really different, very analog like.., more so than the other fine interfaces I use from the likes of RME, Apogee and Motu, none of which are slouches.

M. de Leeuw

June 1, 2017

First time in use

Very stable Audio interface. And what a sound.... a simple install and connect and up an running.
The UAD plugins are a good bonus to the device. I am using them nog for the first time and i must say that they sound really good, even better than other native plugins.

R. Morrow

May 15, 2017

I think I died and went to heaven

Expensive yes!! Worth it??? HELL YEAH!! Thought I could use the apollo thunderbolt but ended up my Mac Pro was older so I had to buy the more expensive apollo fire wire but I dont think I have recorded so clear and rich in my entire career. Beyond Awesome, I am talking blow your hair back type of Audio....You remember the Memorex cassette tape commercials with the guy sitting in his chair and the wind blowing from his audio??? I am sure you do, Well using this piece pretty much resembles that. Very Awesome very very Awesome!!!

R. Cunningham

May 12, 2017


This thing is amazing! It is a big leap from my digi 002 black lion mod. No longer do I have to worry about "the sound", I can concentrate on my music.

My mixes sound more open (less 2d) and warm. My mids are silky, less cloudy the bottom is thick and tight, the highs seem to translate well from the front end to the bounce without sharp edges. This silver face apollo has given me the ability to build a stable hybrid home studio system over the past 3 years without having to even remotely consider a change in the interface department. Solid and stable which affords me the opportunity to expand my system in other areas, where I see a need. I strongly recommend the apollo silver face.

A. Hollman

April 24, 2017

Apollo Firewire Excellence

Just recently purchased a Apollo Firewire to replace a Delta 1010 card I had been using for years and the upgrade in equipment has been nothing less than the very best improvement to my studio in years.

This Universal Audio Hardware is amazing, as well, the on board DSP's allow me the freedom to work on projects I had only hoped for until now. Also, the plugins that Universal Audio have created are the best sounding plugins I have ever used inside the box.

Keep up the great work Universal Audio

j. whelan

April 6, 2017

Apollo FW

Love the new unit, have one minor issue. Soundforge (and another daw have a 2-3 sec playback delay or buffer)- have tried every setting in there, and now have officially supported SIIG FW800 card which seems to fix issue in Sonar. All in all, a great unit only glitch is this playback delay in some apps. I wish the thunderbolt option was easier to implenent- means upgrading win7 to win10, and getting usb c conversion. But love the console, the interface and options. Looking at a 4710D to compement it and give me 8 adat in (4 710 pres and 4 external focusrites analog in). THen, I'll be all set.

D. Morgan

March 4, 2017


Yes i use this in thunderbolt...becarrefull with your neighbourgs !
Big Sound !

K. Follese

February 14, 2017

Apollo Firewire

I thought about this for a long time and should have done it long ago. I use Pro tools and Logic X. PT for vox and Logic for the rest. I really got tired of Core audio, paying for HD upgrades in PT and I really wanted the UA plugs. Now I have it all. Easy switching between the two DAWS, I don't need HD and got rid of my HD Native interface and replaced it with the apollo with sounds as good or better and is more versatile with the plugs and pre amps. Overall i am thrilled!!


February 4, 2017

Perfect machine

Perfect sound, excellent converters!

G. Garcia

January 25, 2017

Very well built and awesome plug-ins.

I had a Steinberg interface that did a fine job, but when I got the Apollo I noticed a huge difference in my mix and tracking. This interface is the real deal for someone that really appreciates that old analog recording system. It has all you need for your mixing. Not to mention that Universal Audio sent me a free DSP with my purchase. Also, I got this model because it has a Thunderbolt card option so when I upgrade my computer, I will be able to use it on my old computer and my new computer. The quality of this product is superior to all other products I have used.

101-120 of 780 Results