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UAD User

May 23, 2019

The best in the market.

The low latency is the second catch for me after the plugin emulations, they sound just exactly like the hardware.

L. Horvath

May 21, 2019

So far this thing is CRAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not sure what the deal is. UAD software installer gets stuck at about 40% or so. Have tried and tried and tried and tried and tried (you get the point). Serious waste of money and will never buy another UA product. Very irritated and upset considering most reviews of this are spectacular. I hate absolutely hate this POS product. Windows 10, brand new computer, all latest updates. It installed once but the sound was horrible. Constant crackling, hearing clean tones through the distortion (using Fortin Nameless Suite) so I uninstalled and have tried over and over again to re-install. No luck.

O. Nduchukwuka

May 16, 2019

Changed How I Record & Mix Forever

The arrow interface and console has in no small way changed how I record music and the aesthetic quality of my mixes.
Everything sounds better and bigger! I just love it.

G. Loretti

May 10, 2019


Just what I need with the highest quality possible. Easy, simple, effective and addictive.

L. Rushton

May 8, 2019

Somewhat tricky, for an amateur. Needs better PC support.

I was hoping for something that would be a bit more plug and play. Unfortunately, I went the whole hog on this one and also bought a new PC with the latest CPU, 16Gb of memory and three Thunderbolt 3 (T3) ports. It's the Dell XPS 13.

I struggled for quite a while to get any sound at all to come through either headphones or speaker. Luckily, I also have an older Dell XPS 15 with one T3 port and trying it through there seemed to work better.

Eventually I got sound through the Arrow on the XPS 13, but it was full of crackles, buzzes and sounded as if it was coming from under water. Strangely, the speed seemed to change as well.

With help from UA, MULab and Dell, I've managed to get it to a reasonable state where it seems that it's stable, just with the occasional click now.

I guess things will improve with time and as I get more used to the new environment. It's taken about three weeks of messing around, so far. So, I'm looking forward to future successes, from this struggling starting position of swimming upstream.

M. Jungbluth

May 2, 2019


Für einen Singer/Songwriter das perfekte Gadget, um im unteren Budgetrahmen professionelle HomeRec Aufnahmen hinzulegen. Meine Erwartungen wurden übertroffen. Außerdem fährt UAD vorbildlich Kampagnen für PlugIns. Da gibt es schon den ein oder anderen Schnapper zu holen.

p. weiner

May 1, 2019


best ever

J. Stewart

April 24, 2019

Needs better windows support

I thought it would have been easier to set up. I shouldn’t have to trouble shoot pops and clicks using a brand new computer with all updated drivers. Also the mic does not work with the blizzard app. It sounds bad. It was a lot more messing around with than I bargained for. I have it working pretty well now but sometimes in my daw things just start sounding funny. I wonder if I have a defective machine. I want to like UA but it’s been a bit of work

T. Mazaheri

April 20, 2019

User friendly and deep

When buying arrow you don’t just buy the hardware , you’re also taking advantage of its console that is awesome!

O. Smari

April 18, 2019

Great product...

...for tracking on the go. I strongly recommend!

r. Jacobs

April 15, 2019


My Arrow and Mac mini replaced an entire room of IO, processing cards with out loosing and sonic integrity. Thanks UA!!

L. Knudsen

April 13, 2019

Sits perfectly on my studiodesk...

... and I can easily bring it just about anywhere, when on the road. Feels solid, looks great, sounds perfect!

H. Péter

April 12, 2019

Nagyon gyors és szép hangja van

Nagyon gyors hangkártya ezért magasra tudod a buffert állítani és így ugyan azzal a processzorral több erőforrásod lesz. A hangja kíválló. Fejhallgató erősítője is nagyon jò thunderbolt 3 tápellátással. Nem tudok ennél jobb választást ebben az árban ha nincs szükséged sok ki és bemenetre. 192/32-ben 2,1ms késéssel tudsz cubase-ben dolgozni. Imádom.

F. Roy

April 10, 2019

La première Thunderbolt 3

En utilisant la console virtuelle avec les plug in UA je retrouve la qualité de mes preamps analogue. Je vais diminuer mon inventaire considérablement. IMPRESSIONNANT!!!

M. Noir

April 10, 2019

Perfect for home studio

I'm using it as a home studio device.
Althought there's only one DSP, it's alright for me because I record with the plugins directly during the take. I use it with a SM7B microphone, and a Gibson es-390, and I get very good sound out of it. Also, no latency, no crash nor bugs - I've used it on iMac and MacBook Pro.

E. Nwosu

April 9, 2019


It’s been an amazing experience . I love the low latency and the autotune
E kelly Beatz

M. jun

April 8, 2019

it's very cool, just like i need it

First of all, I particularly like its compact shape, and its sound quality is surprising. It's really cool to use only one type C to power without extra power. I can take it with me and the Macbook pro to form a mobile audio workstation. The free plug-in is also very good in timbre. It basically meets the needs of ordinary recording. And many plug-ins, which I use logic x to bring with me, have a very good effect.

F. Thomander

April 4, 2019


Sound, size and the value for $.

S. Hoeksma

April 4, 2019

Very impressed with the Arrow

I am very impressed with the UAD Arrow. The workflow is intuitive and the plugins sound great. I have been searching for the classic 70s sound for years now in my homestudio, and this is a big step towards achieving that goal.

N. Wilson

March 30, 2019

Amazing sound & value

Love the UAD Arrow. Still need to work through signal paths with Logic. I wish I could use Logic & 3rd party plugins in the Console to utilise Arrow processing power.

221-240 of 389 Results