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K. Kouchian

July 7, 2018

good build but...

It's nicely built, sounds perfect, but for the price we would really expect more features.
UA could have implemented the ADAT input on this, this is not a pricey feature. and with such entry price a midi in and out would have been smart.
In the studio I don't need my converters to have a midi interface, but with such portable device it feels a bit like a cheap move.
I hope they will switch to ARM for processing power in the near future and we might get lower cost in the end, if they don't do it the AVID way...

UAD User

July 6, 2018



UAD User

July 2, 2018

Great Sound, Great Studio tool, awesome price

UAD is better. Period. Direct comparison between waves, slate and UAD plugins. UAD is better.

The sound of the interface is also crystal clear, super low latency.

The only disadvantage of this product: you got to choose your plugins wisely, otherwise the DSP is running out of capacity.

V. David

June 20, 2018

Just Perfect

Best value for the money!.. great sound card and the free UAD plugins that come with it is awesome! i just feel , if they only had included a thunderbolt 3 cable along with it . it would have been great!

M. Johnsen

June 18, 2018

Changed my workflow!

The Arrow is everything I needed in a compact and portable interface. The almost zero latency while using a myriad of amazing plugins is great for fine tuning the sound going into Logic Pro X on the fly. The plugin bundle that comes with it is about everything you'd need to start a new song when you are on the go and the inspiration hits you! It's my first UAD product and it definitely won't be the last.

t. Lawrence

June 12, 2018

Arrow- Right on Point

The Arrow is amazing! It sounds great! The build is great.most of all I love the fact that it is Bus Powered and can actually work in situations with no power such as airplanes etc...

H. Hackmann

June 12, 2018

First impression

After several on-the-go recordings with PT and MacBook Pro I've to admit that it works pretty well and painless. Using the unison plugins while tracking is awesome, no latency.
In addition to my Apollo the Arrow is of value.

R. Steinke

June 2, 2018

Love it!

Great interface & sound, great plugins and Thunderbolt 3 works perfectly.


June 1, 2018

Instant Perfection

I have an Apollo 16 , for my studio But this little Arrow is a Godsent for the Road in bed you never know when Lightning Striket. I’m ready

L. Liu

June 1, 2018

INCREDIBLE: The Arrow is a game changer

The Arrow is INCREDIBLE!! I'm using it with a Macbook Pro and Logic Pro X. I'm a pro guitarist, and I wanted a system to record acoustic guitar at a very high level. The Arrow does this beautifully. The UAD system integrates easily with my computer and Logic without any technical difficulties. The sound is amazing: pro recording studio quality. It just WORKS. I feel so liberated now, I can literally record ANYWHERE. If you choose your plugins wisely that don't require huge DSP loads (such as the Neve Preamp and Neve 1081 EQ) you can use quite a few plugins at once on the single DSP chip in The Arrow. Thank you UA for making an amazing product, and I'm so glad to have entered the Universal Audio universe!

J. Brown

May 30, 2018

Point The Way... "Arrow"

I was skeptical about the Arrow, having been a fan of the Apollo for the past several years, along with API and other outboard mic pre's.
I recently created a more space saving rig going to downsize. With the new MacBook Pro, having only 4 Thunderbolt 3 ports made it a difficult transition. I hate adapters, etc... Well, the solution was in UA creating this Arrow Interface! WOW! Same stunning mic pre's, and UAD technology! And, the BEST part, it is port powered, so no need for a power adapter to tag along if you're on the go, and less cable mess for your desk! If you are an MBP user, you already know the crazy speed of TB3, and UA made the Arrow just for it! There is NO option OR alternative! There's only ONE clear choice! UA Arrow! Crystal Clear Recordings at a fraction of the costs of the other inferior sounding interfaces out there.
Get Yours Today!

j. Hudes

May 30, 2018

Doesn't work very well on Windows 10

Using this on a brand new i7 kaby-lake laptop specifically made for music and tested for use with thunderbolt soundcards. It doesn't work well and often loses connection mid-take. (The Arrow takes a few seconds to turn off and on and then I have to restart my DAW! Who knew?) The unison pre-amp sounds great but it's drivers are not very stable. Support can't help me. Everything's fully updated and configured correctly.
The other problem is the lack of solid WDM drivers. UAD are not concerned with this. That's just crazy. Example: I'm recording an artist and she rightly wants me to listen to a YouTube video to get inspiration. That's a good idea but no, the UAD Arrow can't handle it! The music writing process is not just on a DAW! If we can't listen to Spotify for references without problems, that's just not acceptable.
The latency is not that impressive. Worse than my RME soundcard from 2006! Clicking, popping and distortion with anything less than 256 buffer. A well written USB2 driver can beat that easily. My Focusrite beats it and RME leaves it in the dust. How is that possible?
Come on, UAD, Windows user deserve your products too!

J. Frisk

May 29, 2018

Perfect... almost

Having owned other UAD products for a few years (PCIe cards and Apollo), I decided to pick up the Arrow for a portable solution. The Arrow is everything I expected, integrating seamlessly with Cubase and working perfectly on my Windows laptop. The only reason I'm giving it 4 stars is that in this day and age there's no excuse for UAD releasing it with a Solo processor. It's barely enough to load up a couple current plugins, so it's use as a portable solution is pretty limited. If they do release a duo or quad I will probably sell this and upgrade at that time.

D. Ruiz

May 26, 2018

Simply the best.

Perfect for on the go and on a budget studios. Excellent product and runs like a clock.

M. Brenes

May 25, 2018

Affordable Portable and Powerful

Thanks UA for listening to us your faithful custormers, The Arrow is Amazing

K. Patton

May 23, 2018

big things in small packages

the tonal quality couple with the plug-ins provided make this interface a no brainer within its budget. the marshall plugin along with the soft tube ampeg svt simulator eliminate the need for amplifiers. incredible sound!!

S. Akinyele

May 23, 2018


Does what it says and even more!!!!! The best travel audio interface there is!

P. Carcamo

May 23, 2018

Perfect Experience

Great Product. Excellent quality. Working fine on Windows 10.


F. Heggelihaugen

May 22, 2018

Superb for mac!

Love this little thing! No problems so far. Looks great too!

E. Cleofe`

May 19, 2018

Excellent product.

Well built. Easy to use. Sounds great. I hope an 8 input (plus 5 pin din) Thunderbolt 3 interface comes out soon.

321-340 of 390 Results