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d. Mezquita Hardy

August 18, 2020

Muy recomendable

Gratamente sorprendido por la calidad del interface. Minima e inapreciable latencia y una gran calidad. Muy sencillo de usar. Muy recomendable.

E. Adeniyi

August 16, 2020

Little issue I need help

I love he device but I can't get rid of the static sound it gives during playback of any file. How do I fix that issue? I'm sure its a few buttons to press and features to switch but how do I stop this noise?

M. Schweizer

August 11, 2020

Best ever!

Why didn’t I buy that long time before??

J. Eager

August 9, 2020


I have owned and used several desk top audio interfaces over the years. I ordered this one because I found I most often only need one or two inputs at a time, I liked the idea of a bus powered interface and a much cleaner set up on my desk. Turns out it sounds great, l the plug ins are really fantastic and it integrates seamlessly with Logic ProX. I miss having a second headphone jack once in a while but that's an easy problem to solve. I highly recommend this interface for anyone who wants a simple bus powered set up our who does most of their recording alone with one mic and an instrument. Singer songwriter's bedroom stdio geeks and the like should all love this unit.

R. Smarr

August 8, 2020

Not for Windows

Great build and features I wanted this to work for Windows. I spent a week and a half jumping thru hoops trying to make this work in Windows 10. I even bought a laptop from there suggested and approved list. I could not get rid of the crackle in playback and recording. I know this works great on the mac platform. Just couldn't get to work on Windows. I don't think the company is really vested in the Windows platform. When I asked tech support to give me a specific Windows Laptop I could get that would work they just referred me to list in which I had already used without success. I believe the list was just outdated. Bottom I believe it's a great product with great features just not for Windows.

A. Fazil

July 30, 2020

Arrow - Fantastic Sound from a small Buss Powered Device.

The build quality is just top - Bus Powered via Thunderbolt 3 - No messy AC cables - Small fits right on the desk - portable - Just a brilliant entry device into the UAD world.

T. Williams

July 22, 2020


Conversion is top notch, really Brought my Axe Fx II to life.


July 18, 2020


everything is good

T. Zimmerman

July 15, 2020

Simple, Robust, Useful

Simple design, well constructed with the essential controls at your finger tips. Easy way to extend your Apollo set up. It runs hot, but that is typical of the UA inyrtfaces. Excellent value for money.

F. Ruth

July 13, 2020

Great Sound, Clunky Interfaces

The sheer audio quality, the latency (or lack of), the native preamp emulations, are all breathtaking for a TB3-bus-powered little box, and, at that price, mind-boggling. Buy this, no-brainer, buy it.



Having said that, I'm quite annoyed with the design of the Console app and the Meter & Control Panel. The fact that the mixer has a skeuomorphic design is fine, but please don't reinvent the wheel with the app's user interface. We're already using the OS UI that we've configured to our liking. No need to impose a dark-grey-on-darker-grey aesthetic on the user, with a menu and the settings hidden behind various push-buttons, where you have to click again for each function. Aargh. Some of us don't want a different workflow and non-standard window architecture in every app.

What I would like: The pure mixer elements in a mixer window, configurable either as a desk layout, or as one super-slim channel&bus&master strip, to squeeze next to the DAW window. All the other settings (including the Meter & Control Panel settings) in a multi-tab settings window, all the view options in a standard menu bar View menu, all the edit options in the Edit menu, File, Help, ... You get what I mean. And the added option to make the mixer a float window. That would be heaven. Yes please.

Apart from the interface, the hardware is amazing. Clean, lovely, portable, great value. Buy it.

Z. Stohr

July 12, 2020

Not Windows Compatible

I have a MacBook that runs Windows 10 on the bootcamp partition. This device is absolutely tremendous in MacOS. This device is absolutely horrific in Windows 10. Support will quickly point out that they don't 'support bootcamp'; but a quick search online will show that this is a widely known and long running UA issue with anyone using Windows 10. My guess is a fair amount of people who try to use this device in Windows 10 are like me and have a bootcamped Macbook; so they just blame bootcamp and duck the issue rather than fix it. For what it does well: it'll blow you away. For what it doesn't; UA's lack of support will blow you away. The workaround that I found in Windows 10 is to run the monitor out audio into the line-in on the computer for recording. I'm only recording my voice, so it works for me - might not be a great solution for a musician trying to preserve that analog processing in their digital environment. I wouldn't be using it with Windows 10 at all, but I record a daily remote broadcast for a radio station that's software is WIN only >>(

M. Savage

July 11, 2020

Dope little box

Great built in pres, easy to use, and great included plugins! Using it for mostly music production at my home studio!

J. Biscaya

July 10, 2020

Great for Video Productions and Live Streaming

Very satisfied, great tool for podcasts, audio and video post production, webcasts, etc...

F. Lizarralde

July 8, 2020


Funciona genial, muy fácil de usar y más aún con los videos explicativos de Universal Audio.

m. Bahramzadeh

July 8, 2020

I love it!

No latency for real!! I love it so much

J. Casas

July 7, 2020

Another world....another dimension of professional sound!

There is a before and after .... a before that is made up of good interfaces with great value for money, and that honestly cover its mission and there is a after, with Universal Audio, where one did not imagine that it could be reached. sound so incredibly good. My Voice Over recordings have taken a spectacular qualitative leap. I am in love with my Arrow !! (And with my Rode K2, which I couldn't take advantage of until I connected it to my Arrow!)

A. Burn

July 3, 2020

Outstanding and robust interface

The UAD Arrow is a beast in a small package. Amazingly reliable. The countless flavors of tone you can achieve with the unison preamps paired with the UAD plug ins cannot be matched. A portable usb-c interface that packs decades of legendary audio history in its box is a complete game changer.

L. Begnaud

July 2, 2020

Great Upgrade

Great experience setting it up and get familiar with the Arrow. Huge improvement in sound quality from my previous interface. It has more features than any other unit at its price. Overall exactly what I needed.

G. Luperto

July 1, 2020

Not Bad

La uso per il mio home studio, essendo uno studio fatto a casa è perfetta per il suo utilizzo.
Piccola, compatta, incredibile e offre un sound da paura!!!
se ti serve una scheda audio Per non spendere un patrimonio e senza avere un pessimo prodotto questa fa al caso tuo

A. Alescio

June 30, 2020

Just in love with this little thing

I wish I knew about Arrow right when it came out. Amazing audio quality

61-80 of 388 Results