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G. Delarge

January 28, 2021

The shittiest Audio interface I have ever owned

I purchased this audio interface the last year in April in Toronto. It works well but the hardware is crackling once in a while, I have no idea why, it's been now almost a year I am talking with the service center and no one is doing anything about it. They offered me an exchange then came back on their words cause I was not living in the USA, so they gave me an email in Canada which I emailed 3 times and I have never received any answers!! Then I have recently contacted Jonathan Collins again and no answer...
I have reinstalled everything as they told me to do, the step by step blablabla, NOTHING works and it makes sens to me cause it is coming from the hardware. I just want to throw this to the garbage and get a new one, I am not contacting anyone anymore, I have treads of email to send you. This is not customer service. I would recommend to everyone to get an Apogee Duet instead.

Y. Zhuang

January 25, 2021


very nice

J. Aybar

January 10, 2021

Excelente Producto!

Compre una UAD Arrow con una idea acerca de estos productos bastante buena pero lo que me encontre supero las expectativas. Excelente captura, calidad en los materiales y diseño, comoda y movil como lo necesitaba. Quizas un boton para mutear el mic en la consola hubiese sido un poco mas funcional pero no me puedo quejar. Ni se diga de los plugins Legacy que vienen incluidos en la compra del modelo. Satisfecho y 100% recomendable para aquellos que suelen viajar bastante y necesitan una calidad de estudio en un bolsillo de la mochila.

H. Mann

December 30, 2020

Perfect for my needs

I wanted a TB3 interface to go with my MacBook Pro. This one is perfect for my needs. I mostly work in the box and record audio one track at a time. the sound of this unit is great as is the latency. great little purchase that im happy with. I do with I could use all three inputs at the same time. And that it had more ins and outs. but I wanted a bus powered interface that was compact and pro. this fit the bill. :)

D. Martino

December 29, 2020

Good product!

The construction is perfect, only the big knob is slow to up/down the volume.

H. Péter

December 18, 2020


Ezért az árért nincs jobb “hangú” hangkártya. Részletes, lineáris, dinamikus.

M. Lavric

December 11, 2020

Little beast

Dear Sirs, deep bow to you for making such a wonderful product available to general public. Little beast, I call it. To be honest, I'm far from being a pro guitarist or a singer, but already one of my first recording with just two plugins on vocal sounds remarkable, my uncle even mistankely thought he's listening to real Leonard Cohen for first moments. Now I'm writing to Santa to bring me some plugins... Keep up the good work.

d. cormier

December 5, 2020

pas mauvais mais pas extraordinaire non plus

je la trouve tres limité pour le prix vendu serieux

J. Nichols

December 2, 2020

paper weight!

front end looks simple however this unit cost me so much time/updates a pain firmware etc. this unit should have built in licence you should be able to plug in any computer and it should work. too bad.

V. Martinez

November 23, 2020

Not user friendly at all. Arrogant cavalier.

The sound is fake and candied. UA is an arrogant, inconsiderate company. 1st, there is no start up guide. Oh, but it's right there, don't you see, in tiny letters on the lower left hand side of the box where you can barely see it. That's where they give you the url to the website you need to go to to register and download the software. After you download their software, you get jerked around some more and get sent to a website to watch a video tutorial. (This on top of the fact they require you to buy a $50 USB cable.) Instead, I went to their website downloaded the manual. I needed to set up fast, I have a project coming up. Right there up the front, there it, not the quick start guide, it's the self-serving letter from the CEO. After 17 pages of them tooting their horn about how great their plug ins are (the device is just a ploy for them to sell their plug ins), you get the actual start up guide. All I wanted was how to find out how to toggle between the volume for the mic and the one for the headphones. They're so arrogant and selfish they have one knob for both. ot user friendly at all. Is that's supposed to be cool to have one knob for everything? No, it's a nuisance. If you have to read a tutorial or rack your brain to figure how to use something, it's no good. I and hundreds of thousands of people shouldn't have to hassle like that. They should be the ones to put in the extra effort to make things READILY AVAILABLE READILY APPARENT. User friendly. Oh and on top of that, turns out I need a computer with super fast USB3. I didn't see that on the box anywhere. They didn't tell me that at Guitar Center either.

A. Manca

November 9, 2020

The best audio interface in the world

I am really glad i bought this audio interface
I have finally achieved a high level professional audio quality
I was struck by the cleanliness of the sound but also by the warmth of the preamps that give back a feeling both in the rendering but also in listening truly unique
the possibility then of the Unison technology allows a studio quality before recording and without using computer resources
in this way you already have a great starting sound

a. privalov

November 6, 2020


This is the best buy


November 4, 2020


disappointed I can't apply 3 plugins without running out of DSP...

H. Oliveira Marques

November 3, 2020

Amazing piece of gear

Great sound! Easy to work with and the unison technology it’s outstanding! Game changing!

P. Kiatrungapharat

October 19, 2020


Easy to use and great sound

M. Schaaf

October 19, 2020

Apollo Arrow game changer

Low latency for tracking guitar parts brought me to the Arrow, and Unison technology it hasn't disappointed. So many ways UAD plugs can add warmth and dimension on the way in, as well as for rough mixes.


October 12, 2020

excellent...portable...reliable UA quality

excellent...portable...reliable UA quality in a small buss powered package

L. Roncadin

October 9, 2020

The best solution for audio production

A card that easily becomes the heart of small and large recording studios. Solid, versatile, complete and incredibly responsive and bright. Together with the DAW software Luna and the bundled plug-ins it becomes a production center that is unrivaled in this price range.

R. Hall

October 9, 2020

Portable power

I too was skeptical of only having one processor - but I wanted a portable bus-powered interface that would allow some UAD plugins to run without having to cart around my satellite quad, and this was the only option. Happy to report that it is very good, and as others have commented the sound is pristine (amazingly so much better than my Steinberg!). Recording with Console is a little fussy and I tapped out the processing power with only one compressor and one reverb, but those are minor complaints compared to the convenience, the sound, and the speed over Thunderbolt. This is a great unit, and UAD should figure out how to pack more processors into it and still have it be bus-powered.

T. McCarthy

October 6, 2020

UA Arrow Purchase

As a musician who has owned several audio interfaces dating back to the Mac G4 (or G5, I can't remember) I was a bit callous toward purchasing a more expensive interface than I had been using. My first real surprise was plugging it in and running a guitar through the included Marshall amp plug-in. The sound was amazing ... no, not just really good but amazing. The response of the amp was just incredible, no latency, really nice touch dynamics, great sound. I then delved into some of the other plug-ins for mixing, compressors, delays, reverbs etc., I was truly blown away by the richness of the sound. I finally had to ask myself why I had not taken this path before. For anyone who records music I can't recommend this system highly enough, it's like taking blinders off your ears.

41-60 of 401 Results