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B. Jeanne

January 25, 2019

Gros problème d'alimentation

Gros problème d'alimentation via USB C, un adaptateur aurais été la bien venu, impossible de brancher un SSD + une ilok et la carte sur un MacBook Pro ! Très déçu !

D. Ivanov

January 23, 2019

Uad Arrow on usb type c !!!

Dear universal audio company, do uad arrow on usb type c !!! not everyone has a thunderbolt 3, you lose a lot of audience !!! Thunderbolt 3 is a very complex and not always compatible protocol !!! Make on usb type c or usb 3

D. Fortney

January 21, 2019

Little confusing and a bit noisy

In general the interface is a bit confusing for example how to enable monitor outs from the computer and mic in without looping the mic to the monitors? Possible but nearly impossible to figure out. Also the unit is quite sensitive to Thunderbolt bus noise passing straight into the audio path.

W. Christensen

January 21, 2019

Great little device, great preamps and plugins.

Replaced my Røde NT-USB Microphone with the Arrow interface and Røde Procaster microphone, just so much more control over the settings, and drives the dynamic Procaster just fine, with pretty low self noice even at 80% gain. Plugins took some time for me to learn, but after som time I found great setup for my need with Unison preamp, compressor, de-esser and EQ for voiceover and podcast. Planing to do some music recording in the future. Great thing that it is only one Thunderbolt 3 Cable for both power and data.

Have had a few issues though, where the problem is I don't know, since I have it connected through my OWC Thunderbolt 3 dock, but have had it restart several times over a few days, not sure what the issue was, tried hard reset several times, unplug my dock, and did not help, but when I disconnected the cable from my Mac (2018 MacBook Pro 15") the issue disappeared and have not been back since. Second it would be nice to be able to have more settings for the monitor out, only 14 dBu, and still my Genelec 8010A monitors set to -10db is very loud at the lower setting, would be nice with a -10dBu or even -20dBu, or maybe just make the output for the monitors stepless dBu in setting, so we can dail in the exact volume that fits each need.

O. Timm

January 19, 2019

Like christmas

...and birthday, i Love it

S. Diaz Molaro

January 18, 2019

Doesn't Work on MAC

I just spent so much on this plus plugins, and it works maybe 1 out of 10 times that I plug it in. Input signal just cuts out and I have to restart it multiple times until it works again. Not reliable for any serious work.

S. Stevens

January 16, 2019

Good basic unit, that's all... Very limited with what it can do. Disappointing...

When this came out a few months ago, all the reviews were great, but this unit is far from that. If you plan on using any more than one or two plugins, especially if you are paying the high prices to buy neve unison plugins or anything else they sell. Just one Neve unison plug in takes up 85% of the available memory of the arrow's ability. I called and talked to customer service after waiting for 2 hours on hold over the course of 2 days and they basically told me that this unit only has one DSP chip and that's all it's supposed to do and that I should buy a more expensive unit. I already bought a $3000 new macbook pro and spent a lot of money on this Arrow to go with it, plus buy the Thunderbolt cable it doesnt come with. It's fine if you do VERY basic recording with almost no processing, but it's super limited with what it can do. Also, I A/B'd it with my Focusrite 18i20 and it sounds basically the same. I really wish I could return this unit, but I didn't figure out it's huge limitations until I spent another $600 on plugins to actually USE this thing the way I want to and that it should work in my opinion. I wouldn't buy this unit again and I'd advise anyone planning to do anything more than just very basic recording with almost no plugins not to buy it. I would bet all the 5 star reviews are either written by employees or people that are just starting out recording that don't know better. It does work well and sounds pretty good though, so that's why it didn't get 1 star.

A. Bouillot

January 15, 2019

Best thunderbolt 3 soundcard!

Professional sound quality for an affordable price, simple and effective + amazing UAD plugins, many thanks UAD team


January 13, 2019

Great Intro to UAD

Wish it had more DSP but ultimately this is a great entry level interface. Pair it with a satellite, and you’re good to go wherever you are. Bus power is a very nice feature.

R. Lehner

January 12, 2019

What I needed

Arrow is simple and effective for my home studio setup or to take it with me. Audio Interface and UAD plugin in one is amazing. Also with USB-C/TB 3 u don't need that much cable. Furthermore, you got everything u need, Mic-PreAmp, Line In, simple volume knob, HPF connector and it's easily to switch in between all these knobs.

two downsides:
- weight, could bit more lighter (but it's not a killer criterion)
- when I turn my Mac on which Arrow is connected to, crackling noises come out of the speakers when they turned on. not sexy

P. Millson

January 6, 2019

Do your research!

This is a very well made unit with professional sound quality at an affordable price. But do your research. There's little point in buying a UAD interface unless you're going to use the proprietary plug-ins, which are superb. But this unit has very limited processing power. One guitar amp plug-in and a compressor will take you close to the DSP limit. The first time I got the 'you're exceeded the DSP limit so plug-ins have been disabled' I thought it must be a mistake. The only way round this is to print the processed sound as you record so you have no control at mixdown, or to freeze and unfreeze tracks over and over again. Hugely frustrating. The other issue, as noted by others elsewhere, is that there is no power switch and the usb-powered unit constantly turns itself off and on again during sleep. Only way round this is to unplug whenever you're not using. To sum up, this is an excellent bit of kit, but it's only really useful for doing sessions away from your studio. For me, it was a complete waste of money but by the time I'd worked that out it was too late to return. I'd recommend you either dig much deeper and buy an Apollo Twin Quad or don't bother with UAD hardware because you won't be able to exploit the benefits of the software.


January 6, 2019

Last audio interface i will ever buy

This is the last interface i will ever buy. The fact that i can now travel with uad plugins and a really solid audio interface is overwhelming. Arrow is a beast of a machine much better than my previous two portable interface. Apogee duet and id4. Apogee is just broken it hs so many bugs. Id4 is nice but it doenst comes with plugins i want for quickly capture a idea. I love universal audio. Love arrow. Good work guys

桂. 曾

January 4, 2019

About arrow sound card

Others are OK, that is, for the wondows platform, the compatibility of Thunderbolt interface is not too good. Especially WDM input driver. Hope it can be repaired as soon as possible!

R. Feldman

January 1, 2019


Love the interface and sound quality. Being able to dial in effects and record directly helps cover the lack of DSP processing later on. I was also able to transfer my UAD-1 plugin purchases seamlessly. The sound is just tremendous.

I. Alvarez

December 26, 2018

Love It

Exactly what you expect.! Love this interface. Small, light, easy to travel with and it sounds Great! Plus, for the price, it’s very affordable. You definitely won’t be disappointed.

L. Costa

December 25, 2018


Completely Fantastic

J. O'Rear

December 18, 2018

I’m in love with this interface

Just fantastic. If UA release thunderbolt 3 satellites, I’ll probably be getting one of those down the line because I find I bump up against the Arrows limits and still want to use a few more plugins.

T. Byrne

December 13, 2018

Sexy Arrow Thunderbolt 3

Seems like a solid interface. I have been using it for a couple of weeks now. Good latency. Sound is transparent. I do not use any of the plugins because I have a Macbook Pro I take everywhere and mix in Logic Pro X. I'm not going to carry around the interface because I have to use it's internal DSP. I wish the plugins could be hosted as well When you install the included plugins for the Arrow, all of them are installed. I find it very difficult identifying the ones that work. Altogether nice interface with good layout and solid construction.

J. Andrasek

December 11, 2018

First UA Buy

Primarily using for vocals, so far I love the sound I’m getting out of the unit. Looking forward to mastering with the UA plugins. First time using a DSP device like this and I absolutely love it! I can see upgrading to the multi-core DSP’s in the future.

C. Stave

December 8, 2018

UAD Arrow vs. Edirol Fa66

After using the Edirol Fa66 with firewire for many years, I was in a trap with the TB3 on my new IMac (2017). I missed my Audiologic studio, no way to use any adapters on the Edirol. Then I looked foreward for a new audiointerface with TB3 an found the UA Arrow. I had to spend some money but the result was much better then before. The plugins are very well, I love the plexi Marshall with the pure plate reverb for guitar. I give 4 stars, would have given 5 if there where more space for loading plugins.

141-160 of 261 Results