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T. Byrne

December 13, 2018

Sexy Arrow Thunderbolt 3

Seems like a solid interface. I have been using it for a couple of weeks now. Good latency. Sound is transparent. I do not use any of the plugins because I have a Macbook Pro I take everywhere and mix in Logic Pro X. I'm not going to carry around the interface because I have to use it's internal DSP. I wish the plugins could be hosted as well When you install the included plugins for the Arrow, all of them are installed. I find it very difficult identifying the ones that work. Altogether nice interface with good layout and solid construction.

J. Andrasek

December 11, 2018

First UA Buy

Primarily using for vocals, so far I love the sound I’m getting out of the unit. Looking forward to mastering with the UA plugins. First time using a DSP device like this and I absolutely love it! I can see upgrading to the multi-core DSP’s in the future.

C. Stave

December 8, 2018

UAD Arrow vs. Edirol Fa66

After using the Edirol Fa66 with firewire for many years, I was in a trap with the TB3 on my new IMac (2017). I missed my Audiologic studio, no way to use any adapters on the Edirol. Then I looked foreward for a new audiointerface with TB3 an found the UA Arrow. I had to spend some money but the result was much better then before. The plugins are very well, I love the plexi Marshall with the pure plate reverb for guitar. I give 4 stars, would have given 5 if there where more space for loading plugins.

R. Twiddy

December 5, 2018

Upgrade from Presonus Firemobile

I have been using a Firewire Presonus Firemobile which I have been using for 5 years. I bought the UA Arrow to ensure no latency through the audio interface into my Apple Mac mini 2018, 64gb, 4.6GHz, 256gb SSD. I liked the idea of using the Console with UA plugns, but I get overload message and yet to run more than one plugin together. So for plugins I do not think it is powerful enough. So I run the plugins in Logic one the Mac especially the PT100 with Precision Delay which are excellent. I like the controls and no doubt the audio output through my Presonus E5 are superior to the Firemobile. I also like the guitar input on the front and I have used line in with my iPad on the back to produce pad backing. Price wise in Thailand it is too expensive 22900b, I bought it through Thomann after duty, tax and shipping it was 17500b so UA ought to look at that. I would have given it 5 stars if I could use 2 plugins together yet to find two in the freebies that don't overload the Arrow!

A. Ishchenko

December 2, 2018

Best audio interface for home.

It’s best audio interface for quality- price.
Very good service UAD plugins. Work fine and stable. Low latency.

T. Gangsøy

November 28, 2018

Great interface for the guitarist!

Highly recommended if you like to play guitar with low latency!

P. Newman

November 28, 2018

Loving this little beast so far

Didn't buy it for the plugins. Bought it to have a good quality Thunderbolt bus-powered interface that could power two preamps. Have of course been blown away by the integration of hardware and DSP accelerated effects. Fantastic interface.

T. Cox

November 27, 2018

Game Changer!

I love this thing! Upgraded from a well known and loved FireWire box to this little number and it’s like I had blankets over the speakers previously. The sound out of my set up has opened up and taken on new depth. Love the tones, love the box, love the software....and those plugins. Hands down the best Plexi emulation I have ever heard.

J. Douglas

November 22, 2018

Rockin Box

The sound you get from the Arrow is just pristine for such a small foot print. I have it hooked up to my brand new MacBook Air. I’m able to run several plugins without any problems . Will throw this in my bag along with my Mac and use it while I’m away from studio. Thanks UA

M. Atnafu

October 31, 2018


So far sounds amazing!! Does heat up on occassions which Is worrying, but other then that Can t complain.


October 31, 2018


My first and i think my last interface. Arrow is awesome. I'm loving to record with the UAD Arrow.

D. Maniar

October 29, 2018

Ecstatic Oblivion

The Arrow is my first ever UAD product and I’m loving it! I’m a producer from India studying Music under the Oscar-winning composer Ar Rahman and looking at the results I’m getting from the product, I’m able to deliver industry level records which is very enlightening. It’s very portable and easy to operate even while I’m traveling. I would definitely suggest this product to my friends and colleagues! Thanks to UAD for this amazing product! Very excited for what’s more to come!

UAD User

October 27, 2018

Really Good Sound Arrow

It was so good sound and too good performance.
However, when turned on, the turn off of the audio card was not good.
Overall, it's a good audio card.

n. casenave-camgaston

October 24, 2018

Really impressive sound card

About performances, it's really impressive.
i use maschine 2.7 with a lot of kontakt instruments, samples, effects, etc.
before buy this sound card, i used maschine MK3 integrated soundcard with new MacBook pro, it was great but with a lot of vst, kontak instruments, effects, i had to gow up the latency (from 32 to 1024)
Now with this soundcard, with the same projects, i can stay to 32 or 64 about latency

But if you plan to use DSP, do not delude yourself, on an input, i can put the marshall AMP and a reverb and that's all.
And about DSP, there's an interesting bundle that cover all the needed (delay, comp, preamp, reverb, bass and guitar amp, etc.)

D. Blomeley

October 20, 2018

Don't hesitate to buy this!

The UA Arrow has been in fact much more than I even realised. I bought it to finish off some BVs and bits and pieces at home to add to a studio project. It works seamlessly with my Macbook Pro and Logic. It is so handy that it is bus powered. I have ended up using (and buying a couple) all the included plug ins to great effect. Being able to have effects on the monitoring side is so easy with the console. Also it looks and feels great. Anyone who is wondering about spending the little bit of extra cash to get this, don't hesitate. Money well spent.

D. Kazelsky

October 18, 2018


Sound is perfect and so flexible with UNISON. After RME babyface this card really sound more flexible because i can so different sound with uad preamps!!!

A. Rodrigues

October 9, 2018

Great unit on the go!

This interface is perfect for... "street recording", "coffee shop mixing", "airport mastering"... all with an amazing quality!

F. Petronella

October 9, 2018

Perfect. No problem. Good.

For Mac work good.

s. pavic

October 8, 2018

Great portable interface

Nice design, love the portability, the software has a bit of a learning curve and it's easy to max out the CPU. Still best option avail for what I need at the moment.

r. sveinungsen

October 8, 2018


This is a go too for easy music production. Easy to work with, and sound amacing! Mvh. Roy co/ himlalyd

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