Brainworx bx_digital V3 EQ Collection

Brainworx bx_digital V3 EQ Collection


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Brainworx bx_digital V3 EQ Collection

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D. van Haarlem

December 9, 2016

"Up there with the best for Mastering!"

When my master is lacking that something, I always place this one in my master channel, do some tweaks on Mid-Side, Width, Eq, Lo/Hi Presence, De-Esser, Low-end mono-rizing and voilà instantly better! More punch, more clairity, more width, more sheen and so easy to use.You will Love it! Go for it!

T. O'Donnell

December 7, 2016

Stop pondering - dive in!

Wow - what can I say - even as a relatively inexperienced engineer and mixer this tool was helping me improve things from the first time I fired it up. A bass instrument with an odd resonance I'd not isolated before - fixed. The Gain-Scale tool used on a preset that was kinda there but not perfect - made it perfect. Dynamic eq to ssssort the sssssibilance. It's already worth the price of admission and that's before I delve deeper and truly get to know it's abilities and foibles. A fantastic tool and rock solid on UAD hardware.

M. Kondracki

December 4, 2016

True Mastering Equipment

Really this provides you with the M/S style EQ's the best mastering engineers use to fully tweak and explore and finalize a mix. It's unbelievable how good these sound and good they work!!

R. Katuin

December 4, 2016

Brings new life to my tracks

A must for mastering. Just try the demo, put it on your track and you will hear the difference. Amazing plugin!

D. Whittington

December 1, 2016

BX worx every time!

I can't say I have tried using the V2 version of this. People say it holds more ground than the last version. All I know is that is does the simple task of rolling off stereo frequencies up to 3-400 khz for any hard electronic music. Clears up any harsh sound even from the most driven music. The EQs on this thing are very clean and clear so no worries on coloring a mix if you don't wan that. Overall, one of the most essential pieces to my workflow. Couldn't work without it :)

T. Herman

November 30, 2016


This is no go to final EQ ... :)

J. Fashe

November 29, 2016

The Plugin of the Year!!!

Brainworx never fails!!! And this plugin is so precise for Mixing and Mastering!!! Incredible Tool!!!

L. Salazar

November 17, 2016

Can't Live Without!!

This plugin is a must!! I still use V2 as well but man these Eq's are the best when it comes to getting rid of annoying frequencies after gluing your mix together. Most of my clients are home based artists that send me their files for mixing. A lot of artists recording in bad acoustically treated environments (NYC rent is too expensive for studios Lol). Long story short this plugin works magic!!. I do suggest reading the manual to get the most out of it but it's pretty easy to use.

R. Beld

November 11, 2016

Perfect starter on mixbuss

Perfect for making the lowend mono and a subtle stereospread for mix widening

A. Lee

September 29, 2016

Master Bus sorted

This thing has an incredible sparkle to it - while at the same time seeming transparent. Easy to hear why this plugin gets such rave reviews. UAD seem to just collaborate with the best.

R. Grace

September 3, 2016

Brainworx Bx_digital V3

I had been using a native version of the plugin purchased the UAD version as soon as I realized UAD had one. And the new and improved version v3 is really nice upgrade from what I was using before. I use this plugin on my stereo bus out. It really adds clarity and punch without chaning the over-all sound. Great plugin!

T. Camp

August 23, 2016

Love it!

The dynamic EQ is a nice added touch. This is a great plugin and was worth the upgrade from V2.

T. Camp

August 23, 2016

Love it!

The dynamic EQ is a nice added touch. This is a great plugin and was worth the upgrade from V2.

K. Andrews

August 20, 2016

Great EQ for multiple uses.

This is a wonderful EQ but I wish I would have used my voucher to get the api channel strip instead since this eq only costs $50 now.

B. Abbey

July 29, 2016

I love this EQ

Allow I love this product I am unsure of how to use the deser. Can someone let me know?? My email is

A. Siegler

July 25, 2016

Great eq - wish I would of waited to buy it.

I bought this eq for full price $299, and now it is 50?! Wow, I was ripped off. Not happy about that. At least credit people who bought it for a higher price? Goes to show you that a plugins value is ridiculously over priced, and it isn't like the value is going to go up, it is only going to go down and become obsolete with time. People ask for that vintage 16bit vintage plug-in never...

Throwing money away aside, the plug in itself sounds and functions great. The UI was very well though out, along with it's features. I use it on every mix that I touch.

I. Marconi

July 12, 2016

Great Plugin

This plugin its great, you can achieve things you couldn't with a regular plugin, the dynamic EQ is fantastic, I wish you could choose more bands!

Great the MS section!

F. Ashley

July 9, 2016

Master Buss

Very acurete and precise. Does what you want it to do and nothing else. Does not cloud or smea. Safe to use on the Master Buss.

G. Bucci

July 9, 2016

Most powerful mastering EQ that enchances music in a special way

This EQ is complicated to use. I highly recommend you go through the tutorials on youtube and understand how to use it before you use it. Once you understand the work flow, you will be amazed. The M/S controls, base mono knob, being able to only hear the freq's your adjusting soloed are just some of the features it offers. This is a wonderful EQ that can help correct things, or enhance things that need to be done. This is a serious mastering EQ and some knowledge about mastering EQ is needed to get the best out of the plug in.

a. knight

July 6, 2016

Mastering with the V3

The plug in worked great! Still new to me, but worked great right away.

121-140 of 192 Results