Brainworx bx_digital V3 EQ Collection

Brainworx bx_digital V3 EQ Collection


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Brainworx bx_digital V3 EQ Collection

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A. Siegler

July 25, 2016

Great eq - wish I would of waited to buy it.

I bought this eq for full price $299, and now it is 50?! Wow, I was ripped off. Not happy about that. At least credit people who bought it for a higher price? Goes to show you that a plugins value is ridiculously over priced, and it isn't like the value is going to go up, it is only going to go down and become obsolete with time. People ask for that vintage 16bit vintage plug-in never...

Throwing money away aside, the plug in itself sounds and functions great. The UI was very well though out, along with it's features. I use it on every mix that I touch.

I. Marconi

July 12, 2016

Great Plugin

This plugin its great, you can achieve things you couldn't with a regular plugin, the dynamic EQ is fantastic, I wish you could choose more bands!

Great the MS section!

F. Ashley

July 9, 2016

Master Buss

Very acurete and precise. Does what you want it to do and nothing else. Does not cloud or smea. Safe to use on the Master Buss.

G. Bucci

July 9, 2016

Most powerful mastering EQ that enchances music in a special way

This EQ is complicated to use. I highly recommend you go through the tutorials on youtube and understand how to use it before you use it. Once you understand the work flow, you will be amazed. The M/S controls, base mono knob, being able to only hear the freq's your adjusting soloed are just some of the features it offers. This is a wonderful EQ that can help correct things, or enhance things that need to be done. This is a serious mastering EQ and some knowledge about mastering EQ is needed to get the best out of the plug in.

a. knight

July 6, 2016

Mastering with the V3

The plug in worked great! Still new to me, but worked great right away.

P. Moshay

June 18, 2016

Truly an amazing eq tool

This is way more than any eq I've used before. Its so effective at carving and slicing away problems in a mix or track.
It didn't take more than 20 minutes of demoing this to know i had to have this everyday. Its always part of my final chain as well as problem tracks.

d. oreskovic

June 16, 2016

Great versatile EQ

This slick EQ allows me last minute interventions in a blink of an eye and it is great sounding especially V3 version adding new slopes.
I bought it for $149 a day before UAD dropped the price to $49 even though the half year sale had already begone.
But that only tells how much I appreciate this EQ and the price wasn't that influential on my decision to include this great EQ in my collection.. :)

W. Longmore

May 17, 2016

Essential on 2 bus

When I got the V2 I was impressed. With the V3, I smile allot. BAM!!! This is a VITAL component in my output chain. I control stereo width, bass mono and clarity for the overall track With this plugin. Warmth and punchiness are the job of other items in the chain. I use m/s extensively on Brainworx plugins as it is so easy to control, experiment and compare. This plugin adds sheen, coherence and three dimensional quality to my work. Combined with the the Vertigo VSM-3, and an appropriately flavoured EQ I create magical, mysterious, monstrous and mello mixes I can't professionally produce any other way. I love UAD plugins with the Apollo twin and Octo!

S. Swanson

April 25, 2016


Plugin of the decade
You bet
Demi it
It's awesome

U. Khan

April 8, 2016

Great improvement to an essential EQ

I used the v2 on my mastering chain before. At first I missed the de-esser that was substituted out for the "dynamic EQ" on this new V3 EQ. It has grown on me though. I have always loved the auto-listen feature on these eq's. This new V3 seems to be a bit more flexible. It can be very transparent for minor attenuation, or you can make drastic, but necessary changes to your mix. The ability to mix the Mid and the Sides differently is one of the greatest features ever. I do feel that the V3 is an improvement overall in the flexibility and musicality of the eq's.

B. Herle

April 4, 2016

It's great!

Forgive me for being just a little underwhelmed since I already really liked the v2 eq. I do believe I notice the sonic enhancements in v3, and I'm sure when I take the time, I will find the new features to be quite useful... My only gripe is that the buttons were layed out better in v2. I like to solo mid and side regularly, and they used to be nicely located in the center... now they're a little more out of the way and farther from each other, so flipping back and forth isn't as easy... but I know I'll get used to it...

S. Pappinen Hillert

March 29, 2016

Nice Eq

They've stepped up their game with v.3.

Like the monomaker and the stereospread.

J. Grant

March 24, 2016

Very useful tool to fix problems you didn't know were there!

Very cool design the BX Digital V3 has. The bass and presence shifting is a fantastic tool. The frequency band auto solo is a great feature to have when hunting for that particular frequency without having to tweak too many knobs.

I made a request to the support team to have the option of solo monitoring the side channel "in place" so that it didn't collapse to the center. This is a useful feature but I think it might be more useful to hear the side channels on the side so you can get a sense of the side image. The "in place" button is a feature in their "BX_control" plug in. So it seems like it would be an easy thing to implement on a future release of BX Digital V3.

Must have EQ plugin!

B. Brito

March 22, 2016


Tenho esse plugin na primeira versão e sempre fui apaixonado por ele!!! Agora ficou melhor ainda!!! E com preço acessível demais!!! Parabéns bainworks e UAD.

F. Cabanillas

March 16, 2016

Love it!!!!

I just loved V2!!always on my mixbus,until V3 took its place....certainly is a more dsp hungry plug.but what the hell,all you can do with that plugin ,it,s well worth!!!

P. Broman

March 12, 2016

Brainworx bx_digital V3 EQ Plug-In Collection

The Brainworx bx_digital V3 EQ Plug-In Collection is absoutely worth to buy the upgrade!

J. Castanheira

March 6, 2016

Wonderful upgrade

Wonderful upgrade from V2. It does sound great! Got to mention the air band and the new dynamic eq. and shifters It´s always on my master bus, can´t live without it anymore. Awesome job!
Greetings from Lisbon
José Castanheira

W. Francis Bowie

March 5, 2016

Better and Better.

It just keep getting better.
Great Plugin.


March 4, 2016

brainworx vx v3 eq

superb mastering tool uad perfection as always
thanx folks ...just grabbed the opollo twin usb for the ultimate experience
retro shack Rmac

d. danieli

March 4, 2016

brainworx V3 really works

Brainworx bx digital V3 EQ is always the first plug-in in my mastering chain.
It is very transparent, perfect for mixing and mastering.

141-160 of 197 Results