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Customer Reviews

Brainworx bx_masterdesk Classic

Overall Rating

41-60 of 137 Results

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A. Heinzelmann

March 31, 2019

Hot Tool

The bx-masterdesk Classic is a very good Tool for Mastering my Mixes for a first audition with my clients.

S. Debontridder

March 22, 2019

Instant mastering magic!

This plugin is pure gold. I'm no mastering expert by any stretch (which is why I need a plugin like this one in the first place), but this just sounds so much better than Ozone on my mixes. Way more transparent while being louder at the same time. Good stuff!

M. Nakagawa

March 20, 2019

bx masterdesk clasic

An amazing plug-ing for mastering. Simple and easy!!!!

E. Fehringer

March 19, 2019

Einfach und schnell!!

An Einfachheit kaum zu überbieten!!!
Schnelles und druckvolles Mastering.
Genial für schnelle und zeitsparende Mixes!
I like it

t. srina

March 19, 2019

best !

Very good...

D. Hampton

March 18, 2019


This plugin is superb, simple and easy to uses. It adds depth, width and warmth to everything with a few twist and turns. Get it a be amazed at how things turn out. UAD and Bx collab!

M. Keilhauer

March 18, 2019

Great Redults

Easy to use Plugin in the Masterbus. Setup is a breeze with the help of the dynamic range meter. Good to dial in a powerful sound real quick.


March 14, 2019




March 13, 2019

Brainworx bx_masterdesk Classic

i'm actually glad i made this purchase it does wonders to the mix

K. Babic

March 13, 2019

Fast Mastering Plugin

Fast and easy tweaks for a master without big knowledge.

I. Cazzanello

March 13, 2019

Simple and perfect

I'm not a pro, but I wanna to give a little push to my pre production or my home recording. This is perfect. So far the best plugin I ever tried.

E. Bellerose

March 9, 2019

Super great tool from Brainworx

Really enjoy the quick way to use it and the result it cool. Have to try and I buy.

J. Rodriguez

March 3, 2019

It is ridiculous how well this works, amazing

I just can't believe how well this works. As long as your mix is good, this plugins is the glue of everything. Just a few knowb and you can dial in the right sound

T. Huber

March 1, 2019

instant gratification

thanks UAD for giving me a big discount for this one. I got it free and I tried it on one of my older mastered tracks and had instantly better results.

M. Sidaway

February 28, 2019

Like magic

This plugin is not like magic it IS magical. For quality speed mastering of demos I don’t think it has a peer. Optimum volume attainment with free feeling (spacious) limiting. Uncanny stereo placement and with subtle incremental changes this is now my go to tool. Brilliant!

i. becerril

February 28, 2019


Me encanto la calidad que tiene el plugin !

i. becerril

February 28, 2019


Me encanto la calidad que tiene el plugin !

i. becerril

February 28, 2019


Me encanto la calidad que tiene el plugin !

i. becerril

February 28, 2019


Me encanto la calidad que tiene el plugin !

T. Ellis

February 27, 2019

Simple, useful

A very simple to use and great sounding tool for making quick and consistent masters. Much better than just smashing with an rms limiter. Thanks!

41-60 of 137 Results