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Brainworx bx_masterdesk Classic

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p. albert

May 3, 2020

bx masterdesk Classic

Très efficace, je l'utilise avec d'autres Plug pour équilibrer le niveau de sortie

J. Turner

April 18, 2020

Two thumbs up.

Simple but effective.

K. Frost

February 26, 2020

Works great, easy

Works great, easy to get it dialed.
On master bus in Logic-
Fairchild 670
Brainworks Masterdesk Classic
It works

D. Lacroix

December 29, 2019

Final Piece of the Puzzle

If your having issues mastering your track to get that loudness or if your good at mixing and still ned that level boost, look no further as the Brainworx bx_masterdesk Classic is the final piece of the puzzle!!!!

D. Wilde

November 26, 2019

Cool plugin for the master bus

Been using this on my mixbus to fatten mixes up a little. A little sprinkling of this goes a long way.

W. Peche

November 25, 2019

Rapido y cumplidor

Si necesitas perfila tu master con rapidez esta es una muy buena opcion

J. Kneen

August 31, 2019

Too Loud

Even at the lowest recommended, a nasty loud master. No elegance or grace just loud. Good for Youtube. MS is great but seriously course loudness. That's all I can say...big horrible loud masters..

J. Rodriguez

July 26, 2019


This is the best plug-in by far. Super amazing great Dynamics I love the way that makes the music sound enormous. Keep up the good work. Thanks

L. Callegari

July 3, 2019

fast & good

its not anything like a frofessional mastering engineer, but for print checks and artist/label approval, gets the work done!!

F. Biagetti

June 5, 2019

Great for quick mastering / level matching

This plugin adds width and bass control to my mixes really easily. It's nice to be able to level my mixes to "standard" levels when exporting for outside listening simply for a mastering newbie like myself.

R. Gun

May 12, 2019

Set and forget

Sounds well, does what it should do.
Not more not less.

M. Pearson

April 21, 2019

does the job

Really good if you want a quick fix master, I must admit tho' I do need to spend more time with it, but the presets seem to be working well for now.

J. Dewald

April 15, 2019

As simple as effective!

Love this mastering plug in because even when you're not quite a pro (but even better if so) you will ne able to put some punch to your mix and bring some details to the stereofield. Play with the "sound" knob and change the upper frequency band to bring in crisp or determinate too much highs with lowering the lvl. Only a few things you can change - nothing more is needed most of the time (I confess to use the precision multiband in the mastering chain too).

L. Callegari

April 9, 2019

a fast solution to send AR tests tracks

dial it in, and you get a rough punch to get happy non tech label people.

K. Kaspersen

April 7, 2019

I needed a simple mastering plug-in, then i found this

I needed a mastering plug-in, so I can set better volumes on my recordings.
This simple plug-in was more than i've been looking for. I love the stereo enchancer option. And it delivers a good sound for your demos.

A. Heinzelmann

March 31, 2019

Hot Tool

The bx-masterdesk Classic is a very good Tool for Mastering my Mixes for a first audition with my clients.

S. Debontridder

March 22, 2019

Instant mastering magic!

This plugin is pure gold. I'm no mastering expert by any stretch (which is why I need a plugin like this one in the first place), but this just sounds so much better than Ozone on my mixes. Way more transparent while being louder at the same time. Good stuff!

M. Nakagawa

March 20, 2019

bx masterdesk clasic

An amazing plug-ing for mastering. Simple and easy!!!!

E. Fehringer

March 19, 2019

Einfach und schnell!!

An Einfachheit kaum zu überbieten!!!
Schnelles und druckvolles Mastering.
Genial für schnelle und zeitsparende Mixes!
I like it

t. srina

March 19, 2019

best !

Very good...

21-40 of 132 Results