Brainworx bx_masterdesk Classic

Brainworx bx_masterdesk Classic


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Brainworx bx_masterdesk Classic

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C. M

February 14, 2019

Masterdesk Classic

Brings out the mix with all frequencies. Put this on your stereo bus master output, after you have mixdown. To get the final mix sorted and level. You can't go wrong with the mastering!

G. Nadeau

February 14, 2019

La simplicité

C’est comme 1-2-3 et voila! Ça sonne Pro!

M. Lupis

February 14, 2019


Fast, easy, warm. The easiest Mastering pluggin I ever used. Love the different types of compression. The Stereo is beautiful and organic. A must for quick bounces

C. Guillaume

February 14, 2019


Très simple et efficace , preset immédiatement appliquable. Signal impressionnant. Je conseil

I. Sumenkov

February 14, 2019

And for mixing too!

You can add silky highs to your vocals

T. Mascarenhas

February 13, 2019


Very quick and easy to use. Sound's great!
I'm dreaming about the complete version...

R. Visbal

February 13, 2019

Powerful And Simple!!!

Quick way to master your music. Give it a try, it gets the job done!!!

J. Shaffer

February 13, 2019

Bump & Sizzle

Quick and easy way to make a mix pop. I love what it does for the stereo imaging.

F. Abel

February 13, 2019


Easy mastering plugin! Good stereo enhancer.

E. Andreoli

February 13, 2019

Fast job done

With this you can send mixes to your clients faster and easier, its a fast good enough start point for mastering

H. Coulson

February 13, 2019

Nice and simple.

Nice and easy to use. Best thing about for getting a quick and simple master done.

J. Jordanov

February 13, 2019

Love it!

Love it! Would upgrade to the full version, but not at the current price.

M. Barbieri

February 13, 2019


From super-fast listening mix to accurate production mix this plug-in is the solution! I use it in music stems too. Stereo width is most useful i ever tried.

R. Lamphear

February 11, 2019

Love it

So quick and easy and gets me 'close enough' for tracks that I can't justify a pro mastering service for. Quickly became one of my favorite UAD plugs.

S. Manuaba

February 10, 2019

Easy tu use with great result

Sangat gampang digunakan, dan tentu saja sangat membantu dalam mastering bagi saya yang baru belajar untuk mixing dan mastering.. good job

P. Jacobsson

February 10, 2019

Easy mastering

Easy to use, sound good and make your songs/mixes sounds great. I use it together with the Ampex ATR-102 on master.

t. ando

February 10, 2019

Very easy

But I wish I bought a higher version


February 9, 2019

Easy and effective

I like how easy it is to use it on a mix with less than 10/15 tracks. Super convient and fast

UAD User

February 7, 2019

Brainworx bx_masterdesk Classic

it's simple and cool and edible

S. Elefteriu

February 6, 2019

Warm and subtle

Good for simple arrangements if you us it alone. But, in a chain with some Precision UAD plug-ins is very effective with a great result. Subtle, because the initial tracks compression is preserved in an “artistically” way, but gaining enough “naturally” power for a real MASTER. Tested on classic music, jazz, electro. I suppose it can be used (with a professional tweaking) on any music production. For users that don’t have the Precision Bundle, but they have complex (and many) tracks, I would go for the Big Brother.
Tested in Sequoia, Sonar, Sound Forge 12. Another surprisingly very good result was as an insert in OZONE’s 8 Advanced chain.
It’s a recommended buy.

61-80 of 129 Results