Brigade Chorus Pedal

Brigade Chorus Pedal


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Brigade Chorus Pedal

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t. Armenis

November 2, 2020

Brigade Chorus Pedal is a monster.

I really like Brigade Chorus Pedal. I really wanted a chorus like this to my new Apollo x6.

C. Gilbert

November 1, 2020

Most Satisfied!

I can't be more satisfied with my apollo solo! If you are a serious artist who wants to hear a DISTINCINT difference in signal and sound I highly-highly recommend you this product! From my very first time hitting play back I could instantly notice the difference! I can't be more satisfied with my purchase to join the Universal Audio fam and support and own top notch quality gear! It's an amazing investment if music is something you're invested in!! - Ceejae!

T. Taivalaho

October 31, 2020

Simple and great

Simple to use, great sound.

I. Corradini

October 31, 2020

nice to have

does exactly what you expect

A. Alegre

October 30, 2020


Awesome plugin! strongly recommended!!

A. Faraboli

October 23, 2020

Great plugin

Great plugin. Use it a lot.

B. Jarrell

October 15, 2020

Doubles as a sex toy!

The vibrato on this chorus is so good my girlfriend keeps trying to sit on my Apollo Solo!

T. Delannay

October 15, 2020


Top produit. Merci UAD

G. Spove

October 14, 2020


Enkel att använda, varm och djup.
Great flavour!

K. K

October 13, 2020

very good

real Bos Chorus!!

UAD User

October 13, 2020

Amazing pedal emulation!

I love tracking with this pedal on my Apollo and using it for mix. Sounds like the real thing to me!

G. Cesarano

October 12, 2020

Brigade Chorus Pedal

Simple and effective.

D. Plohovich

October 9, 2020

Easy to use - hard not to use ;)

Easy to use and with that golden analog sound!

V. Volchenko

October 7, 2020

Brigade Chorus Pedal

Отлично работает. Эффект очень выразительный.

S. Harris

October 7, 2020


The presets are fantastic. I have an original Boss CE-1, and man this plugin is good!

G. Porrino

October 6, 2020

Brigade Chorus Pedal.

I had the original BOSS CE-1 Chorus Ensemble back in the 80's, given to me by Gary Moore, after which I used it at live shows for years. Sadly, it was stolen, and I've never found another. However, this plugin is the Boss (pun intended). Warm, and authentic. What's not to like?

L. Carestia

October 4, 2020


I Love this Chorus Pedal! Thankssss

M. kaltenbaugh

October 3, 2020

Great effect!

Very nice effect an various instruments. Adds an extra depth.

C. Kamen-Green

October 1, 2020

Wonderful chorus

The Brigade chorus pedal is wonderful. It has a warmth and width that not only gives great character to whatever you put it on, but also sits so nicely in the mix. Present without crowding the sonic space.

R. Esposito

September 30, 2020

one of my best chorus options

in my big 3 chorus option plugs this is my go to

21-40 of 559 Results