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Brainworx bx_refinement

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C. Tamas

December 12, 2014

Brainworx bx_refinement Plug-In

really impressed plugin, and understandable and it works as beauty

M. Navia

November 10, 2014

Big surprise

Is one of those plug-in not caught my attention. I tried it by accident and loved it. It is not always necessary, but if I have a strident mix ITB, works great.

K. Gorski

October 28, 2014

Warm review

A very nice plug as far as warming up tracks goes and even more. Try it!

D. Piredda

September 15, 2014

how to solve the master

its sound helps me in the end giving the whole song a special touch beauty! truly superior sound.

E. Portugal

September 2, 2014

Harshness back in control

Lately I've been working towards controlling distortion and digital harshness. I've tried this plug-in and it works as magic. The result is very evident and it is beautiful!

H. Zwarts

August 6, 2014

unique and helpful plug in

Damn I really like this plug in. It is really doing his job on a perfect way.
Brainworx is a great new partner on the UAD platform! Keeping the high standard for audio plug ins!

C. Oliver

August 2, 2014

Subtle and Magical - An Essential Tool For mixing and mastering

Subtle, yet powerful. It is magical. Just pulling up old mixes and adding it to the master bus (preset "Air and heavy Warmth") adds that subtle something that is only noticed when the effect is bypassed. On a try vocal recorded with a Korby Kat Blue through a Pacifica and Variohm Magneto (200 setting) -BX Refinement took the sound even deeper into vintage-magic-Telefunken territory. You could spend all day trying to "EQ your way to what this plugin does... in just seconds. For dampening "Dynamics Mode" always sounds the best to me. I start with "Air and Heavy Warmth" preset and adjust from there. No matter what I add this to it always makes it sound.. BETTER. If you are mixing and mastering your own material THIS IS A MUST HAVE!

E. Waters

July 28, 2014


I'm constantly trying to correct tracks that are either too bright & harsh or too dull. Used it on some tracks in a mix. Haven't gone through all of its possibilities but it does a good job of taking the edge off harsh sounds & does it a bit differently than an EQ.

S. Oxford

July 22, 2014

Verty Subtle

This is one subtle but effective plug.. Just getting started trying it in various places but can say on a harsh male vocal part it really made the track gel with the rest of the vox.. Very impressive!

R. Kempny

June 20, 2014

bx_refinement plugin

Just stunning. Easy to set parameters and great results. Really highly recommend this plugin to all audio and mastering engineers.

C. Silva

June 17, 2014

Seven stars !

My new favorite UAD plugin. Amazing, quick, effective and simple to use. Very versatile from everyday mixing to delicate mastering work (i do mostly mastering but still like to mix a single or two a month). Refinement can be extremely subtle to brutally smooth. The only thing i'll change is adding a center frequency adjustment for the filter.

J. Alberto

June 4, 2014


wow , esto si es espectacular , magia total . mi rpoxima compra sera este plugins.

S. Menge

May 12, 2014

Very nice plugin!

I like this plugin not only tames harshness frequency wise. But if you use the dynamics at the high speed you also can tame hard peaks (for example: too hard hitting drums or a kick that's to dominant in the low end). It really makes things smooth! (Tested native version)

L. Wilson-wolfe

May 9, 2014

Don't demo if you're broke.

1) Place this plug-in as an insert on a track, bus or master . . . .

2) Move the damping knob up a little . . . makes everything sound a little dull . . .

3) Add in a little 'presence', brings back a little top end . . .

4) So far so boring, not the most exciting plug in, no great improvement . . .

5) Then hit the bypass switch . . . and wow !! So that's what the track needed !!!

One of those very very rare mythical magic box plug-ins that seems to bring a track (or mix) to life, in simple terms - to the ear - it seems to pull out a lot of upper mid crap you didn't realise you had and replace it with much higher airy frequencies, whatever it does it does it without changing the overall sound of your track, don't demo if you're broke.

S. Smith

May 9, 2014

Exchange Edgy for Warm

I wasn't expecting to like this so much! But I must say that some material simply sounds better run through this processor. Less edge, sometimes more definition, and a richness that some sources just lack by themselves. It really is the same wY I feel about tubes. Some material needs this "medicine." Of course not everything does, so be sure to demo on several different things, and really get familiar with the parameters and what it can do before you decide

A. Khmyzau

May 8, 2014

Plug-in of which I dreamed.

This miracle allows to turn a sound of an inexpensive microphone like at 4047 into something fantastic. I.e. for me the issue with acquisition of expensive lamp microphone thanks to this plug-in was resolved.
Thanks to the universal audio team!

K. Jones

May 8, 2014

Fantastic Plug In

This is an amazing plug in. Transforms your mixes into much warmer sounding end results. Pulls out harsh frequencies you don't even realise are there until you bypass the plug in.
It's also great on individual tracks that may need treatment in your mix such as OH's, guitars or vocals etc.... I've tried using it on all these tracks and always get a better result.
It's very versatile and you can mix in just the right amount of treatment and warmth without going too far. It is a must have and I will be using it on all my mixes from now on. I really love this plug in....

C. Roets

May 6, 2014

curbing the harshness

I've used a lot of the native BX plugins and they have always delivered a high standard of usability and musicality . This latest UAD exclusive is a truly impressive and unique mastering tool and in my opinion a must have for any pro or semi-pro mastering engineer. With a few slight adjustments I was able to tame the harshness of the most untameable of mixes and have been completely blown away with the results, this is true magic .

H. Zwarts

May 6, 2014

great concept!

Awesome plug in! Does the job in a great way. sound natural.

D. Muzic

May 3, 2014

great mastering plugin

I am using this plugin in my mastering chain. It opens the sound in very pleasant and musical way. High frequencies start to shine, hi-hats sparkle. At the same time no harshness is introduced. Saturation drives the sound and give that extra punch which is so good in dance music. I simply couldn't resist buying it after demoing on many projects.

101-120 of 122 Results