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Brainworx bx_saturator V2

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n. mendez

January 16, 2018


Saturation is that magic fix when you have tried everything and seek that mysterious magic bullet to add that texture to make certain sounds or even the entire mix shine...

D. Kirsch

January 16, 2018

love it

great for widening mixes and making the low end mono as well as saturation.......great plugin


January 11, 2018

Amazing for mix bus duties

Amazing for the mix bus.
You can add a lot without! There are other distortion plugins that are better for single tracks. But for busses this one is the best I’ve tried.

D. Avworo

June 28, 2017

Good for everything

Try this plug with your 808... Simply dope

A. Glass

March 8, 2017

Gives a great push!

I use this a lot on snare low end, really helps push it and give it a "thump" only found by this app. This is not another simple saturation/harmonic distortion plugin, this is way more than that.

M. Hedlund

January 23, 2017

Love it

I use it to widen acoustic guitars, or on the master bus to center the lower frequencies which makes the whole mix sound bigger, yet tighter. ...and I believe I'm just scratching the surface here...

A. Lawson

January 9, 2017

fun times

cool little plug by brainworks, i love this sucker on drum and the ability to control the eq from within the plugin.. have a play. yezza

J. Fanus

January 6, 2017

Blown away by this plugin

Saturation or warmth or whatever it is, this plugin has it in spades

B. Hoener

December 31, 2016

Mastering with a Monster Eq in 2017

Just getting my feet wet with this bad boy! With Mid/side processing and loads of bells and whistles, I'm sure this will make my life easier!

J. Baxter

December 30, 2016

Different flavors...

Limited experience using this plug-in, but it seems to be doing what I think it should. I've been considering the Culture Vulture but, for the price, I decided to try this one out. So far, so good! This plug is helping me lo-fi one of my old blues tunes - pretty cool. :)

D. Good

December 21, 2016


This Plugin is awesome, very good slight overdrive for drums or keys. Everything Brainworx makes is top notch and unique!

S. Markichev

December 14, 2016

Great plug-in!

This is a great buy! Great plug-in! Sounds is very clarity.
Intuitive controls = I have a nice Track!

V. Lluch Fuentes

December 11, 2016

It works!

It's so great, it makes another step with your mixes.

ł. kalinowski

December 6, 2016

my to go saturator

Its great too for fast and precise saturation from soft to extreme i'm finding this useful as a coloring tool and harmonics generator or even "devastator" i like this on drums and bass i can easily and fast add some grit, or even dirt :) as i like :D great plugin!

K. Gilroy

December 3, 2016

No, It’s a “YES BRAINER” on the Brainworx bx_saturator V2 and the V3 also!

The Brainworx V2 is just simply a hands down must have …there’s nothing that can do what this little guy does. And The V3…WOW….The Mono – The M/S – The Razor Edits – IT’S CLEAN! It was my first favorite, I knew it was going on my 1st list. I ordered within 10 minutes. It’s not a DSP Hog either. Get It! The V2 is the same story. What great Tools! Try the 2 mic trick that Doug suggests. Thank You, UA, I’m Loving it! THIS REALLY ROCKS!!!

F. Johanns

December 2, 2016

Interesting results but could be easier to handle

Nice plug-in and the results are really good but the handling of this plug-in could have been done better.
It takes some time to understand how it works.

R. Zagiba

August 15, 2016

bx2 plugin

cant describe by words how amazed I am. this plugin is something i was looking for a long time. very refreshing!

M. Spaans

August 7, 2016

Nice plug-in for 'edging' my mix

I've tried this plugin because the former owner licenses were still active on the twin duo I bought second hand. it was a no brainer for me, it gives my mixes and a certain clarity/sheen (call it dedigitalizing). While being fairly new in the mid/side processing business, this plugin didn't scare me to experiment with it. Use it mostly on my master or busses to save up the processing power or i resample tracks through the saturator.

O. Eremin

January 9, 2016


Very oK !!! My tracks have a new sound!!! Thanks to the ALL engineers UAD!!!

O. Eremin

January 9, 2016


Very oK !!! My tracks have a new sound!!! Thanks to the ALL engineers UAD!!!

21-40 of 50 Results