C-Suite C-Vox™ Noise & Ambience Reduction

C-Suite C-Vox Noise & Ambience Reduction


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C-Suite C-Vox Noise & Ambience Reduction

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J. Bautista

December 5, 2021

Simple. Powerful. Wonderful.

We are lucky to have the chance to use this piece of software in our UAD systems from a veteran and well renowned company like CEDAR Audio, which provides the - possibly - most advanced and intelligent noise reduction system worldwide.

This plugin, through its intentionally built minimal interface, it's designed to do an indispensable task in tracking and mixing when the source was recorded in a noisy environment: take over the de-noise job in the most transparent way, and prepare the audio signal for the next process in the routing chain, with minimum artifacts.

This is it: simple, powerful and wonderful. If you learn how to calibrate the amount of noise and ambient reduction with this plugin in relationship with other processing effects and support tracks in the mix... This is a real killer, dude. If we add this to the fact that everything is happening in realtime... Amazing.

R. Holm

December 5, 2021


I love it...

Y. Kim

December 5, 2021

Really good one

Its Amazing..

J. Neves

December 3, 2021


Very easy to great great results straight off the bat. I recently recorded some vocals without using a reflection filter (on purpose, of course) and it really managed to get rid of the room sound while still preserving the main characteristics of it. Great addition to my vocal processing chain!

D. De La Fuente

December 2, 2021

Youtube reviews don't do it justice

I primarily do voice over, and this plug In is amazing! The YouTube reviews don't do it justice. I have RX noise and that does a good job, but wow, the c-vox plug in is great for tracking! I had to go to using a dynamic mic, then an Icon Pro just to reject as much house noise as possible. With this plug in I was able to go back to using my Large Condenser mic and it sounds like I'm recording in a sound proof booth! I can literally have my ac running in the background and this plug in removes it completely without reducing the quality of my vocal. I wish I would've gotten this sooner! Ive increased my clientele as a result of being able to use my Mojave mic, resulting in more $$.


December 1, 2021

Must Have.

The difference this makes is remarkable ! A definite must have.

T. Parks

November 11, 2021

C-Suite C-Vox Noise & Ambience Reduction

I am very happy with this plugin because I am recording in a small room. It definitely helps when you do not have the proper acoustic treatment in your room. It’s one of my go to plugins now.

b. moore

November 9, 2021

Great at taking out ambient noise in a home studio

Great at taking out ambient noise in a home studio! I figured I’d take a chance on this software, to see if I could help mitigate the air movement sounds brought up on voiceover recordings, I bought three or four different types of software and this one worked right out of the box, and gave a smooth consistent clean sound. Although all ambient noise remover’s do give a “hollow sound”, Since there’s no real ambient room left, you can develop this with the Neve 88, or 1073 very well.

A. Bäckström

November 1, 2021


Beautiful plugin. The future of room de-noise.

A. Kouthoofd

October 21, 2021

Living room love.

I can sing in my living room without the sound of my girlfriends hard typing on her laptop keyboard in the kitchen and kids playing in their room. It makes me feel like I'm in vocal booth for much less money. Worth every cent. I will recommend it to all my fellow UAD friends and prospects.

Thanks for making singing at home fun again!

M. Ivey

October 13, 2021

Superior HQ Plugin! A Must for Vocals

I purchased this plugin a few months ago and I always wait and closely evaluate before jumping at putting up a review. I read other subpar reviews for this plugin and I'm actually astounded that there are those who feel they can get the same result from other plugins. E.g. Waves WNS and etc.

I own a number of other plugins that handle noise and while it may be true to a degree that there are other plugins that compensate for noise. This is the ONLY plugin of its kind that allows you to significantly reduce room and other surrounding noise "while you are recording in real time". NO OTHER plugin I know of can do this and do it so transparently well. I have a well treated room but there are always trucks and cars passing by during mid day. Since I've started using this plugin, I have been able to record pristine clear vocals that sound very natural with those cars and trucks rolling past my house and those ambient noises never make it to the track.

Love this plugin!

It does take a few seconds of audio signals to pass through it before it kicks in. I think it performs some type of algorithm to assess the incoming signal against the ambient surrounding noise before it is usable. But after that, the results are absolutely stellar IMHO.

Very very pleased with the purchase and have since redone many vocals using the plugin and the results are as night and day. You can alternatively use throw it on a track and use it like Waves and other plugins but I've found this plugin shines best when recording in real-time to disk.

Haven't used it on any thing other than vocals so I can't provide any feedback in any other respect but I highly recommend this plugin otherwise.

D. Frickenschmidt

October 12, 2021

Superior Solution

This plugin does a better job from my view, than all the alternatives mentioned in some comments here. It is obvious, that some seem to struggle to understand how to properly use it. I also shake my head about some Chinese folks with one or two star ratings, without even respecting common English. As a German, I would not post extremely negative comments, without naming proper reasons, in the only global common language everybody has a chance to understand.

D. Gadberry

September 28, 2021

Pretty amazing plugin for an amazing box.

My Apollo twin | X sees the most usage during my multiple daily Zoom sessions. I work at home and I live in a townhouse where my neighbors seem to be totally obsessed with landscaping. That means leaf blowers, lawn mowers, edgers, and other random noise making devices all day long. Throw in my rack of 4 computers, 2 network switches, and a professional router and the racket used to drive me crazy. Well, I am no longer crazy! C-Vox does an absolutely incredible job with the computer noise, reducing it to a completely inaudible level without adversely affecting my speech. My voice emerges from a blanket of absolute quiet, much to the surprise of the other Zoom participants. I generally get asked at least twice a week, "why do you sound so good?" I tell them it's magic...in a little box on my desk.

N. Chasse

September 24, 2021

What is this

this is some kind of magic

M. Pearce

September 23, 2021

Every bedroom studio needs this!!

Does a remarkable job of eliminating noise from sub optimal recording spaces, room noise, rumble and reflections disappear and your left with a vocal that sounds like it was recorded in a professional booth

S. Shaw

September 16, 2021

Dope! Not just for vocal!

More intelligent than iZotope RX. And this thing runs in real time!

E. Calzado

September 15, 2021

Mind Blowing Plugin

Im New UAD costumer and when I started try plugins to see what ill chose for buy. this one Blows my mind. I had to get it really quick at the five minutes of testing!. no others plugins can do what this one do!. This sounds like magic in voices specially for me because I normally receive voice records from many not ideal environments .. This is the real deal!!!

L. Liu

September 8, 2021



X. Moreno

September 7, 2021

Great Plug

I was able to try it on audio from a video source that needed clean up and it did a phenomenal job at cleaning it up (better than other plugs I've used). I used it on a vocal track for an acoustic song I'm recording and it did a phenomenal job on that as well. I just can't pull the trigger right now but if goes down to around $150-$200 I will then purchase it.

U. z

August 30, 2021


这个东西只能说有点鸡肋 被七线阁吹上天 实则是真的不是那么的值得花这么多钱买 七线阁也是个老骗局了 不过ua的产品确实不错 多多支持一些不错的千万别盲目跟风!

41-60 of 125 Results