C-Suite C-Vox™ Noise & Ambience Reduction

C-Suite C-Vox Noise & Ambience Reduction


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C-Suite C-Vox Noise & Ambience Reduction

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O. Taskin

May 28, 2021

Thats magic guys

I am so impressed ... it feels like magic. So clean and intelligent.

A. Vo

May 28, 2021

Not powerful enough to justify the premium

I'm sure this will do for very light touchup situations but it can't even get rid of the noise from a small fan in my studio at full attenuation which is more than to be expected for $350.

D. Lambrianos

May 27, 2021

C-Vox vs. iZotope Voice De-noise

I just checked C-Vox vs. iZotope Voice De-noise.
The C-Vox is far superior that the iZotope. In essence iZotope Voice De-noise creates more artifacts on the voice compare to C-Vox. Even though some people are complaining that the Cedar C-Vox on UAD does not has learn adaptive mode button the truth is that C-vox is much better than iZotope for sure.

Having many restoration tools I do not think that there is anything that can come close to CEDAR. It sounded that I recorded something in a proper insulated room without artifacts.
That I have never expected from UA!!!
This a good choice by the UA people.

Please check it out side by side and you will see...

Congratulations UA team

S. Parikh

May 27, 2021

C-Suite C-Vox Noise & Ambience Reduction

great plugin,I love for tracking lead vocal with un treated room.

C. Turbiville

May 27, 2021

Finally! buuuuttt

Geez UAD $349 for basically a utility. I know its really good, and I'll end up getting it for when I travel and have a VO session, but at $349 clearly UAD is capturing all of the early adopter cash flow first then it will settle into probably a $150 range. I'm a buyer at $150.

J. Dockerty

May 27, 2021


I was Absolutely blown away by C-Vox, the way it cleans Vocals up even when recorded within a bad environment and makes them sounding like they are recorded within an expensive acoustically treated room. I’m hoping to see an acoustic guitar type C-Guitar plugin from Cedar they are absolute legends and I’m so happy they have joined forces with UA.

R. Holt

May 26, 2021

Best noise reduction ever!!

I’m in the middle of doing stem mastering for a client. The vocal stems have too much reverb and the overall recording was very noisy. Mainly due to cheap mic preamps and the microphone itself. This plugin totally clean up the vocals in a natural way. The washed out sound of the reverb was removed and it brought the vocals forward without any artifacts. The ambience control didn’t do much. However this plugin still gets 5 stars. Don’t demo this plugin if you don’t plan to buy it… If you do YOU’LL BUY IT AT SOME POINT!!

C. Lam

May 21, 2021


What kind of sorcery is this. The moment it's on sale I'm getting it. One knob magic for getting rid of noise on a particular synth of mine. I can't believe this thing.

H. vincent

May 20, 2021

so natural !

like a gardient angel, invisible but here to solve your problems ... great tool

J. Frias

May 19, 2021

This a Great Automated Gate, Definitely a bit overpriced.

Easy to use, does its job. You can do this with any other gate/expander. I love UAD but way too expensive!

P. Webb

May 18, 2021

The holy grail

Your studio is now outdated with acoustic sound treatment, C-Vox pair with the API vision channel strip (Gate& Compressor,Ect…)

UAD User

May 17, 2021

Mind blowing

If you’re doing playback and running UAD autotune and not using UAD C-Suite before autotune in the plug in rack in Console, you’re f***ing fired.

J. Sugarev

May 16, 2021


Will do nothing for a bad room. The ambience reduction does little to nothing. The noise reduction is great, by far the best real time I've seen. A bit expensive but hope they have a sale soon so I can get it.

a. florez

May 15, 2021

son lo mejores

gracias por pensar en eso pequeños detalle ustedes son los mejores


May 15, 2021

Great plug and definitely a keeper

Does a great job and when used correctly, it's almost invisible. More awesome utility plugs like these please!

M. Clay

May 14, 2021

Vital addition fort my studio

I used this in the early hours of this norning to record a vocal track. I am using a U87, but am struggling with the room. There is also the slight noise from the computer fan to contend with.

It worked fine and did not do too much damage to the U87 sound. It really focused it and took away the computer noise and room issues no problem and I still had a quality U87 recording to work with post noise process. I used this followed by Antares advanced pitch correction followed by my compressor and eq. I gained the smoothest and most focused recording I have made to date with no room issues.

It works, It is the best noise cancelling software I have come across by far. I have shyed away from using them before because every time they took too much away from the recording quality of the vocal. Yes, this really does work and it still sounds like a U87 post noise/room cancellation

R. Andersen

May 14, 2021

WOW! Mind blown and my jaw needs reassembling! I dare you to demo it and not need to buy it!

This is insane! Demo it! I dare you!
Lockdown made tracking vocal sessions at home vital. I have a noisy trash can Mac Pro and never used my condensor mics due to the noise from the fan. This changes EVERYTHING and it makes me so happy. Its killer with my SM7 as it has tons of rejection already, but now I have my full arsenal of mics to use for vocals. Pure magic and I am so grateful! Thank you UAD!

Y. Kece

May 14, 2021

zu teuer

es soll richtig gut sein aber, ich wünschte es wäre 99 euro

C. McCormack

May 13, 2021

Fantastic addition!

This basically solved all my problems in a few seconds. I've been hoping for something like this for a while. Thanks UAD!

J. Mateo

May 12, 2021

Must have tool when working in a untreated room

This was a must have since lately I have been doing a lot of live streaming work for clients and the rooms they pick are less than quiet or treated. normally I use RX or something similar but being able to use this in real time while still having a transparent noise and echo reduction is AMAZING.

101-120 of 125 Results