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Cambridge EQ

Cambridge EQ

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Customer Reviews

Cambridge EQ

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P. Tomety

October 11, 2015

Hello Mr. Doc

This is an amazing EQ, I use it for surgical cutting, very useful to get rid of dirt and mud in your mix. I love the different low and high cut curves, you will definitely find the right one you need.

But I would like to have two more options on this one:

- mid/side
-spectrum analyzer.

This is my new "go to" guy.

Thanks to UA for this EQ.

UAD User

October 2, 2015

Very Flexable EQ

Using the Cambrigde EQ and having the flexablities needed to dial in frequency bands is a must in Sound design. This is an excellent EQ for the tool box and UAD powered systems.

C. Perez Iserte

September 20, 2015

Highly recommended!

Highly recommended!! i would like to see a Spectrum analyzer included.
But i'm pleased with the purchase

UAD User

September 1, 2015

Exceptional EQ

I love this EQ. It allows me to tailor a sound specifically to how I like it. It's easy to use and it sounds great. A must have for all engineers.

G. Arya

August 17, 2015

Great Go-To for EQ, but...

When I first bought the Cambridge, I was a little skeptical about how much I would actually use it. After the first few tracks I used it on however, I was sold. It's clean, intuitive, and the documentation is solid.

My favorite feature is the versatility of the selectable curves for the cuts. My biggest complaint is the lack of a built in spectrum analyzer which I've found to be pretty standard on most other EQ plugins.

My biggest piece of advice to anyone not liking the sound they're getting is to actually read the documentation and learn how to use the 3 types to your advantage, as well as the various types of shelving if you're not getting the results you desire from the EQ shelves.

M. Schirmer

August 8, 2015

Great! BUT...

This is my To-Go EQ for mixing single tracks! BUT I really miss a spectrum analyzer in the background of the EQ curve!!!
This is really steep and neutral if wanted and there is NO other EQ out there which can do this! (yes melda is steep but frequencies stay and much own sound)

G. Postorino

August 4, 2015

The "everything" EQ

I was on the fence about purchasing this plugin. I desperately needed a solid parametric EQ as my "go-to's" were leaving something to be desired - especially in the higher frequencies (5k and up). After reading the reviews and demoing the plugin extensively, I decided to bite the bullet. I'm so glad I did. The Cambridge puts every other parametric EQ in my plugin folder to shame. It can do everything from surgical EQ work to broad stroke boosts and cuts, all handled with ease. The high and low pass filter options are UNREAL! I have never heard a filter set with so few phasing issues. Add to it that the plugin only consumes 1% DSP power per instance and it's no wonder this little gem has risen above the rest of my EQ's. A must have!

N. Dranov

June 5, 2015

Great EQ - Low DSP

A very nifty little eq with great sound and nice filter options. I find myself using many instances of it - and its low DSP hit - for adjusting tracks, groups and effect returns in the beginning of a mix for which I might end up using the bigger (massive passive) or more colorful (eg Pultec and Trident) guns. But often the trusty Cambridge stays, at least for hi/lo passes and more surgical cuts. It gets a lot of use and I'm very happy with this eq.

UAD User

April 14, 2015

Cambridge EQ

I have several vst EQ's.......some which even came with my DAW....but the Cambridge out performs them all ! I would recommend this wholeheartedly.

p. donnelly

April 10, 2015


great little surgical eq with lots of options really handy for fixing problems

S. Simard

March 7, 2015

Super EQ

Il est tout simplement fantastique.

A. Geisen

January 26, 2015

Love the Cambridge EQ

The Cambridge EQ is a very nice sounding EQ which i love for his clean sound and steep filters. Its not modelled after a specific unit and is a digital EQ but does not sound harsh if you boost it a lot. The colorful GUI design and functionality is just great and very intuitiv. The filters sound really musical but you can go steep enough to use them for special effects.It is also very CPU friendly which is perfect for doing all the basic EQ work in the mix. The Oxford EQ was the one i used a lot before i bought the cambridge EQ. Sorry Sonnox i guess i have a new favourite... :-)

D. Zannoni

January 15, 2015

Good Sound - Great Flexibility

Great multi low and high cut filters, much more of a simple eq.
I like its sound because it isn't cold compared to other.
Increase the "character" of the sound.
Flexible and multifunctional - I use it with all !

D. Gillis

January 14, 2015

Great EQ - noticable resolution.

Good, easy to use EQ. Transparent and musical.
I tried this and the Oxford as a demo but ended up finding that the Cambridge EQ did the same things at half the price.

M. Malík

January 14, 2015

Great sounding EQ

Great sounding EQ with usefull functions. I love it. Thanks again!

M. Malík

January 14, 2015

Great sounding EQ

Great sounding EQ with usefull functions. I love it. Thanks again!

N. Nicol

January 12, 2015

Great! Big step up from Logic Pro X EQ

This EQ is all about the sound. Push it and it does not get as harsh as others. The low end curve options are great. Another great feature is that it is VERY light on DSP so you can feel comfortable a large amount of tracks with room to spare!

D. Emmanuel

January 12, 2015

Cambridge EQ Par Excellent

The Cambridge band EQ is in a class by itself, with great results for mastering.
Giving results that are of the highest professional EQ that recording engineers can rely on.

C. Waldron

December 31, 2014

Great EQ!

I've got a lot of eq's but this is my go to for surgical stuff. It's clean and very transparent.

L. Jun

December 30, 2014

EQ is very good

The EQ is very good, in the digital EQ inside this is absolutely in the upper level. If you can get rid of the low frequency in turbidity is better. In short, the EQ is a good cost-effective EQ.

241-260 of 517 Results