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Cambridge EQ

Cambridge EQ

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Regular Price: $149.00


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Customer Reviews

Cambridge EQ

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K. Lohmann

June 1, 2011

Just bought the half-yearly-sale Cambridge bargain for 89,99, put in on a drum track and - WOW! That beast throws me for a loop. Sharp and powerful. Haven't heard something similar in software plugins yet, it's going to be my new baby now:-)

C. Soulos

May 29, 2011

When I need an operation to save a life I call on a surgeon.
This is the maker of fine sound for me.
Completely responsible for many saved sounds.
Cleaned up quite a few muddy recordings with just this baby.

I. Komlinovic

April 5, 2011

One of the best plugin i have ever work with. Surgical precision and clean transparent sound makes it most common choice for me same in mixing or mastering processes. It sounds far more serious then it looks like.

S. Patel

February 1, 2011

gr8 has changed my all sounds like OMG ....this is my first purchased plugin in uad list.........gr8 to buy .....i love UAD

M. Daniele

March 1, 2010

I just tested it in demo mode, but I can say it's a great-sounding and very powerful plugin.
An additional spectrum analyzer function would make it an even greater tool, for mastering purposes especially: if it will be implemented in the future, I will not hesitate a millisecond to buy it!

C. Buchanan

March 24, 2009

Pretty much the best EQ there is in regards to surgical EQ'ing. I use it with Spectrum Analyzers and I have compared with other EQ's, there is pretty much nothing like the Elliptic Filters on this, they actually cut what they say they cut, unlike pretty much every other EQ.

R. Saxby

March 13, 2009

This baby is great. I use this for a multiband compressor with the fairchild and also for other mastering situations. Wow. This is my favorite e.q out of all of them and that says a lot because the neve and pultecs are phenomenal! (Everything else UA makes is also great) Jesus saves us from our sins. Blessed be his name in all of Heaven and Earth!

J. Mossberg

June 20, 2008

I've waited for years to get my hands on this - in a way it was one of the reasons I went for the Mac Pro... It's every bit as good as I'd hoped - and even easier to use. Powerful and simplicity itself. And my single card easily runs 22 stereo instances of it. Best software EQ I've ever worked with or heard.

T. Evans

May 16, 2008

This is used by used in restoration and mastering of live audience recordings and i can't say enough about this...powerful, clean and intuitive..and theres no better options for a low cut from the bessels to the recording can suffer many boom and dc offset issues and the cambridge saves the day, every day.

thank you UAD!!

I. Sutton

May 11, 2008

I have found Heavan, it is in cambridge. I do not scratch my head that much anymore , and i have completely stopped banging my head against the wall,and the bumps and briuses are nearly cleared up. So if you have not converted yet, I am sorry for your pain. UAD IS HOW YOU SPELL GOD........ I am in heavan thank you GOD sorry UAD.

J. Kinsella

April 8, 2008

I seriously Love this EQ. I choose it over any other EQ, It is much more than just any old bread and butter eq. Serious, it is the Daddy. The perfect EQ. Anything that needs just that bit of analogue warmth, minute frequency adjusts, or even huge scale warping of frequencies, i dont think i have come across a better eq then this in a paragraphic form. Forget TC Powercore - just unstable nonsense, Some of Waves stuff is ok, But, nothing compares to UAD. I'm not kissing arse either, it is the good Truth that this company is simply the best in the business.

M. Acosta

February 6, 2008

I learned how to use EQ by using the Q10 from Waves as I used it for 2 years. I like the control I have with the cambridge.. I can scoop a drum tracks low end very clean.. It looks great too.

G. Golbraich

November 2, 2007

This one must be included in your DAW for "all task eq".
The GUI is beautiful, sounds very good for any generic task, and very easy to use.
I love this plugin.

D. Wolfram

November 1, 2007

At first, I was looking at the reviews for the Sony Oxford EQ (for the Powercore) and I thought that was the way forward, but then I came across the UAD Cambridge and was completely amazed. Not only is this studio grade EQ quality but the price is unbelievable. When you consider the the Sony Oxford EQ is nearly $850 and the Cambridge is just $149, I am astounded. Include this EQ in your collection of EQ's without any delay.

D. Danzi

November 1, 2007

An excellent EQ for the power user. If you can't get what you're looking for out of this EQ, hopefully you have the others in the Neve bundle and they may suit your particular project more. But to me, if you have a problem area that needs to be fixed, this is the one to go to.

A. Vax

October 26, 2007

it's KILLER EQ! good tool for surgycal tweaks and also amazing eq for removing sub bass artifacts.
good job, UA!!!

C. Cormier

December 20, 2006

Absolutely the best EQ I've used, if you want a 'surgical' precise approach. It doesn't color the sound, if that's what you're looking for, try another EQ. This one does what it's supposed to do, my typical projects might have one or two Pultecs but a few dozen of these, to 'fine tune' audio tracks in an unobtrusive way. It's very sparing on resource consumption, so you can use it everywheres.

D. Michaels

November 7, 2006

slamming unit. I use it on everything. if you need a great eq that will let you hone in on the frequency you need to boost or cut this bad boy does it with grace and prescence.

J. Heidecke

November 2, 2006

Immer wieder probier ich meine anderen EQs und meistens läuft es doch wieder auf den Cambridge hinaus, zumindest immer da, wo mehr als ein highpass-Filter gebraucht wird und/oder auf den Klang besonders Wert gelegt werden muss!

A. Jungkunst

September 25, 2006

Very, very musical and atmospheric! Exactly that what I was looking/hearing for!

481-500 of 517 Results