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Cambridge EQ

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W. Woertman

December 19, 2013

Great product!

Good quality in the high freq's!!

I find it better than the Sonnox eq en miles above Fabfilter eq software.
Also the controls are really fast accessible and easy to use 4 fast eq or expert use.


M. Coninx

December 19, 2013

Good EQ

I use this plugin in every project for different processes.. It's easy to hande and very precize! Better then the most other eqs out there.. My standard EQ for producing and mixing.. In my opinion, UAD don't need to make a second version of this one.. ;)

T. Aksur

December 18, 2013


i use much this plugin and i like filters. it is so cool and perfect..

R. Gallow

December 18, 2013

Great Sounding EQ

Bought this to go with the Pultec's I have to perform more percision type of eq'ing. I A/B'd it with the same type if EQ that came stock with studio one and the comparision was night and day. It sounded more open and detailed. I think its a great sounding eq and can't wait to use it a bit more.

B. Mclendon

December 17, 2013

The cambridge eq is is my "Go To" Eq plugin

UAD’s Cambridge EQ is very similar to Sonnox’s
Oxford EQ in terms of its colourful graphic layout
as well as functionality. Cambridge wins me over
with its pristine yet warm sound quality. This EQ
is often described as being “surgical”. Indeed it
does provide a really detailed, flexible set of
parameters, which are pretty intuitive to handle.
But the analog sweetness that can be achieved
with just gentle curves is what really impresses
me with this plugin.

R. Oda

December 14, 2013

i really like it

People are not kidding about the sound of this eq. I'm pretty amazed at the extreme cuts that it can make and still sound very musical.

M. Sartini

December 14, 2013

Good tool

This is not a wow plug in, but it is laid out great and does the job well. The price vs. value is outstanding. UA needs to have more of these prices and/or start giving discounts depending on how many plug ins you already have from them.
Nice Job with this one.

F. Mattioli

December 14, 2013

Thank you UAD!

This is really an outstanding EQ! Thank you Universal Audio !

N. Waitara

December 13, 2013

Cambridge EQ Plug-In

Exelent Eq for shaping. very clean And super easy to use. Just asking if there is a way this review can be less than 50 characters?

K. Rigos

December 12, 2013



F. Anklam

December 11, 2013


If details are important (sparkling overtones, natural small dynamics, performance of the singer, expressiveness in a miked acoustic guitar etc.) then this is worth a try. To my ears the best plugin for 'surgical' EQing I found so far. Close to a good analog EQ.

H. Reale

December 10, 2013


simple use
graphic not precision
sounds good .....

P. Holubar

December 5, 2013

Nice EQ

Very nice and user friendly equalizer. The best feature is choice of shelv on each band.

R. Sheridan

November 23, 2013

Best surgical eq

This is my go to surgical eq, far superior to any included with any daw.

Highly recommend this!

A. Nackman

October 30, 2013

Solid EQ

Good, easy to use EQ. Transparent and musical. Honesty, it's not a complicated plugin. I wish the look of the thing was a bit more attractive. The graphics get fuzzy. It would be nice if it came with a few more presets to help get a track started, but other that, it's cool.

E. L'insalata

October 26, 2013

Transparent and musical.

Useful HPF and LPF with many options (different filters allow you to best match what you need to cut but leaving a musical sound).
Also useful the three types of Q behaviour, that help to let you find to best musical solution (large and smooth bell or a tighter and detailed one).
It definitely sounds good!

In my chain, one instance of Cambridge EQ is 2,2% on DSP1 (Quad Satellite), 9,6% PGM, 1% on total DPS meter and 2% on total PGM meter.
1088 samples (24,67 ms) of latency at 44.1 kHz.

Hope this helps.

Y. Mazarin

October 14, 2013

very nice filters

I Love this Eq. Even if you already have a ton of Eqs (I would say especially if...), you can't miss those super nice filters. The elliptic High pass is a must for drastic cut.

D. Chin-quee

October 2, 2013


I made the mistake and bought the Sonnox Oxford first , not to take anything away from the Oxford it is still an awesome EQ, but the Cambridge EQ is only half the cost and does the same things but better (a lot more responsive)

P. Munch

September 1, 2013

My goto EQ for allmost everything

I use this EQ on every single track I produce. I do use other plugins like flux and waves, but this baby is my workhorse. Having access to the butterworth 3-6 filters is helpful in getting my basses and kicks to sit perfectly in the mix.

H. Willingshofer

August 17, 2013

My Standard-EQ

This is my Standard EQ - it works well in all situations of mixing and mastering!

341-360 of 525 Results