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Cambridge EQ

Cambridge EQ

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Customer Reviews

Cambridge EQ

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S. Vishnjakov

December 24, 2012

very well

it is very convenient to work, easily controlled plagin, qualitative sound, it is perfect with mastering

M. Bontemps

December 21, 2012


J'adore ce petit eq. Il est très mignon et il sonne vraiment propre. 5 bandes paramétriques + les coupe-bas et haut, ça fait un excellent travail en insert ou en master. Je ne peux plus m'en passer.

C. Osborne

December 20, 2012

Good stuff!

Great EQ -superb filters excellent for surgical work, does what no other EQ can do. A must have tool, it'll be seeing lots of use around here. Bravo UA! excellent plugins and thanks for 64 bit support...I'm sold!

Z. Ou

December 19, 2012

Musical filters!

It's a ten years old plugin, but I never see another EQ/filter plugin have such wonderful filters. There is many EQ better than Cambridge appeared in ten years, but the musical filters can’t replace by anyone.

A. Anyn

December 17, 2012

The easy and simple unique

Cambridge is the excellent tool very well cuts superfluous, shelves too are variable and the super work. Not only is it easy to use and runs well, but the sound quality is clear and overall it does its job well. This is an eq that I use for "cleaning" of my tracks and to add them brightness "grinding" them as the jeweler grinds the brilliants. This is the best EQ I have used up Submitted. The slope break is awesome!
If you've got a studio of any size and are looking for a reasonably priced EQ plug-in, this one should definitely be in the mix...

L. Fernandez

December 15, 2012

Study in Cambridge the art of sound

Precision, that's the word, I was looking for something good in sound and I discovered an amazing precision and a really good sound on the result.
All the bands are here with an easy way to use.
It's the "Cambridge effect", smart, clean, good looking, classical.
Really excellent.
UA again did the best...

P. Karampalasis

November 15, 2012

Cambridge EQ is very usefull

i am making electronic music and when i used this eq i was amazed with the quality of the filters and with the 6 eclipse option that really cut the frequencies !! :) this plug-in is very usefull to eliminate the wrong or to boost the good frequencies ..

O. Goren

November 1, 2012


Amazing product. top notch EQ, from the day i started using UAD i'd buy the Camprige Eq.

B. Stoehr

October 16, 2012

The best...

One of the best EQ´s I´ve ever heard... Perfect Sound, perfect to work...

V. Kuzeva

October 3, 2012

Cambridge Eq is fantastic

We tried most of the surgical eq's on the market , but untill tested in project for 10 min this one we purchased it straight ! It's the best surgical eq and the workflow is so easy and lovely to use also not dsp demanding just wonderful plugin. Well done Uad team!.

I. Duarte

August 21, 2012

The best EQ ever !!!

This is one of the most amazing and crisp sound plug-ins I have ever used.
That's the one I'm Using for EVERYTHING !!!

T. Y

August 11, 2012

Otro Clasico de Uad sensible, un gran plug in. aca en chile en la productora 31,5 lo ocupamos bastante en nuestra querida apollo.

L. Malaguti

August 2, 2012

great plugin!!!
a true Swiss boxcutter, simple to use and great sound!
for me, one of the best clinical plugin...

R. Fernandez

July 26, 2012

A Fantastic EQ! The filters are amazing.

I just finished mixing the new Clint Eastwood Film. The score was made up of a 60 piece orchestra featuring 2 Harps, Solo Piano, Acoustic Jazz Bass and 2 Acoustic guitars( Nylon and Steel string). All playing live in the same.

The Cambridge EQ was used on all featured instruments. Using the Filters to clean
up any unwanted low end rumble or noise. and EQ for carving

Harps were filtered at 80hz as well as the Acoustic guitars.
Some carving EQ on the harps at 300 hz with some top added 1db @ 8k an 5.6k to the guitars for some sparkle.

The Piano high mic was rolled off at 50 hz the low at 30hz. This was only EQ applied to the Piano.

Jazz Bass 2db @ 63Hz and 1.5 db @ 2.4K.


L. Velloso

July 24, 2012

I'm really impressed whit this equalizer ! Flexible , pratical and sound quality a neat .... simple amazing !!!!! Thanks UA Team !!!! =)

D. Holdredge

July 20, 2012

The Cambridge EQ is a solid parametric EQ that has become my "go-to" EQ for general purpose, replacing all others.

M. Islamovic

July 14, 2012


R. Godoy

July 9, 2012

Fantastic and easy to use EQ very happy with my entire UAD plug ins! Love this Company!

J. Jahn

July 4, 2012

I use the plugin mostly for mastering and its one of the best I ever had, there´s no lowcut filter working more accurate than this at the cambridge;
in addition with the pultec pro you get an unbeatable pair of EQs for overall using in any music style
I also tryed it out in recording, in this case for a vocal track, and it did it´s work excellent, impressing how it gripes already you turn only a little bit!
thank you for building such a plug-in (and sorry for my english, I´m a german...:-)
Johnny Jahn, Berlin

T. Rossato

June 24, 2012

Cambridge is a vital equalizer for those who have a UAD card!

Tiago Rossato

From Brasil

401-420 of 517 Results