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Cambridge EQ

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S. Maitland

June 17, 2011

Firstly I own a Crane Song Ibis, hardware.
I looked hard and listened hard to the Sonnox eq trying it out as you do.
I had been looking into UAD Omni for some time and unfortunately no trials which is understood.
I had Pro Tools 7 through 8.4 and except for the later 8.4 the plugins were, well, agricultural and not a pro vibe. All promises and little joy.
I read countless reviews of all software equipment and trialed the big name eq's of the time. The vibes I got on the UAD software although in minor numbers were definitive and when I got together my courage and purchased the whole Omni I was not disappointed.
The Cambridge eq, to my ears does everything in a musical fashion, it does everything well except make shrill edgy highs and muffled lows.
The Cambridge eq is in control of what audio passes through it and the test is what feeling you get when you listen to the audio passed through it.
The Sonnox to my ears is the other eq that passed my tests and I think the Cambridge most certainly is up there in it's own space. I have no need to purchase Sonnox now, I think the Cambridge is wonderful.
I have to say here that I recorded to tape for many years and although in pro studios it was a Studer 24 track, at home it was just a Tascam 38. Well when I heard the Cambridge I thought my journey for gear that sounds good and does what it was designed to do was over. This puts it in a nutshell really.

R. Suzuki

June 17, 2011

I love this EQ
i purchase this when i got my UAD-duo card and i love this EQ since then.
I always put this first every single track.
Very clean sounding and so flexible grate EQ.
The best feature for me is various filter patterns. Having steeper filter is so handy when i cleaning up my stems to filtered out bleed without loosing important frequency content.
This makes me Happy and less stress when I mixing the Track!
Any way, this is the "MUST HAVE" plugin.

S. Griepentrog

June 17, 2011

Best eq ever.. Sounds good, easy to use.. fantstic lovcut options...6 stars if posible.. its on all my records

I. Komlinovic

June 16, 2011

This is maybe the most underrated processor ever made. I use it on everything, and in every situations. I wish it has built in high res analyzer, but this you can use from another 3rd party plug. Cambridge is essential eq and in numerous situations it saves not only a mix, but project too. Secection of filter iz awsome, and with proper monitoring you can do a real labaratory grade surgery.
If there is only one UAD plugin i can keep, it would be Cambridge.

P. Van

June 16, 2011

Hands-down the best EQ in the plugin business for me!
I use it for track DC-offset removal to mixing and is always in my mastering chain.better than any other eq plugz i have used by far!

J. Tackett

June 16, 2011

awesome EQ. Love it on everything. This is my go-to eq for mixing.

P. Didier

June 16, 2011

Chez Sony, c'est du lourd !
J'ai utilisé très longtemps cet équalizer qui ne colore que très très peu.
Il est vrai qu'il existe un autre plug (provenant d'un bundle concurrent) qui est encore plus précis dans les équa.

P. Patrick

June 16, 2011

un eq magnifique , je men sert pour du mastering , en coupe bas et pour remonter les mediums sur les voix

K. Tanaka

June 16, 2011

This EQ is the best UAD Plug-in.

・ Pliugin Power is lightweight.

・ From a low , mid to high , It can give the sounds that I want.

・ The separation of the stereo is very good.

・ And it is UAD (My Old UAD-1) !! I do not using most of the PC CPU Power!!.

I using it for the every mix of the track by all purpouse.

Because the Plug-in that I call up 25 or more of them insert
from UAD-1, and is given is only this.

K. Lohmann

June 1, 2011

Just bought the half-yearly-sale Cambridge bargain for 89,99, put in on a drum track and - WOW! That beast throws me for a loop. Sharp and powerful. Haven't heard something similar in software plugins yet, it's going to be my new baby now:-)

C. Soulos

May 29, 2011

When I need an operation to save a life I call on a surgeon.
This is the maker of fine sound for me.
Completely responsible for many saved sounds.
Cleaned up quite a few muddy recordings with just this baby.

I. Komlinovic

April 5, 2011

One of the best plugin i have ever work with. Surgical precision and clean transparent sound makes it most common choice for me same in mixing or mastering processes. It sounds far more serious then it looks like.

S. Patel

February 1, 2011

gr8 has changed my all sounds like OMG ....this is my first purchased plugin in uad list.........gr8 to buy .....i love UAD

M. Daniele

March 1, 2010

I just tested it in demo mode, but I can say it's a great-sounding and very powerful plugin.
An additional spectrum analyzer function would make it an even greater tool, for mastering purposes especially: if it will be implemented in the future, I will not hesitate a millisecond to buy it!

C. Buchanan

March 24, 2009

Pretty much the best EQ there is in regards to surgical EQ'ing. I use it with Spectrum Analyzers and I have compared with other EQ's, there is pretty much nothing like the Elliptic Filters on this, they actually cut what they say they cut, unlike pretty much every other EQ.

R. Saxby

March 13, 2009

This baby is great. I use this for a multiband compressor with the fairchild and also for other mastering situations. Wow. This is my favorite e.q out of all of them and that says a lot because the neve and pultecs are phenomenal! (Everything else UA makes is also great) Jesus saves us from our sins. Blessed be his name in all of Heaven and Earth!

J. Mossberg

June 20, 2008

I've waited for years to get my hands on this - in a way it was one of the reasons I went for the Mac Pro... It's every bit as good as I'd hoped - and even easier to use. Powerful and simplicity itself. And my single card easily runs 22 stereo instances of it. Best software EQ I've ever worked with or heard.

T. Evans

May 16, 2008

This is used by used in restoration and mastering of live audience recordings and i can't say enough about this...powerful, clean and intuitive..and theres no better options for a low cut from the bessels to the recording can suffer many boom and dc offset issues and the cambridge saves the day, every day.

thank you UAD!!

I. Sutton

May 11, 2008

I have found Heavan, it is in cambridge. I do not scratch my head that much anymore , and i have completely stopped banging my head against the wall,and the bumps and briuses are nearly cleared up. So if you have not converted yet, I am sorry for your pain. UAD IS HOW YOU SPELL GOD........ I am in heavan thank you GOD sorry UAD.

J. Kinsella

April 8, 2008

I seriously Love this EQ. I choose it over any other EQ, It is much more than just any old bread and butter eq. Serious, it is the Daddy. The perfect EQ. Anything that needs just that bit of analogue warmth, minute frequency adjusts, or even huge scale warping of frequencies, i dont think i have come across a better eq then this in a paragraphic form. Forget TC Powercore - just unstable nonsense, Some of Waves stuff is ok, But, nothing compares to UAD. I'm not kissing arse either, it is the good Truth that this company is simply the best in the business.

481-500 of 526 Results