Classic FX Bundle

Classic FX Bundle

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Classic FX Bundle

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UAD User

November 27, 2016

Great classic echo

As close as it gets to that real tape based echo sound.

UAD User

November 27, 2016

Thanks UA for relaunching this plugin!

Not much to say ... first class chorus for guitar and more.

D. Whittington

November 22, 2016

Quite rich

This Chorus is very rich sounding. Love putting it on my tracks whenever I need the Chorus sound. I do, however, wish for a mix knob so I know that it's not adding any volume into this when used on an aux channel but other than that it's great!

M. Biniaz

November 20, 2016

Brigade Chorus Pedal

Great little plugin use it on pads leads mid bass anything really on a bus it has that vintage chorus sound we all love !!

S. Bildy

November 20, 2016

Best Alternative to Buying a RE-201

Incredibly accurate replication of the Roland RE-201. I've worked with the hardware unit before and this plugin reacts identically. The plus side to the plugin is that it's more affordable, require no maintenance, you can pan the echo output and it's less noisy! Obviously the analog equivalent may have different characteristics from unit to unit but this plugin is absolutely the best alternative.

J. Banfield

November 20, 2016


Have wished for hardware versions of these effects for years. Nothing has come close. Was extremely disappointed when UA discontinued the Roland set right after I bought my DSPs. Absolutely thrilled with this new bundle! Best recreations I've ever heard and the new features are icing on the cake. They have found a permanent home on the console input slots and work so well with everything from guitar, bass, e-pianos to vocals. Could not ask for a better recreation. Hope to see more classic FX of this caliber! This is a must-own set!

j. murawski

November 19, 2016

brigade chorus pedal- Worth every penny

before these i used to use two or three plug-ins to achieve a similar effect , Great analog character warmth and spatial ,, Plus you cannot beat the price.!!!!

R. Hida

November 18, 2016


I have an actual machine that became a model
I think it looks like a very nice feeling.

D. Shacallis

November 8, 2016


As the owner of many 201's over the years this emulation is spot on. I use it on everything where needed.
Great work lads.

F. Charpentier

November 7, 2016

Subtle but really efficient

This studio D Chorus (or Dim' D Rolland, no matter how it's branded...) sounds real great. Don't take it for extreme wide panning guitar doubler or helter-skerter chorus feel, you would be disappointed with it. But if you look for some discrete and efficient tool, you're at the right place. It displays subtle FX which helps to sit a track in a mix and give it some shine and a real place without overflow.

I like to use it on a mono track, with keyboards for instance, when i don't want to use a stereo track. It brings life and a real feeling of space though it remains mono.

Last but not least, I think audio demos really don't highlight its qualities because settings and and choices of uses are too outrageous. Don't stop there and give a try in demo mode for a few days.

R. Cambrin

November 3, 2016

Solves my chorus issues when I need to use chorus , and fast!!!

I normally print to digital using the effect pedals I want but when I don't I find myself endlessly trying out various plugins that come with my daw or others, then endlessly tweaking.
This one was easy as I can still hear it once the mix is up and there are so few parameters it takes almost no time to adjust.
Chorus is a difficult pedal as it deals with phasing so the instrument can disappear once in place.
Not so with this one.

V. Koenig

November 1, 2016

Nice to have the Roland Algorithms back

Sound the same as the RE.201 but it`s nice to have this wonderful Delay in the box

I. Papagiannidis

October 28, 2016

All in one!

if you have this one you probably do not need any other reverb or delay... its so real so good for all applications.
sounds a bit vintage , but thats the thing i like most in it!
and the distortion that it has when you tweak it up it's very useful and sounds great too!

one of my go to plugins

R. quaranta

October 16, 2016

Wonderful delay and reverb

The best delay VST plugin!! Universal Audio Power!

V. Kozhin

October 14, 2016

It's really chorus

I'm so happy cause this amazing effects back on sale. I recorded the bass guitar with analog chorus (Roland clone) with vibrato effect and I said the Brigade Chorus is very close to really analog chorus. I don't need to record bass or guitar or electric piano with analog effect, cause I have Brigade Chorus pedal.

H. Petersson

October 4, 2016

Still my favorite chorus!

I've tried all the Dim D emulations and some other similar choruses and I always come back to this one because it works so well in a mix. It doesn't give you that heavy wobbly effect that many choruses do, it works more as a widening effect and it can be used on lots of different sources.

I'll knock one point off because they didn't include a mix knob in the new version now that they had a chance to. It would make it so much easier to use.

s. simmonds

October 3, 2016

Lush chorus

So far very happy this is a really lush chorus!

V. Koenig

September 25, 2016


The best BBD plug in i`ve heard, it comes very close to the original CE-1. Great on Guitars, Wurli / Rhodes and Synthesizers like DX 7 and my beloved PPG Wave 2 and PPG 360 Wave Computer.The Brigade Chorus Pedal gives a smile to all Synthesizer plug ins too :)
Well done....and cheers.

R. Paasche

September 23, 2016

Sound is good like the original!

It sounds impressively similar to the original Boss stump pedal, but I've always missed the possibility to adjust the chorus rate on the original pedal, not only the vibrato rate, so I suggest that UA would give us this opportunity, (e.g. a switch for chorus on the rate button). I have a newer Boss CE-3 stereo chorus with rate, depth and stereo mode (Left=Direct, Right=Effect or Left=D-E, Right=D+E) which sound quite similar, but with the "rate" adjustment set to slow rates it sound quite similar to the Dimension D and to up-speed rates more like a fast Leslie-rotor effect.

N. Murphy O'Brien

September 16, 2016

Most versatile UAD effect EVER!

The Studio D, which emulates the Dimension D (which I'm a proud owner of), makes me rethink even owning the hardware since the software is PERFECT and I can have tons of instances of it.

I use the Studio D on Vox, Drums, Piano, GUITARS, and even a mix bus here and there because I can tweak it subtlety.

If you're looking for a more typical stereo chorus that has less "subtleness", heavy modulation and thickness, you should look into the UAD Brigade Chorus or the TAL-Chorus-LX.

881-900 of 1010 Results