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Classic FX Bundle


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Classic FX Bundle

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I. Inkilä

June 18, 2020

Great sounding

Compared to other chorus plugins I have, this is clearly the winner. Easy to use and lush sounding. Plugin graphics are pleasing as always.

N. Degtyarev

June 18, 2020

Great Galaxy Tape Echo Plugins

Great plugin very happy thank you UAD!!!

G. Ricci

June 17, 2020

adequate simulation of classic effects

To replicate the behavior of a tape echo it's not an easy task, but UA did a great job as usual. The only instance in which the difference with the real tape echo is clearly audible, is when you push it into heavy feedback, but, beside that, you get most of the magic without the inconvenience of dealing with a real tape echo.
The two chorus units are also nice and usable in tone shaping, especially the Studio D

M. Marschik

June 17, 2020

True classics with a dusty appearance

Great sounding FX, two of the best chorus machines and the legendary tape delay. Despite the sound, there is no reason left to keep the UI locked to size in the modern day n age. The plug-ins generally sound perfect, and I use them to jam live in my bedroom with my guitar, synths and vocals, but they look like they were left in yesterdecade and a few controls are very hard to read.

C. Vurnis

June 16, 2020

Simple, lush, beautiful !!

Super simple to use - just press a button until you find the flavor you need and dial it in with a bus send level. Beautifully lush sounds for guitar or vocals !! While of course sounding great in stereo; it folds to mono very well too, for those who are concerned about that. It has instantly become my "go - to" chorus !!

F. Biagetti

June 16, 2020

Great bundle

The galaxy is really a great delay and the reverb is a nice addition.
Dimension D is great for adding some width and get that 80ies sound.
Haven't had the chance to test brigade yet but I'm sure it's great

G. Bullock

June 15, 2020

A go to plug-in ...

I use the Galaxy Tape Echo on nearly every mix I do. I apply to vocals and bass for space and depth, or to add warmth and atmosphere to dull tracks.

B. Ford

June 15, 2020

Cool Little Chorus

Nice effect. Easy to use!!!


UAD User

June 15, 2020

Sounds just like the pedal!

Not only is it a great warm analog sounding chorus with good features, put it on your guitar channel and it has that 70's-80's vibe immediately.

M. Rahali

June 13, 2020

fidele à l'original

Très important comme effet pour les instruments. vraiment très difficile à trouver un défaut.

J. Johnson

June 12, 2020

Width and Dimension

It just gives my BGVs and Libs that pop in the mix that separates them from the leads and puts them into their own "space"! I cant work with it, its on EVERY mix!!!!

J. Martorell Pastor

June 9, 2020

Organic Vintage Sound

I got this Chorus Pedal when I registered my Apollo Twin X and it sounds great! I've been using it with my guitar amps and it gives you that vintage organic sound of a chorus. It sounds very close to the pedal. The great thing is that you can use it for vocals and other instruments. Great job!

L. Brigham-Bowes

June 8, 2020

fun as h*ll!

LOADS of things to tweek. can go from subtle to nuts in seconds. SO much fun.

I. Ortiz

June 7, 2020

Galaxy tape echo

A very dope plugin that’s excellent on vocals or where ever you want.

M. Hughen

June 5, 2020

New To UAD Plug-ins

Have got to say this plug-in pedal sound great,managed to get that David Gilmour tone so smooth & lush Chorus!

F. Foster

June 5, 2020

Galaxy tape echo

another one of those hidden gems that I use all the time to get that perfect vocal sound

V. Balovnev

June 4, 2020

I like it!

I use this pedal with program synth and I like how it works!
Great sound and flexibility!

C. Banet

June 2, 2020

Great Space Echo emulation

Sounds very analog and convincing. Was surprised to learn there's another Roland Space Echo name brand UA plugin. I really don't see how it can be much better than this one. A ton of great noises to be had from playing with this one.

C. Banet

June 2, 2020

Realistic Analog Chorus

This one was offered free for signing up for the UA mailing list. But its worth paying for it for sure its so good. I own a ton of guitar pedals. This outdoes plenty of chorus pedals out there. Chorus usually isn't my favorite effect but once I obtained this I've been putting in on almost every track in some way.

a. kamal

June 2, 2020

Really very musical

Am a professional guitar player/composer/studio owner and producer. As an "old" guy I thankfully kept most of my cult gear which i owned over the years.They are much used, well looked after and in pristine condition. They will stay that way since virtually all emulations of my gear via UA have rendered them in my studio cupboard. I love that the emulations also reflect my own "dial a sound" philosophy, i.e. they sound virtually(pun intended)the same, they only buzz and hum less and require no maintenance. The Tape Echo Emulations are wonderful, musical,free your mind as you dial em und use em. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!

81-100 of 945 Results