Cooper® Time Cube MkII Delay

Cooper® Time Cube MkII Delay

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Customer Reviews

Cooper® Time Cube Mk II Delay

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R. Birch

January 12, 2015

Very Interesting.

What an odd little device. Not good for much, but when it IS the right tool, there is nothing else like it. Simply marvelous on lead vocal - used sparingly it sets the vocal back in the sound stage and adds a certain mystique to the sound. Used on the delay parts of a lead guitar solo it bathed the solo in color but did not damage the tone of the original track. VERY cool.
(I only give 5 stars to those truly spectacular plugins that make my face go all googeley)

J. Kinnunen

January 7, 2015

Cooper Time Cube

Sounds good to my ears! Sounds good to my ears! Sounds good to my ears!

C. Edmonds

January 6, 2015

Great Plug

Never been within 200 yards of the hardware, but I love this plug. It can be nice and subtle on a vocal or produce incredibly fun and useful sprawling delays. The options to set delays by miliseconds or musical durations according to the BPM in the DAW is also very nice for designing your desired effect. Can't say it's my go to delay, but I like it a lot on vocals for short delays perceived as reverb rather than an echo. the frequency filters are also very good to have.

V. Yakovenko

January 5, 2015

best delay

this is the best delay i have ever use, it have warm sound and so variative, very good for vocals and guitars!

M. Perminov

January 4, 2015

Very interesting device!

Very interesting device! Many thanks to team of developers!

M. Compton

December 26, 2014

Huge delay, sweet tone

It's my favorite simple stereo delay plugin, it has actual character and it sounds perfectly sweet.

D. Katkhanov

December 25, 2014

Cooper Time Cube MkII Plug-In

Simple, irreplaceable and incredibly clear! Einfach, unersetzlich und unglaublich klar!

C. Taylor

December 13, 2014

More than meets the eye

At first, I wasn't sure. However, after using it (extensively) for about a year I can say that pretty much everything that I want to do with a delay unit I can do with this plug.

P. Belliveau

December 11, 2014

Cooper Time Cube Mk II Delay Plug-In

Amazing , better then i expected !!!! So happy with this purchase ...

G. Mutandwa

December 3, 2014

once you go cooper you never go back!

best delay emulation period! include this on your mix chain and you wont regret it!!!

B. Jefferson

November 8, 2014

A Special Case

This is one of those special case effects processors, in my opinion. There are those delays that I send a little bit of various instruments to and then there is this one. It has a very unique timbre and creates unique "spaces" that none of my other delays can quite match. It's easy to use and useful, especially for creating very tight (timing), wide (stereo) and present delays without become muddy or obnoxious. I didn't use the original so can't comment on authenticity but I like it.

C. Powell,

October 24, 2014

Solved alot of issues

This delay was a great addition to my UAD plug-in library. I find myself using it even more than the EP-34 tape echo for most applications. Helps me get a wider sound than most other delays.

G. Braconi

October 21, 2014

Great delay!!!

The only word to describe this plugin is...unbelievable!

I. Pm

October 21, 2014

hi end delay plugin

i am a big fan of universal audio. cooper time cube is very smooth and nice sounding delay plugin.

P. Vilaplana

October 16, 2014

Muy bueno

La verdad es que el plugin hace su funcion muy buena ahora mismo sin el no puedo vivir lo uso para muchas cosas mono que quiero que se conviertan en stereo....

D. Hill

October 16, 2014

cooper time cube mk

This unit (plugin) is solid, sounds full and lush as a delay , it really complement's whatever source it goes on. I'm loving it and so are my clients. (cant believe they hear the difference)

K. Jardine

October 14, 2014

sweet vocal delay

Love this for my main vocal delay.....very tweakable and has cool filters.

I wish the delay rate was scrollable....besides that , killer plugin.

K. Paktrakettrin

September 15, 2014

Cooper Time Cube MK II Delay, my favorite

Thank to UA again and again This plug totally change my work forever, my dream gear is in my box now.

C. Paschall

August 28, 2014


Unfortunately I never had the privilege of using one of these boxes in the analog world but this this rules on vocals! Love the early reflections it adds. Has this amazing way of adding spread and depth without making the vocal necessarily "wetter." Nothing quite like it! Looking forward to discovering what else is in this little guy's bag of tricks!

E. Halterman

August 27, 2014

Where's the garden hose?

Where's the garden hose? Hahaha. Wow, this is a beautiful plugin. It creates a sound all it's own and will add a nice 3-D'ish and space to guitars and vocals. I tried all of the other delays, but the Copper Time Cube was all alone at the top for me.

221-240 of 346 Results