Cooper® Time Cube MkII Delay

Cooper® Time Cube MkII Delay


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Customer Reviews

Cooper® Time Cube Mk II Delay

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J. Hildenbrand

December 26, 2013

must have

by far the best chorus plugin i own....brings perfectly fitting presets as well

J. Raja

December 26, 2013

Not Just a Delay

Making My Vocal Tracks Brighter on Heavy Mixes.
Love The Plug in.
Thanks to UAD.

C. Persaud

December 23, 2013

Very warm delay..

After comparing to other delay's rtas...this was the fullist/warmest. I only buy things I trial and like so "5 Stars".!

M. Vinicius

December 9, 2013


Great sound, nice interface and it's very simple to use!

K. Hopeton

December 2, 2013

Reggae Delay

I use this delay on a lot of my Reggae and Rock productions and it delivers. Love it to the maximum. Wicked...

J. Giese

October 16, 2013

It's Cooper Time!

So far so good with my latest UAD purchase. While I haven't really used this plugin in it's "historical" operation before, I use it for longer bouncy delays a lot! I'm working on a project now that is full of ambiance and it was between this and the EP34. While a great tape emulation, this one beat it out for me. Try the demo, you won't be disappointed. My only complaint is that it's difficult to read the setting of the knobs at times. Not a big issue, but it's my one complaint.

K. Thomas

October 14, 2013

Surround House Productions Mixing With Copper Time Cube.

First of all i must say that the Cooper Time Cube is a must have. I highly recommend this plugin. If you are into some serious productions then get this piece. Its very Amazing on vocals. Cooper Time Cube I Love You.

D. Englisch

October 14, 2013

One of a kind

Love this plugin for fast delays mainly. It's got a very special sound you can't get with any other delays, due to the sound of a garden hose and it works! Demoed it and can't do without in my special fx plugin list :) Thanks!

K. Nassiri

October 14, 2013

character, not precision

when you want something out of the ordinary to throw on vocals, this could be it. from subtle to over the top, this is a unique delay.

M. Dennis

October 14, 2013

Totally Brilliant!

Downloaded this on a bit of a whim really... Hadn't even tried the demo. But, true to UAD for, this is an epic plugin! REALLY great. Has been amazing on vocals / electric guitars and many more!

Highly recommended, will use this on far more things than I imagined!

I. Papagiannidis

October 14, 2013

one of the best sounding delays...

one of the most sounding delays!
great tool for mixing !

thanks again UAD Team for this great product!

John Jeff Touch

R. Elliott

October 10, 2013

Old School Love

I love how "old school" this sounds and is a really useful tool in widening certain tracks in your mix like guitar...especially using it in mono.

F. Cadela

October 9, 2013

Wide stereo image

I use this plugins on vocals and guitars ... Really open the image ... I love it

S. Hudson

October 7, 2013

cooper time cube (double delays)

very nice double delay. if your a fan like me of HAS effect
then this is worth checking out.
it comes with some usefull presets for vocals esp. but also
great for adding stereo effect to anything lacking in the mix.

I mix alot of hip hop and its perfect for the vocals along with
other plate efx an eq combos.

L. Germano

September 29, 2013

Cooper Time Cube MKII

I really liked the Cooper Time Cube MKII, both for use on drums or guitars, the result is fantastic, very easy to use!! Congratulations to Universal Audio!!!

G. Gassert

September 27, 2013

Echo with an attitude

Can't really put this plugin into words . If the Omnipressor had a echo counterpart this would be it . But very usable . I dig the stereo possibilities .

Z. Ou

September 21, 2013

Best choice for general purpose delay

If you only need a general purpose delay, Time Cube is better than RE-201

1. Cheap. In promotion Time Cube is 50% cheaper than RE-201

2. DSP Friendly. Time Cube only use almost 30% DSP than RE-201.

3. Sound wider. Although RE-201 sound deeper and more "3D" than Time Cube, it have only one pan controller. Time Cube have two pan controller, sound more wider than RE-201. Deeper or Wider, which one important is your choice, IMHO wider is important for general purpose delay, or you can have both of them to complement each other.

J. Jung

September 12, 2013

Time traveling!

This delay sounds super cool. Gives great space and time in the creation of the microcosmic to cosmic disturbances in beautiful sound waves. hahaha. Nice one.

M. Balta

July 11, 2013

well what can i say ...

you are my hero guys .. i love using time cube to create 3d sound on my vocals and mix .. thank you 1000 times for your passion and love for this work.. well it works you are great!!!

P. Favati

June 29, 2013

Cooper Time Cube MkII Plug-In

Un vero gioiello! Insuperabile! Grande plug-in UAD

221-240 of 287 Results