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Dangerous BAX EQ Collection

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A. Bof

January 29, 2015


Great Mastering plug-in. Sides button gives air like on a windy day. Love it

J. Piccione

December 29, 2014

Glad I got it!

I always wanted to give this a try, after the demo decided to make the buy.
Love it on just about everything.

K. Daniel

December 27, 2014

Thee mastering EQ for me.

Basically all I've been looking for in an EQ for broad sculpting when mastering.
Extremely musical boosts and transparent cuts. It's almost impossible to get bad results.
For surgical notches you'll have to use something else in conjunction, as the Dangerous BAX simply is not designed for such use. But for beautiful sculpting without compromising the integrity of the mix - it's the best I've come across.

And since it's so DSP-efficient I can easily use it in mix sessions as well.
Simply fantastic.

B. Ioan

December 26, 2014

Dangerous eq

A must have in my mastering chain. A secret weapon ...

B. Ioan

December 26, 2014

Dangerous eq

A must have in my mastering chain. A secret weapon ...

B. Ioan

December 26, 2014

Dangerous eq

A must have in my mastering chain. A secret weapon ...

J. Leary

December 24, 2014

Adds a subtle but nice touch to my mixes

I don't own the hardware, but this dangerous bax eq adds a really nice and somewhat subtle high end lift to my mixes / masters, as well as giving it a nice fuller suble bass sound.

It is subtle, I own the clariphonic eq as well, and the dangerous bax eq just tends to give my mixes that more polished or professional sound, without being too heavy handed, so I use it as well as the clariphonic when needed to add a nice touch to my mixes, that I think I otherwise couldn't get with just a normal eq.

If you want to get nicer sounding mixes and masters for both the high and low ends of the spectrum, this will do it for you very nicely!

B. Blair

December 21, 2014

Perfect for Bass-forward mixes and warming ITB sounds

I compose and mix reggae and dancehall music for a living. Of utmost importance to me in a tracking and mastering EQ is its lack of sonic signature. This plugin gives me ultimate control of music that is bass-forward/heavy by way of the HPF/LCF. Before this plugin, I had no access to a filter that could clean up subsonic bass without sounding processed. When the filters are engaged, I can hear/feel those troublesome, muddy frequencies run away and the whole mix sounds more focused and radio-ready while retaining the original sound. When mastering I can simply cut/lift the 74hz band to dial in the low end. The 28/18khz LPFs are also perfect for warming an entire mix and removing fatiguing "digital" sounding HFs on the mix bus. ESSENTIAL!

P. Koziol

December 12, 2014

UAD Dangerous BAX EQ

UAD Dangerous BAX EQ is my first choice EQ plug-in for tracking and mastering.
I use it a lot.
It has best filters i have ever heard.
For me quick, easy to handle and very good sounding is very important, UAD Dangerous BAX EQ has it all.

M. Studio

December 11, 2014

Massive tool!

Ultra easy way to shape a sound, very musical, natural e transparent! Powerfull tool to drive your mix and master (even record) to de high level!!

A. Boss

December 10, 2014


Best ITB EQ I have ever come across. Simply a must have.

M. Becker

October 23, 2014

Highend polish

I use this tool to finish up my stems while mixing. It doesn't add an own color to your stuff, it just gives a little polish. The Plugs M/S Feature is really great - espacially to clean up my sides lowends.
The coolest thing is: just a few DSP percentages are being used!!

P. Favati

October 12, 2014

Dangerous BAX EQ

Favoloso da usare sul master, uad come sempre è il top

R. Pallikunnath

August 10, 2014

The Dangerous BAX Sonic Enhancement, a must have on every Mastering

Catching the 84Hz on a tight band-width has never been this easy. The M/S technique, one of the most crucial techniques to be created or emulated digitally is done pretty well I would say by UA. A must have plugin on every master.

G. Arne

July 22, 2014

Review Dangerous BAX EQ Plug-in Collection

This one I have not figured out yet??? From the first moment I just knew - hehe… love at first sound. On overall mixes and mastering it works great - it sounds expensive.

M. Jasper

July 13, 2014

Subtle Magic

Regardless of whether or not it's an exact model of the hardware, this plugin will add that final polish to any production. It's very subtle, and only with most extreme settings does it start to sound funky. Used in moderation, it can be magic.

M. Penn

July 6, 2014

Dangerous BAX EQ Plug-in Collection

Fab was right, just like the Hardware!!! This is Incredible!! Love what it does for Acoustic and Sample Kiks.. For Mastering it is a Must Have Period!!

U Must Grab This One ASAP!!

C. Caldeira

June 28, 2014

Great for tops and tails

I love using this on the busses to help tighten up the low end and bring some clarity to the top end. Definitely recommend it.

N. Pitloglou

June 25, 2014

Amazing mastering eq

My best mastering EQ plugin.
Big tight bass, live clear treble. No mud, no harsh.
With just few knobs...
Also it's an easy tool for easy fast mix.... just for filtering in every track!
Another great purchase from a great company.
Many congrats also to Brainworx.

F. Parra

June 20, 2014

Love BAX on final mixes

At first I thought the last thing I needed was another EQ. An engineer who I really respect said to give it a try as he is a big fan of Dangerous products in general. I demo'ed and was quite pleased when added to my final mixes with some obvious tweaks. Love it.

141-160 of 181 Results