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dbx® 160 Compressor / Limiter

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H. Summers

August 11, 2014

DBX 160 wins shoot out!

So... I decided to demo the 160 on a drum recording. I had a Coles 4038 out in front of the kick drum and I wanted a good solid chesty thump. I ran the track through every UAD compressor - matching setting as closely as I could and ensuring the output level was identical, then bounced out all the alternatives for comparison. While the Fatso Snr came a close second for what I was looking for, only the dbx retained some air and definition in the 2-5kHz range while still punching out the 150Hz I was after. Now my kick drum sound is sorted, I'm going to have to purchase the dbx. Can't live without it now! Another win for the UAD guys. Top work chaps! - Harvey Summers.

F. Filho

July 13, 2014

My best partner.

In all the channels. Excelent for simple compression. Low ratio associate a high gain reduction.

I. Papagiannidis

July 11, 2014

One of the best mixing tools!

One of the best mixing tools!

the secret weapon of control & punch.

I regret i havent purchased it earlier!

John Jeff Touch

singer/ producer

I. Papagiannidis

July 11, 2014

One of the best mixing tools!

One of the best mixing tools!

the secret weapon of control & punch.

I regret i havent purchased it earlier!

John Jeff Touch

singer/ producer

M. Kellen

July 9, 2014

dbx 160 - classic smack!

I love this compressor. Has that classic dbx smack on kick, snare, bass, etc. hope they give it the old mkII treatment soon (not because it's lacking anything - well, other than the GUI could be a bit bigger) but because it's one of my favorites and if were better... well, it would be better!

4 outta 5 as it's not the most versatile but I love it!

M. Indovina

July 3, 2014

Great for Punch!

Picked this up to help add punch to my mixes. It goes great on kick and snares. Very cool tool for blending in parallel compression. It is definitely not for everything though. It has a tendency to be a little too aggressive sometimes. It can really add some life to dull tracks.

C. Caldeira

June 28, 2014

Love that smack!

This is definitely my favorite plugin version of the dbx 160 that's on the market. I especially love it for parallel compression.

J. Roger

June 25, 2014


This gets a lot of snap out of things. It is often exactly what is needed on individual drums and percussion. Also sounds great with picking guitar or anything with a sorta fast action.

It just seems to make things fit comfortably without disappearing.

Great job!

B. Kristiansson

June 23, 2014


Fast setup with that bite I want everyday in my box

J. Mason

June 17, 2014

Sounds just like the hardware

No joke, I'm amazed by how much this sounds exactly like a 160VU. It doesn't get any better on drums than this, and it even does that gritty thing, I mean I just don't understand how they got this plugin so close to the actual piece of gear. It makes no sense to buy one, honestly I don't say things like that, but I would be lying if I said otherwise. What is nice, use multiple instances, there's no interference noise, and like I said, it's just like the hardware. You can use it on just about anything and it will makes things just sit right in the mix. Not the sexiest compressor, but one of the best UAD has for drums and everything else.

S. Sullivan

June 13, 2014

Smack attack!

Hardware DBX 160's (all varieties) work wonders for adding attack and smack to drums, and this plug in really captures the compression characteristics that make the 160 such a popular compressor. Insert this on your kick and snare and hear the "twack" you've been missing! With it's super fast attack and release it works wonders on a mandolin or banjo to lock the playing in place and keep them steady and forward through a track. Highly recommended.

J. Igor

June 3, 2014

My new favorite

How great I found this! Use it on almost everything and just love that 70´s character!
Absolutely lovely on bass and snare drums!

J. Cheng

June 2, 2014

I'm using it for almost all my instruments

Although I have many other plugins. But for most of instruments, (drums and vocals not included), I use DBX 160x. It gives me bouncy sounds and increase dynamics of many instruments.

J. Roger

May 31, 2014


This compressor really does give you a sound and style that other compressors don't do. It's also just about the easiest thing to use and get sounding good.

I think it's most commonly used for drums, but I've run it across just about everything at one point or another.


F. Pilz

May 30, 2014

fatens :-)

I don't know the hardware, but only the stories about...
A great compressor PlugIn that fatens the voice and brings it direct to your face

M. Comacle

May 27, 2014

Génial pour les basses

Bonjour, c'est vraiment un super compresseur je l'utilise sur des basses synthétiques car pas de basse dans le home studio et ça sonne comme une vraie. C'est vraiment incroyable! Ca lui rajoute un grain et une présence comme si on venait taper dans les vrais micros d'une basse. Très bon plug!

R. Sheridan

May 15, 2014

badass compressor!

this little beauty is an absolute beast! if your gonna buy a comp for your drums....... let it be this......... you won't regret it!!!

UA do it again!

B. Trimpe

May 2, 2014

The Thwack Factory

This is a specialty unit for sure. If you want a swiss army knife stick with 76's and the like. This thing is not subtle. VCAs like the dbx160 are easily the most grabby of the different compressor & limiter designs. I use this a lot on bass, kick, snare, and parallel compression busses. This compressor does "thwack" better and more easily than any other I have used. To fatten up a rock track and glue the low end together, send your kick and bass to an aux and slap a 160 on top. Crush the signal and then pull it way down in the mix. It will give you a subtle glue on the low end and a little more impact on the kick drum.

P. Larose

February 28, 2014

A prefect tool

It sounds just like the original one , so simple and efficient.
I just use it on every work and love it .

J. Carmo

February 16, 2014

Must have plugin...

Once i demo this plug, i fall in love and buy it. I use it when tracking
and mixing. It sounds like the hardware....Great job UAD, the
only thing that can be better is the size of the plugin...double size
was was bether

241-260 of 346 Results