Diezel Herbert Amplifier

Diezel Herbert Amplifier

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Diezel Herbert Amplifier

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B. Ullman

December 24, 2019

Handles Rock to Metal!!

I bought this so I could record vicious guitar without the neighborhood hearing. It sounds nasty! And the clean tone might be the best of bunch yet!! Love this plugin!

A. Cano

December 11, 2019


I love this Amp, its my go to now.

V. Mishakov

November 23, 2019

Отличный плагин

Я поражён, на сколько точно удалось повторить характер оригинального усилителя Herbert.

N. Roberts

October 10, 2019

Great Versatility

I used to own the hardware of this. Brilliant for producing untold amounts of power and tone at the same time. This UAD version, I have to say, hits the spot! Versatility is a must when recording guitars in a studio, and this offers it. Really surprised, really happy. Highly recommend it!

S. Oliver

September 25, 2019


As the title says. What a superb plugin. I fully recommend it.

T. Röder

September 25, 2019

That Pluggin don´t work with UAD-2 Satelite. DON´T BUY THIS AMP

Don´t buy this Amplifier. Ask the Support how to bring this Amp to the List to Autorize the Amp. No Answaer from the Support. I pay 149 Euro for nothing. I can´t use the Diezel Herbert Amp. I ´m so sad about this.

J. Montemayor

September 10, 2019


They certainly nailed it with this one. Sounds and feels like the actual hardware. Aside from saving a few $K's, no need for an attenuator or concern with loud volumes (although Diezel gives you great tone at very low volume), anyhow, you get the point...just plug in and enjoy crystal cleans to as roaring as you want it, using closed, in-ear or studio monitors. Great Job!

A. Cunningham

July 31, 2019

From a Diezel owner

This is an awesome representation of a Diezel amp. Love the fact that I can just pipe my guitar through this app for quick and easy guitar recording with such great tones!

j. camilo

July 30, 2019


suena gordo y con unos agudos cristalinos!

j. camilo

July 30, 2019


me gusta mas que el fortin nameless ya que tiene bastante cuerpo sin sonar fangoso y tiene unos agudos que cortan en la mezcla sin ser molestos.

C. Wilson

July 12, 2019



m. olivier

July 4, 2019

Monster !!!

Just Enormous !!! Modern From Clean to Big Fat Enormous Sound. with very cool tools in Rack. Great.

D. Fornes Berenguer

July 3, 2019

Impresionante Killer Tone

Fiel al head original, completisimo con delay y puerta de ruido, todo eso sumado a la latencia cero del Arrow y la serieX ... buff.. voy a vender mi MarkV!!... Pure Metal en tiempo real!!

B. Poe

June 25, 2019

Crystalline Crunch

Crystalline crunchy goodness. Me likely.

M. Wagner

June 22, 2019

Best Of The Greats ON The UAD Platform

This is IMO the best amp they have ,Versatile and bold, Easy to get a great sound no matter what you're going for. (except for a great "Chicken Pickin' Sound) Haven't found it yet But you can get lost in this thing so actually haven't tried yet.
BTW shout out to Brainworx!

B. Stephens

June 20, 2019

Bulldozer guitar tones.

The Herbert is powerful and really satisfying for lots of different styles of music but excels in punishingly brutal tones of bulldozer like grandeur. In the box keeps sounding better and better. Thanks UAD for the great work! Keep it up.

A. Diederich

June 16, 2019

Its. A. Herbert. Nuff said.

Can make totally crushing guitar tones with this thing, and thank goodness it doesn't involve a 150 watt amp sitting in the room with you. Way easier to lift the Arrow to get this sound, so I'm giddy with the types of sounds I can get. I can go from hair to prog to pumpkins to even a really nice clean which is not exactly what you think of with this tpe of amp.

D. Baumann

June 2, 2019

Great Touch-Sensitive & Versatile Plugin!

I own most of the UAD guitar plugins (and many plugins from most other developers) and have to agree with my colleague's assessment -- this may be the single best (reasonably priced) guitar plugin available today. I find UAD plugins to be the most expressive and touch sensitive, and the Herbert raises the bar beyond the high standard set on the Fuchs plugins. Most astonishing is how versatile this plugin is -- I'll be recording a pretty diverse range of material today from jazz to rock to funk to country and I'm going to try using the Herbert for all of it. Sure a lot easier to move and mic than stacks of Fenders, Engles and Marshalls ... Thanks UA!

G. Moore

May 24, 2019

The best so far...

This is the best amp plugin I've tried so far... I really like the range of clean to wildly over-driven.

T. Jones

May 23, 2019

One of the best

I have a ton of amp sims, IK, Bias, Brainworx (native), UAD, Overloud, Waves, etc. This is among my top 3 favorite, along with UAD Marshall Silver and Nembrini BST100. I can get great clean, crunchy classic rock, southern rock sounds, and full on metal. Responds great to picking dynamics.

21-40 of 66 Results