Distortion Essentials Bundle

Distortion Essentials Bundle

Unison Enabled

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Distortion Essentials Bundle

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S. Winkler

December 6, 2017


I make electronic music ad use it sometimes for drums. Just good distortions.

B. McDade

December 1, 2017

Distortion Bundle

Powerful, authentic response, wide ranging tones, awesome!

B. Wansbrough

December 1, 2017

The most subpar plugin UA makes in my opinion

The plugins are just not that good. I like the Tube Screamer put on some of the amps turned off - it seems to add some character. But turned on I don’t care for it. The fuzz is not usable unless you’re using a high gain setting already, this might be normal for a fuzz face type pedal but for something emulating a Big Muff - total fail. The description says it’s modelled after a Big Muff. You can take a Big Muff and turn it on on a clean channel and get absolute destruction. This is far from the case with the Bermuda Triangle. You get a thin fuzzy crap tone on a clean channel.

The rat pedal has some ok sounds but is nothing to write home about. Overall disappointed.

D. Gallucci

November 30, 2017

Raw is the best

I've used this pedal on everything from horns/synth/guitar/vx. The filter is fantastic, it's truly one of my favorite distortion plug ins I've ever used.

H. Terstiege

November 29, 2017

Bold tones

A bit heavy on CPU but bold grinding tones. I find myself using RAW for parallel stereo disto a lot. Tubescreamer... well what must I say... put in the chain in front of your amp and there you go 70ies sound :)

G. Xander

November 29, 2017

Super Distortion

This Sound is like a original.

M. Ballenger

November 29, 2017

Just like the pedal hardware

These interact with the guitar just like the pedal hardware. Unison impedance matching on the Apollo is a nice feature. It makes session recall nice being able to store settings digitally. Price is a little high given what the pedals go for on the used market, but that’s the only complaint.

W. Khin

November 29, 2017

MUST HAVE for the guitarists

I used the real hardware of these in the past. The plugins truly represent the actual hardware. I love them and recommend the guitarists to have them as plugins.

J. Cordell

November 29, 2017

Great Sound, Great Value.

These sound REALLY close, I'm not sure many people could actually tell the difference. AND they are pretty iconic gear.
Can you find these cheaper? Sure! But you don't need to worry about dying batteries, noisy power supplies, tracking down which cable is bad or noisy, or running over to the pedal to twist a knob! AND you can use one on more than one channel (i.e. two guitars and a snare drum with Tube Screamers).
Pricey? Maybe, but remember: everyone's tastes are different. Some people don't like spicy food. You get a 14 day trial to test drive them to see if YOU like them.

Only things I can think of to make them better: 1) an adjustable sag to simulate a dying battery. 2) Remote on/off control in the Console so the player can switch them.

UAD User

November 29, 2017

Excellent pedal effect

Really like the effect of the Raw and I’ve applied to many different sounds structures. No limits and a must for any producer or sound designer.

R. Trevor

November 29, 2017

Lots of crunch !

I own a plexi and a TS-9 Tube screamer. The plugin emulations don't really sound the same but I can still dial in a cool over the top distortion when I need it !

A. Avelin

November 21, 2017


This is a goldmine! Three amazing pedals in really good emulations. Even the non bypass signal from the Tube Screamer is there, which happens to sound really nice! Awesome!

L. Herve

November 16, 2017

sound good but need MIDI remote

the three pedals sounds amazing. But... please add a MIDI support to map the bypass on a MIDI pedal board. The sound was very important, but the second advantage of the pedal is to leave the hand of the player free for remote it by foot... why this capability is not emulated?

P. McCosh

October 22, 2017

Fat, Warm & Rich

I haven't been lucky enough to try an original Big Muff Pi, let alone one form the 60's which this one is modelled from. What I can say is that it provides a warm, sweet fuzz.....even with just the tone & sustain controls you can get a very wide variety of sounds....impressed. I use this guy as a unison plug then going into the Marshall 2203. happy days :)

R. Trevor

October 16, 2017

Extra grit !

I used the tube screamer on a recent track with the Bluesbreaker and I got the extra sustain I needed without the unwanted fuzz.

W. Music

July 15, 2017


These pedals together with the Friedman DS are all you need to get the tone shaping needs! Couldnt be happier. Good Job!

t. takamasa

July 14, 2017


Amazing guitar tones

B. McDade

July 11, 2017

Must buy!


C. Kohl

July 9, 2017

Does what it says on the can.

I like these pedals a lot. They are super useful, especially when used in conjunction with a quality amp sim.

M. A

July 8, 2017


Seriously this makes me wish they would make more pedals !! Their so great

61-80 of 117 Results