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Distortion Essentials Bundle

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A. Zammit

July 14, 2020


I bought this bundle and still I don't have TS distortion !!! I even contact the support but still I don't have the TS dist. Very disapointed !!! :(

以. 姜

July 4, 2020



A. Pashka

June 18, 2020

Raw Distortion

I have the Raw pedal, NOT the Marshall pedal so I am reviewing that and NOT the others in the bundle. I love bussing guitar and vocals to this to add a bit more bite to the tracks and use it frequently, must have tool to have in your collection.

A. Rodriguez Lopez

June 17, 2020



D. Ellison

June 16, 2020

Distortion Essentials Bundle

Good, i'm happy with the tones although feel it's a bit overpriced considering the Raw pedal comes free. For this price including a tuner (or just building one into console) doesn't feel like too much to ask, especially since many are using the hardware for tracking.

A. Keuter

June 12, 2020

TS Overdrive

TS Overdrive is perfect. Marshalls sound perfect

A. Keuter

June 12, 2020

green love

I love the tubescreamer

M. Snel

April 19, 2020

Great plugins

I bought this bundle because I wanted to use the Ibanez on 808's. The Ibanez is sounding really really great! The only complains I have is that I can't use the Ibanez, but I have to use the TS Overdrive. I have used the Ibanez in several paid projects, and now I have to replace them all and match the settings. And second, you have to buy this whole bundle if you only need 1 plugin. And that said, everyone already owns the Raw plugin... So yeah, but the quality it good at least so I can't complain.

R. Campo

April 5, 2020

Not the best from UA

I prefer to use the real stomp boxes as they sound much more realistic to me. I love most of UA plugins and have spent lots and am usually blown away. That being said, I wish I had saved the cash on this bundle. Maybe add more tube screamer analogue circuits, sucks it only does one. The fuzz pedal Sounds best of the three to me. They work if you don’t have the pedals themselves though.

O. Dramaretskiy

January 14, 2020

Not bad!

UA gave a bx_tuner, as the raw is included. Tuner number one plain for guitarist)))

S. Nikolic

January 13, 2020

TS is good but why bundle?

I just need TS so why bundle?

J. Johansson

December 30, 2019

Hm. Nah.

To me, these pedals are a little bit too much all over the place. They're a bit hard to control and I have a hard time finding good use for these.
Also, they're a bit too expensive.

P. Dudzikowski

December 22, 2019

interesting but...

There is a lot of ways to use this plug-ins. It sunds interesting, sometime it`s useful but in my oppinion, it`s fare from hardwere, oryginal stuff. I like it but as a kind of alternative way to use overdrive or distortion..

S. Batten

December 15, 2019

Why is the RAW in there when it’s in the free bundle

Yeh the Tube Screamer is good, you already own the RAW and I have no use for the other one. Luckily it was on sale and I had a voucher so it was only stupidly exorbitantly priced instead of the normal highway robbery. You’ve got us over a barrel and you know it.

S. Batten

December 2, 2019

Good but overpriced

Why the “bundle” when one of them is free? We all know most UA plugins are good, but we are all captive to being ripped off on their stupid pricing as there’s no other choice. It hurts a bit less on sale, but only because it seems like you’re getting a bargain when a $250 plugin is $150. Why is every other companies plugins so much cheaper. These guys are up there with Avid ProTools in exploiting every last dollar out of their clients they basically have by the balls.

S. Ha

November 26, 2019

Good chemi but why bundle?

TS9 and the plexi sounds chemi is really good.
I just connect my guitar to apollo then that’s all. I can enjoy great plexi sound.
But by making a bundle with other 2 pedals, price increased and i had to pay for the pedals i don’t want.

O. Smari

July 12, 2019


Great product and very easy to use. Works great with the Marshall amps!

E. Brownderville

July 12, 2019

UAD Tube Screamer

Great plugin for guitar players. Sounds awesome!! Thanks for this awesome plugin.

P. Kelly

July 9, 2019

Love the pcie duo and apollo

Amazing, what more can I say

D. Fornes Berenguer

July 8, 2019


Tres clásicos para empujar tu señal al amp, para quitarse el sombrero. Se acabaron los pedales... Dist, Od, Fuzz... todo en un pack imprescindible!!

21-40 of 126 Results