Eden® WT800 Bass Amplifier

Eden® WT800 Bass Amplifier

Unison Enabled


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Eden® WT800 Bass Amplifier

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T. Beimel

August 6, 2021

Very satisfied!

I play bass as a living since nearly 30 years and would say I am picky about my sound and frankly I’ve had a hard time finding satisfying software that emulates good bass amplification. The Ampeg series aren’t really what I would have wanted (played Ampeg rigs for many years) for my taste. I just bought the Eden plugin cuz I had a good offer on it and did not expect to be so pleasantly surprised. It has a ”magic” sparkle to my bass regardless if I’m tracking or mixing. I really like what they’ve done with this. It can be very neutral or if you want, you can dial in some flavour. I find I barely touch the controls.

E. Hasselberg

July 19, 2021

My new go to bass amp

This Eden was the last thing I thought was going to sound, and now I find myself using this one exclusively. I regret getting the Gallien Krueger and the Ampeg, they loose this one big time. I am a bass player with a ton of gear and basses and I am really picky, just thought I would mention it.

L. Weisz

July 9, 2021

Basszus effekt

Nagyon jó kis plug in!

K. Houghton

June 24, 2021

Owned one -sounds just like it!

Sounds great,realistic,and easy to dial in the Eden character!

F. Erlbeck

May 28, 2021

Great sound but...

Sounds really great but there are GUI problems in Logic X 10.6.2 . You can see just a black surface. Please UA fix it...For that reason only one star, when fixed 5 stars!

J. Pevar

May 9, 2021

Eden WT800

While I use the UAD Ampeg bass amps a lot the EDEN offers a more contemporary sound to my ears ... works great for bass solos where you really want to hear the upper mods and sibilance of the bass strings! As usual UAD captures it! Thank you!!!

L. Angelici

April 16, 2021


Really really amazing. Never more without!

C. Thompson

April 13, 2021

Eden Bass Amp Is A Champ!

This is the Bass tone I have been looking for in my recordings. This plug in has a nice warm bass sound that rounds off the edges of a Gibson Thunderbird and even a Rickenbacker Bass. I have a great MESA SUBWAY bass rig I use for live performances and now thanks to this UA Eden WT800 Bass Amp plug in I have the best recorded bass sound I have ever had. It’s truly amazing and worth every penny you spend on it.

T. Katila

February 10, 2021


Really versatile amp, the eq gives me tone shaping options for days!

A. Dudarev

January 22, 2021

Versatile and deep Character

It is really brilliant, wakes up even the most rundown basses.
Fascinating sound.

j. davis

January 14, 2021

Eden Wt800

Man, I love this amp / plugin. It's my go to. I haven't used any of my others bass amp vst's since i purchased it.

C. Mortensen

January 4, 2021

Just like the real deal

Great bass sound.
It covers all my customers needs towards any musical style. My personal go to bass amp plug in. Nice work guys.

D. Murray

December 26, 2020

Great tone

No brainier, it just works.

R. Teles de Menezes

December 3, 2020

Nice warm Bass sound

The WT800 works exactly like the real amp, very warm sound.

L. Fareri

October 28, 2020

Incredibile sound

Amazing bass amp with a great depht and warm sound. To must have.

L. Jiang

October 14, 2020

Full realistic sounding

It reminds me how good those Eden gear are.

G. Hall

October 9, 2020

such a rich sound

I absolutely love this plugin. The sound is so full. I've been going back on previous recordings and replacing many of my bass amp plugins with this one. Superb control.

S. Davis

October 6, 2020

Very Nice

It works exactly as it should. It is not as easy to fit in the mix as others but it is very cool.

D. Milella

August 12, 2020

Eden as good as the one I used to own!!

Years ago I would have said that simulating a bass or guitar amp was just not possible and at that time it was true. Everything sounded not even close to the real deal. However, with the speed that technology is running at programs like these have become so good that it is flat out amazing! What you can accomplish in the box blows my mind everyday I sit down in front of my computer and play. Don't misunderstand, I still play the parts (guitar, bass, and vocal at the very least) but I haven't used an amp to record in a long time. I used to tour with the EDEN WT800 and did so with several different bands ranging from funk rock to classic rock and even country rock. Eden always had a fitting sound for me and the same is true with this plugin! Every sound is there and sounds and feels so much like playing in a studio with your cabinet in another room with a couple mic's on it that it simply is astonishing!

G. Harris

July 15, 2020

Amazing for tracking

Full disclosure: I haven't had this long enough to really put it through the paces. I bought initially for tracking/monitoring. It's really fantastic-- especially now that everything is being done remote. The bass sounds and "feels" like it should. You could dial in some intense EQ curves, but the color and tone with all EQ at high noon and a the Enhance around 9:00 does the job really well. It has heft and depth in the lows without getting mushy-- but crank the input gain and you'll get some hair on it, if you want.

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