Eden® WT800 Bass Amplifier

Eden® WT800 Bass Amplifier

Unison Enabled


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Eden® WT800 Bass Amplifier

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B. Rico

July 21, 2017

Great Sound!

I own the Ampeg plugins, and this new Eden Bass Amp is the perfect companion to my arsenal of Bass Amp plugins. Very happy with this purchase!

S. Schubert

July 1, 2017

The best bass sound in the box ever

Definitely the best bass sound I ever heard in my DAW. Just like the Marshalls by Softube, the EDEN sounds so much more defined and lively than any other VST.

C. Jolley

June 23, 2017

The Best Bass Amp plugin available!

Holy smokes this is good - I knew I would buy it within a minute of running the demo. I've spent a lot of time with the Ampeg plugs on the market, and settled on the UA SVT-3 Pro here as my all time favorite...until the Eden came along. Wow. It just shines. A/B'd previous mixes with this up against the Ampeg and other publishers, and this wins hands down. Full, articulate, clean to driven, round, whatever you want. Not noisy. I will use the Ampeg for certain sounds I am sure, but this is my new bass rig. Amazing.

J. Manning

June 17, 2017

The Best All Around Bass Amp Emulation I Ever Heard!

WT 800 is the one for me, because I play just about all different style of bass. Smoove to punchy to growl to super clean and anything in between. Is a serious tone piece for all other instruments. The Basses are loaded and UA & Softube scored a grand slam home run with this one.
The Best All Around Bass Amp Emulation I Ever Heard!

G. Link

June 14, 2017


If you look up the word "PHAT" in the dictionary I think you may find an image of this amp here. This plugin has that deep end bottom that really kicks up your bass a notch but stays round, not boomy. I only had enough $$ to pick out 1 UAD bass plugin for now, and after testing out the Ampegs vs this Eden it was a no-brainer for that style of bass sound I prefer.


June 9, 2017


When we were young!!!!!!!!

UAD User

June 3, 2017

WT 800

Your search for a bass plug ends here
Ive demoed them all
And this is the only one I purchased
You wont be disapointed


June 3, 2017



L. Kenward

June 2, 2017

Favourite bass amp

Plenty of smooth sounds with loads of options. My go to for big, silky bass.

C. Hawkins

June 2, 2017

SO real

This unit has close the loop

j. lawson

May 31, 2017

Great sounding amp plugin

I am a bass player always loved my Eden amp when I seen that universal audio put out this plugin I jumped right on it and was not disappointed. Great job UA

T. Ward

May 30, 2017


No more searching for a bass tone! All of my basses sound great through this plug! Thanks UA!

K. Ralston

May 19, 2017

Tone honey.

I play jazz harp on the diatonic and this amp makes it all so sweet, smooth, and lovely. Wonderful.

C. H-Volumen

May 18, 2017

wow :)

This is it ! Bass power

A. Alford

May 16, 2017


This was the bass amp I was waiting for! Always my favourite bass amps. It is true to the original and my favourite unison bass amp now. Love it!

P. Allen

May 16, 2017

Instant power!

This totally fills in that punchy modern fast sound.

41-56 of 56 Results

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