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elysia• alpha compressor

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C. Steenken

December 31, 2015

MasterBus & Mastering

Unbeatable on the MasterBus or Mastering Applications!!!

S. Tib

December 30, 2015

Beautiful on Drum bus, adds clarity and impact !

Elysia product are amazing, they are so musical.
I bought the elysia mpressor native for drum bus and mix bus but I finished by getting the UAD Elysia alpha too on special. Both are great but I recently used more the alpha in mix bus and drum bus, it worked better in my last mix. It opens the mix add more clarity and keept the sound natural.
Try it, don't be influenced by the rating, you won't be disappointed !

UAD User

December 27, 2015


Likely the most powerful software compressor I have used in my life. This thing sounds clean as a whistle, with the 'warm' button a nice analog/tubey treat. I have been using this as the lead vocal compressor, bass compressor, and mastering compressor. Everything run through this thing comes out kickin' with life, whether lightly compressed with a 1:1 ratio or slammed. Mastering with this is a dream come true; sounds amazing, loud, transparent, and the mid-side function can really make your tracks sound humongous without destroying the dynamics or sound stage. Actually, this thing widens my sound stage moreso than anything I have ever used, and with the subtle Nivaeu eq, its easy to really get a focused yet wide track.

C. Testolini

December 23, 2015


Well I have been putting off buying this compressor simply because I have so many compressors!!! I am blown away by this plug in wow!!!
I just tried it on the drum bus, Just a few tweaks, I couldn't believe what I was hearing. How wide open and clear it made the drums. Turning on the compressor made the drums sound louder but dropped the meter level by 4db. The drums without the compressor sounded quiet less defined but read 4db louder on the meter. It just added some nice colour to the drums. I think it is UADs best kept secret.


M. Sudhakar

December 18, 2015

Mastering Compressor

A great Tool for smooth compression and analog feeling

V. Azevedo

December 17, 2015


I don't know the hardware but I like this plugin.
Elysia is versatile, with M/S, paralel Compression and a great sound, even to Mix BusComp or to a Master session, Elysia is so sweet.
My favorite feature is the ability of Mix/Master with M/S, printing a wide sound.

I have both Manley and Elysia, I love the diferences between this two classics and I can cover a wide variety of styles, making Mixes & Masters with a great sound.
Using with the A800, it's a winning hand.

K. Boaten

December 16, 2015

Elyria Alpha Plugin

Cant express how happy I am with this plugin. Instantly made the final mix fresh wide and balanced. So happy with UAD and the whole investment I made in my Apollo and the plugins that came with it.

T. Haahr

December 14, 2015

Great transparent compressor

A great transparent compressor - works well on busses and in the master chain. There is a lot of features in the alpha plugin, such as the "soft clip" that tames short and loud transients and smoothens the signal peaks, providing additional headroom and loudness if needed. The M/S mode is great for adding space and widening the stereo image. Sounds great, easy to use.

UAD User

December 14, 2015

Amazing tool

Having only recently got this I am still getting my head around it, but my first impression is it's a fantastic piece of kit that has some really great effects on the dynamics and it is stunning on vocals. I'm using both the mix and mastering version within projects depending on what I am trying do to but it's an impressive tool. I've swapped a number of compressors to this one instead of the Neve 6609 in my projects and achieved some great results followign the swap, although the Neve is also fantastic depending on the sound type. Highly recommend. It's expensive, but there's a reason it is. It's great!

R. Saunders

December 11, 2015

The mastering/mix but compressor of your dreams

I honestly can't believe how much I'm salivating over this plugin as well as it's little brother the mpressor! I'd love to hear the original unit to be honest as the power and quality this plugin delivers on a mix is mind blowing. It's transparent and delivers dynamic control that just sounds fast, slick and expensive. It can absolutely add warmth and thickness but, like the mpressor, takes a good amount of cranking to get into 'character' world (and even then, this isn't really what this plugin is all about, being a mastering tool after all). I literally can't keep it out of my mastering chain.

V. Attanasio

December 10, 2015

elysia• alpha compressor

It sound very transparent, perfect for the mastering.

K. Beck

December 3, 2015


no question this compressor is top. smooth transparent sound. just what was missing in my master chain. i would have bought it anyway but with black friday sales and 2 coupons it was worth to spend another few € for the uad vertigo compressor which is also great. :'D

UAD User

December 2, 2015

Elysia Alpha Compressor

Instant results.
Easy to use.
Great for mixing, especially if you have enough CPU room.

D. Carter

November 30, 2015

I love it !!

I work with an analog buss compressor that adds a ton of color so I was needing a transparent compressor for mastering. This Jewel can be very transparent and add a lot of mojo at the same time. I love it !!

D. Okune

November 27, 2015

Amazing compressor

I have a lot of different compressors, but this one is most definitely one of my favorite ones. It gives that extra punch. Must have for mastering!

F. Torres

November 23, 2015

So similar to the analog version ! !

I found out its a super special tool for mastering and compressing my stems !
such a transparent tool and powerfull when it comes to mastering electronic music !
Love the SC FRE button and the 10X Eq too ! lovely was one of the best powered plugins ive seen !

D. Alexandre

September 24, 2015

All your dreams are realised now!

The best compressor for mastering ever!

c. morrison

September 11, 2015


I really didn't want to write a review for this. I wanted to keep it my secret haha. But the guys at Brainworx deserve accolades for this. It's my personal favorite plugin of all time. It just sounds great. All the other reviews have more details but It sounds like hardware to me and that means everything.

C. Beier

August 4, 2015

world class mastering tool

absolutely fantastic
above all the ms function
and further on
so many ways to make a mix sound different
great work - whow:-)

C. Beier

August 4, 2015

MS and more

Especially the MS function makes this a must-have-plug-in.
Not to forget the various options you have to make a mix sound
as different as you like
superb mastering tool

101-120 of 128 Results