EMT® 140 Classic Plate Reverberator

EMT® 140 Classic Plate Reverberator

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Customer Reviews

EMT® 140 Classic Plate Reverberator

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April 28, 2017


EMT 140 just sounds too good.... eq controls.... cant ask for more.... awesome Programs to start with

R. Goudard

April 16, 2017

Nice reverb

I use it a lot in the "aux insert". Very easy to find a good sound.

C. Hazel

April 16, 2017

My Go to Plate Reverb

This has quickly become my go to reverb plugin for vocals. I just love the rich, warm sound that it has. Makes the vocals sound great in the mix. I've tried many reverbs for vocals and this one has won my vote one of the best I have ever heard.

W. Khin

April 15, 2017

Tried and love it.

Additional Reverb for me and I love it. Nothing much to say about UA's plugins. They are all good :-)

D. Jang

April 13, 2017

This is a irreplaceable plug-in.

irreplaceable plug-in! EMT-140 Plate has awesome sound tone.

J. Mack

April 12, 2017

Silky Smooth

Smooth, Lush, great depth and musical flavour and a good balance between tweak ability and creative controls What more could you ask for. Every time I use it delivers the sound I'm searching for with ease

M. Palm

April 11, 2017

Classic GUI, Classic sounds

Of all the reverb plugins that I own, this might be my favorite. The sound is lovely, and the looks of it are just so cool. It's a ver easy to use, and versatile verb. I really like the simple to use frequency filter.

A. Alford

April 9, 2017


Of all the reverbs I have used over the years this is by far the best.


April 9, 2017

Five Stars!

This plugin will give you a very natural/analogic sound! Wow!

N. Steckhan

April 8, 2017

Rich tones

This reverb could go on everything from synths, drums, acoustic instruments and of cause vocals.

D. Butler

March 31, 2017


EMT 140, smooth and vibrant, great reverb for everything but I really love on vocals. Got to have in you arsenal of reverbs.

e. Morris

March 30, 2017

Killer Verb Man!!!

This is the first reverb plugin i thought sounded at all close to being as good as a hardware reverb unit. Thanks UAD for making my in the box experience so much less frustrating.

J. Cameron

March 30, 2017

Stunning reverb, has a width like no other I have.

I said to myself "do I really need another reverb plugin"? I was watching Fab Dupont use one in one of his full mix instructional video's and decided to demo it just to see. Well I was completely blown away with what I heard. It is incredibly easy to use and has a super user friendly interface. Bravo UAD, well done!

B. Tito Caballero

March 30, 2017

Great Reverb

I got this reverb 2 weeks ago and now I use it in everything. One of the best plugins from Universal Audio.

w. lee

March 30, 2017

Super Clean Reverb

Easy to use, Super Natural & Clean
This will be my one & only Reverb plug in for Rap Vocl

T. Fludd

March 28, 2017

sweet and supple

it hs jelled nicely in every mix i've used it in so far, four songs since my purchase date.

r. cursach

March 26, 2017


The best plate reverb in the market

P. King

March 23, 2017

Game changer for a 140

I've used every 140 and plate emulation plugin around and this has taken the cake for the best sounding.
UAD did a great job of recreating it. Wouldn't even bother with the real thing anymore if I had it available.

M. Guerreiro

March 22, 2017


I've used one before and it's exactly the color!

A. Dati

March 19, 2017

The plate of god

Great sounding unit, lot of depth and flexibility of use. I'm in love with UAD plates, I will buy more...

321-340 of 963 Results