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Customer Reviews

EMT® 140 Classic Plate Reverberator

Overall Rating

981-1000 of 1016 Results

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P. Van

June 16, 2011

one of my favorite reverbs period,use it on pretty much everything,love it on vocals

A. Visser

June 16, 2011

the best plate i've ever heard! it is great to have 3 types of plates where you can choose from. this unit really blend things together. If you need a verry good reverb: you should use the lexicon 224 BUT if you need the best platereverb: use the EMT 140!!!

J. Radford

June 16, 2011

Before getting UAD, I was using freeware only plug-ins. Some were great, but I was never happy with reverb. I would either record in omni only to get some room sound, or just leave things dry.

This was one of the first plug-ins I purchased back in 2009 (when it was still Plate 140). My god, this opened my mixes up to a whole new level. I fell in love with the sound. For once, I loved reverb with great passion! I throw this on vocals, vsti's, guitar room mics, sometimes even on snare. Its quite heavenly, and works great with my classic rock vibe.

P. Didier

June 16, 2011

Elle sonne cette reverb ! beaucoups de fonctionnalités (surtout depuis la v2), indispensable dans le rack !

V. Sternemann

June 16, 2011

This is simply a MUST HAVE! I use it in nearly all productions I am mixing.

The sound is incredible realistic, natural and "warm" and does not only satisfy my own needs and wishes towards the sound, but also my customers like it a lot! I highly recommend this plugin, it's worth every single cent and to be honest far more!

K. Jardine

June 16, 2011

This is my goto snare and tom verb in mixes....sounds huge and has great tails that are very sweet sounding.

C. Soulos

May 29, 2011

Hand-in-hand with the EMT 250 my go-to reverb.

R. Traynor

February 5, 2011

The only reverb I will use. Sounds amazing, lush, 3 dimensional, and full of character.

S. Wiley

January 28, 2011

Easily the best software plate reverb on the market. Blows the Lexicon PCM's away in the plate department. I don't know what I would do without it. It is used on every single project.

S. Choudhry

December 11, 2010

Excellent reverb for vocals, lush and deep if you need it that way. Significantly better than the reverbs bundled with logic and to my ears different sounding to Realverb. BTW in case you're wondering it is also very different sounding to the EMT250 which is a very good reverb/echo. If I had to choose 1 though it would be the 140. Get both. Superb.

T. Leyman

July 31, 2009

best plate emulation i've heard, up there with the best reverbs. lusharama!

R. Saxby

May 31, 2008

If you can get good natural acoustics get those. But if you can get this plug in you should also get this too. I just got done mixing an album for a client and used this whenever I recorded things dry and needed to come back and put reverb on whatever it was. I put this thing on vocals and different kinds of percussion like bongos and also guitar. MAN!? What the heck? I thought. This plug in sounds to good to be true.

R. Masters

March 27, 2008

The precision multiband is the best way to control dynamics and even things out…hands down. If you don’t know how to use one now would be a good time to learn. It will keep original mix natural. If you use an IOZEN compressor it will sound punchy but artificial. Not all ways a bad thing. But if you want to hold on to as much natural acoustics as possible go with this one.

R. Masters

March 27, 2008

A complete must have. Put this on any vocalist and they will think there ready for American idle

G. Golbraich

November 2, 2007

This is one of the most unique reverbs i've ever heard.
Sounds very smooth and unique in its own way.
Very good on percussive elements...I think its a must of if you'r a UAD user :)

D. Danzi

November 1, 2007

Though I've not been much of a fan of UAD's effects other than EQ's and compression, they really nailed the plates in this one. It's fantastic and is a very different sounding verb. Nothing else I have can sound like it. Very distinct and original. A must have in my honest opinion as it can be tweaked to work on just about anything.

R. Jason

September 28, 2007

Having used the "real thing" in several studios in LA for years, and even knowing UA's absolute insanity when it comes to getting it RIGHT, I was still not prepared for the gorgeous recreation that is the Plate 140. I've been a UA user for nearly 6 years, own most of the plugins, and this one is right at the top for usefulness...boy, using it brings back memories. Well done, UA!!

D. Ralph

August 30, 2007

I Really like this plug!

It has a gorgeous rich sound which decays beautifully, it is also easy to use with the minimum parameters needed to make a good sound.

My number 1 Buss reverb.

Also sounds AMAZING on drums!

Plate 140+ Neve 1081 with drums is just to die for. (maybe set plate a, minimum setting with 5-7% reverb, just sounds so subtle, but as soon as you turn it off the track just shrinks!)

Wonderful plug

M. Levy

August 20, 2007

This is the reverb you want. better than any other native or card based reverb. translucent and rich. musical. you hear the track, not the reverb.

M. Baginski

August 15, 2007

The Plate 140 is great for drums. I do not use it for any thing else. After all it is only a plate reverb. It is easy to use and sounds great on snare hits.

981-1000 of 1016 Results