EMT® 250 Classic Electronic Reverb

EMT® 250 Classic Electronic Reverb

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EMT® 250 Classic Electronic Reverb

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S. Smith

January 12, 2015


Just turn the knob and it does the rest. It blends in well with a mix and provides glue. Highly recommended.

J. Barry

January 10, 2015

Unique Rich Verb

This little plugin does big things. You can create such space and countenance in tracks, especially vocal tracks when used sparsely. It's lush and warm. I often use it in line with another verb to create a spectacular sound. One of the few must have plugins.

K. Nielsen

January 8, 2015

best reverb

the EMT 250 is the go to reverb and delay slapper for me now. best sounding verb i know!

R. Enoch

January 2, 2015

EMT 250


P. Lalonde

January 2, 2015

Once upon a time hardware reverb was unbeatable.

I think back a dozen or so years ago when plugins started to get good but reverb plugins still couldn't quite live up to hardware. These EMT plugins can!

S. Brown

January 1, 2015

like magic!

This is one great verb - it just does that special thing that I'm looking for :)

C. Couchois

December 31, 2014


A wonderful, detailed, creamy plugin. Having the emt140 and 250 provides great deal of options for vocals, instruments, and mix.

L. Jun

December 30, 2014

The classical reverberation

Once the most classic hardware reverb, although not heard the sound hardware, but for the modeling of the 250 is quite satisfactory.

T. Johnson

December 28, 2014

One click away

This reverb plugin blends in so well with my mixes no matter what track I use it on ie: vocals, drums, acoustic. Nice to have an EMT 250 one click away!

G. Braconi

December 27, 2014

EMT 250

Great reverb! Very easy to use, wonderful plugin!!!

J. Van

December 20, 2014

EMT 250 Just like I remembered it!

I used this hardware box for ages back in the day and I must say the new plug in totally captures it, in every way. Thanks UA for a faithful recreation of this extremely useful mix tool.

A. Blackwell

December 19, 2014

EMT 250

Thanks to UA for all the plugin vouchers AND the great sale on this! $54 out-of-pocket, and it's a great compliment to my EMT 140 (and my gazillion OTHER reverb plugins.) I haven't had a chance to employ it on a project yet, but I know it will find a place soon. GREAT interface, easy to use, and its' own unique sound.

C. Cerland

December 18, 2014

Très belle réverb

Très bonne Réverb qui ne fait pas dans le too much. Intéressant en complément de l'EMT 140. J' adore

D. Wilson

December 16, 2014

EMT 250

Sensational, sounds very authentic and 3D.

Can't wait to try out all the other reverbs,

Y. Hsu

December 16, 2014

Amazing WOOLIM

Sound wave, shower my brain with sharp vivid high-frequency

J. Holt

December 15, 2014

Sweet sounding

Luscious reverb and spectacular chorus. What's not to like? Not quite as easy to adjust as some more modern interfaces, but the sound is worth the limitations.

T. Oliver

December 14, 2014

Really useful

I haven't had it long, but i can say i love how it makes the highs sparkle. On hi-hats / open hats and synths it sounds amazing to me !

C. Mathewson

December 13, 2014

Simple and great

I think they hit this one out of the park.iMy budget was between this and the other offerings...224...AMS... and yes they are all different but this was flavor I wanted and it delivers.Its very unique in its simplicity and its hard to make it sound bad.

L. Sun

December 12, 2014


It sounds beautifully, my go to reverb for vocals as well as Lexicon ones!

S. Tib

December 12, 2014

Perfect on Clap, tambourine and percussive sound !

I love reverb, I own the lexicon, the EMT plate and other reverb from UAD but the EMT 250 add something beautiful, clean and warm on Clap, tambourine and other sound that need some depth

It can be big or subtle, it's so easy to use and not harsh or bright !

I got it on special for 129 - 50$ = 75$

Just the best UAD reverb at this price

181-200 of 339 Results